Monday, February 28, 2011

a good read,cool mom points & the mystic

i finished whistlin' dixie in a nor'easter & thought it was a sweet read.
i think the sequel is due later this year.

 the main character is a southern belle who moves up to vermont & opens a b&b.
something dan & i have always talked about.
when leelee mentions her favorite song is 'into the mystic' by van morrison 
& then later has an impromptu dance with her man in the snow,
it totally sealed the deal for me. 

in honor of madison's upcoming 16th birthday
i'm reading her absolute favorite book,
Pride and Prejudice 
( embarrassingly for the first time).

have i mentioned she's read it over 4 dozen times?
honestly, i think she's trying to reach the 50th marker before her birthday on wednesday.
she is a hard core fanatic when it come to her favorite literature.

i love to collect different versions of my favorite classics,
especially when they featured deckle edge pages.
here is a few from our pride & prejudice collection.
madison had 2 copies with her at school when i photographed these.

savannah told me about a conversation her buddies had at school.
they were saying , wouldn't it be great if your parents were cool.
savannah, coming in on the tail end of the conversation 
didn't realize they meant cool as in CIA cool or witness protection program cool
( as if)
so she chimes in that she thinks her parents are cool.
she said mom, i told them that you were cool.
that you have a photography blog
& you run long distances.
i didn't ask if her peers were impressed with my status or not
i chose simply to enjoy the fact that my very cool 18 year old
actually thinks i'm cool
& declared it in public.
i'll take it!

so i'm a roll~
i scored a few points by surprising emi.
she didn't think i'd ever heard of eminem.
imagine her surprise when i began singing the lyrics to one or two of his songs.
( not the explicit versions. of course)

only to quickly loose of few of those earned points
by mispronouncing the group named Flo Rida.
which incidentally i've already forgotten the correct pronunciation.
one step forward, two steps back. right?

of course i'm well aware that
if any of my older girls read this post
they'll roll their eyes.
however,  i'll take any affirmation i can get
even if it's only a fleeting moment,
while raising a 14 year old, 16 year old & an 18 year old!
remember, little one is only 9
she has a few more years of thinking i'm cool 
before she goes to the dark side
also known as middle school age

& for you van morrison fans......

{my two march birthday blue eyed girls}


Martha said...

you are cool...and I'm a Van Morrison fan absolutely...I always end up changing one of his songs to my opening one every few months...I love his music

Kerri said...

I think your daughter is cool for having a love for classic literature. And your cool too for having such cool kids! Ok, is there a limit on the number of times you can use the word cool in one comment,lol?

cheryl said...

I need a good book that will "have me at hello"! I will try this one. Along with you, if she is a Van Morrison fan, she has a chance.
Love watching the relationships with your beautiful girls unfold. It is a joy.

{A*very} Blessed Life said...

You are super cool Miss Paige! The fact that your daughters think you rock as a cool Mom is golden! Have a wonderful Monday!

Unknown said...

You are totally cool! She just said what we already know! :)

Kat said...

Paige, LOVE THIS POST!!! I am the biggest Van Morrison fan!!! Always have been. Brings back memories of my best girlfriends back home. Have you ever heard Van Morrison perform with the Chieftains? Oh my word, check it out if you haven't!!! Into the Mystic is probably my favorite song of his as well. xo

Stephanie said...

That is one of my very favorite songs and one of the most played artists on my ipod playlist.
My very cool 14 year old thinks I'm still pretty cool and even loves to hold my hand in public!
Love your P&P collection, too!

Kelli said...

You are absolutely cool. I don't know any Eminem songs...I tell my husband that he's going to have to be the hip parent :) I love that Madison loves to cook AND read like that...what a blessing. Your girls are just their amazingly cool mom!

Susan R said...

I think you're cool too.
Love Van Morrison. My mother used to sing "Into the Mystic" to us when we were little (my sisters and I).
Whoa! How old is Lil' Bit going to be and when? Have I missed it already? Hope not.

amymck said...


You are cool! And I swear it is like looking into a mirror of the relationship that I was blessed to have with Emily. She had a love of books like I had never seen before - and she adored to read - and her favorites? She read over and over and over again. I used to kid her when I would see her with one and say "really, emily, again"? And you know what? She thought I was pretty cool too. Wish we lived closer.

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

I JUST finished reading P&P the other day! Of course, I read it about once a year like around Valentine's day... and the part near the end when Mr. Darcy can barely speak because he is "so violently in love" is the part where I begin whooping and hollering about what an amazing man he is... and smacking my own man on the arm and saying, "He was violently in love baby! VIOLENTLY!! Do you get that?" And then he rolls his eyes at me and proclaims it the queen of chick flick books. I'm not sure why that is... I love Mr. Darcy...

Shannon said...

I think it's pretty cool that they read your blog and that proves right there that you must be cool in their eyes if they are taking the time to read what their mom has to say!

Privet and Holly said...

My girl is a
March girl, too ~
I'll be writing
about her this
Friday : ) I got
that book after
YOU recommended it,
Paige, and YES,
it is a sweet read!
Wasn't Seaside this
xx Suzanne

Alecia said...

I have to ditto a lot of these're crazy cool, Paige and your daughters are crazy cool for thinkin' that about you! That's fun :-) Have fun celebrating your March babes!

Andria said...

Love love love "Into the Mystic", I have played that CD more than anything else in the world. I told my husband it must be played at my funeral. I don't know how many times I have read Jane Austen's books, Pride & Prejudice is my favorite as well. You will enjoy it!!!

Erin said...

Hey Paige... I am a loyal follower, not so much a loyal commenter. I love your music, and have a favor... any chance you might share your playlist? A blog post? I am hoping to start running again, after a loooong break, and need new tunes. No rush. Just sometime when you get a chance? Because you are so cool! So very very cool, in the best possible way!!

LuLu said...

I can't imagine you ever not being the uber cool mom!! You are the best! i laughed my way through this post cause its sooo similar to my 14 yr old and i get her eye rolls when i think something is funny or chim in to her conversations with her friends!!
Van Morrison is the classic!!! LOVE HIM! we are also huge bob dylan fans, here's to birthday season in both our homes :)

Courtney Walsh said...

oh i love that song too... i want to read that book now. i need more hours in the day.

i think you're cool. :) I don't know how to pronounce Flo Rida either because I've never heard of them.

:) lol I'm NOT cool. And my oldest is only 9. (10 in March)

I'm doomed.

Lorri said...

Your girls are beautiful! At this moment, I am still cool to my children. I dread the day that it changes.


Such a sweet lovely thing to read ~ that you are reading your daughters favorite book ~ for her 16th birthday. I love this.


Number 6 and no more counting! said...

I love P & P anything! the book, the movie! LOVE!

i have two May kids! I am sure have two March babies was wonderful.

Have a super week!


Mommy Emily said...

LOVE this song... and these books... music and literature; this, what makes life a joy, no?

Unknown said...

You'll always be super cool in my book Paige!! Glad you are finally reading Pride and has long been my favorite book as well! Hope you are well my dear!

Hugs ~

:) T

p.s. yes, the vanilla sugar should sit for at least 2 weeks before using it if you truly want it to have good flavor :))

friend fail said...

into the mystic was our wedding song.

Rebel said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE Van Morrison... and I did not think anyone could have a jane austen collection to rival my own.... P and P has to be the greatest!!!! Enjoy!

Mommabelle said...

Love that song!!!
I'm looking forward to reading your race report too!