Thursday, February 24, 2011

charlie & the date request

 about a month ago, little bit came home with some important 4th grade information.

well i'm here today to tell ya, 
"charlie" made his move
( charlie's real name has been changed to provide the little guy some anonymity)

caroline had heard rumors that he had big plans to "ask her out".
she had planned out her sassy smack down,
which incidentally i forbid.
she might not be allowed to date until she's 25 , but she still needs to be kind.

so charlie had sent a note via one of his posse
telling caroline to meet him alone, no less,
by the stairs at recess.

poor fella
he obviously has no idea that women now and forever more
will travel only in a large group.

friends i wish i had a little video to share caroline's reenactment of how it went down.

 after he asks her if she wants to go out
( are you loving this?)
she's all in the middle of her very eloquent refusal,
something along the lines of not being old enough
well before she finishes her reply
he bounces off into the horizon
saying something like , "well ok caroline"
before she even got the actual "no" word out.
she told me, "but mama, i had more to say!
don't we always baby girl, don't we always.

 clearly the little guy has a resilient spirit.
she says there is rumor he's gonna ask her again
you know, in case she's officially old enough now.

 funny thing, her favorite guy friend in her class has offered her
his protective services. in the event they're needed of course.

it's moments like these that validate the reason
why i blog.
in a few years i will be tickled to go back & read this post.
especially if charlie ends up asking her to prom one day


Melanie said...

Oh my Goodness, Paige! Little Miss Caroline is just precious as ever!!! I can just about imagine her little 'tude... I have a feeling my Chloe will give the boys the what-for soon enough. Poor boys.:)

Your photos are gorgeous, by the way!!!!

Have a beautiful day, my friend!


cmcscraps said...

Wow, beautiful pictures of your precious little girl. I had to laugh because my little girl was approached at school and she too tells the boys Daddy say's I can't date until 25. She is a freshman in High school now and they are still asking even more, and her friend laughs because she still uses the Daddy's days 25 line. Let's just say Daddy is pleased that she is still interested in remaining is little girl. We thinkg the boys are challenged by who can get her to break 1st. Time will tell!

Dana said...

That Charlie seems to be quite a smart fellow! From things you have written, I can tell that your Caroline is beautiful both inside and out! Don't you just love a girl that has lots to say?!
The pictures are just outstanding!
Hope you are enjoying these early "Spring" days!

Hoffman's Hideaway said...

I am such a lousy commenter, but your photos are so beautiful! We have a son in 5th grade and we giggle so much when he comes home to tell us that he is "going out". When I asked him if he asks the girls to go out, he replies, "No, mom, the girls just tell you that you're going out, we don't get a choice." Cracks me up!

Jodee said...

What a cute post! I have soooo much to look forward to with my sweet girl!

Love, love, love this photo shoot! Caroline is just adorable!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

She is so super gorgeous! She's making me want to go shopping to find something cute to wear. You've raised such beautiful girls. Happy Thursday, Theresa

amymck said...

Paige...........Be still my heart....seriously!!! She's breath-takingly gorgeous! Oh and the beautiful innocence of children. Thank you for sharing her story with all of us. The love for your girls just ooozes out and I'm so jealous. How very, very special you are to have been given such beautiful blessings from above. And, how fortunate am I to have found your beautiful blog.



Janie Fox said...

Oh man that last one is the best ever! She is a doll. Don't blink...prom is next week! She's going to have them knocking down your door!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures of your youngest daughter! Thanks for sharing

-Alexis (FB)

Hillcrest Acres said...

Paige, Such beautiful photos of your sweet little girl. No wonder "charlie" is so smitten.

Enjoy your day!

Between You and Me said...

LOVE the last picture...please tell me you have it framed in your house!!!

love her fiestyness..

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

I can see why "charlie" would want to meet by the stairs! She is the most beautiful little girl!

And, I love the fact that they move in a pose! LOL!


Leigh said...


What a beautiful, precious little girl! I'm so glad my son, who is 10, doesn't have the slightest interest in girls yet. He is all about sports and playing with his friends. Hopefully, when he does start showing interest, he picks someone beautiful and precious like Caroline.

Leigh :)

Deborah said...

Your pictures are beautiful as ever. Your baby is so sweet {and smart}.

Alecia said...

Cute story...Ah-dorable, actually! Love the pics and her sweet outfit...she's a doll!

Mommabelle said...

So sweet!
She is adorable!

LuLu said...

oh my goodness this story is sooo precious... and her little photo shoot is darling, You always inspire me on how to raise my girls and i keep thinking how great my little son is to be living with all these girls... he will be a master and how we think!!!

Shannon said...

She is so cute Paige! Poor boy, so young he just doesn't know what he's getting himself into by trying again. He'll learn soon enough that we know what we want and do not easily change our minds :)

Susan R said...

Those photos are so amazingly could they not be. Miss C is darling.
I have a feeling Miss C is going to break a lot of hearts. Poor Charlie.
You go girl, you made the right decision.

annie said...

oh this story was just too cute! and your little one is precious. such beautiful pictures (and stories!) that you will treasure forever!

Courtney Walsh said...

hahahhahahhaa. Paige, that is awesome!!! I think Caroline is about the same age as my Sophia (9 almost 10) and I can see this scene playing out here sooooo easily! How funny.

You've also inspired me to get out to the outdoor mall and take some snaps! :) Love your pics.

alison said...

well now...that is just too cute for words. i spose that's just young romance at work!

and photos are adorable.


stuff and nonsense

Jboo said...

Oh my word -- that is so sweet and funny!

Your little one is so pretty and getting so grown up! Love her outfit, her hair, her poses and her wonderful spirit!


The Avery House said...

Your sweet baby girl is the most beautiful little lady! I need to remember this post for someday when my almost 6 year old is a wee bit older and being "courted" (the gall) by some little "Charlie". This is definitly one of those stories to be shared for years to come!

Christina said...

love love love!
and i would SO wear those shoes..uhem, even at my age. lol

Cheryl said...

I wish I had blogged, or journaled with some consistency when my little bugs were going through these stages. Instead I have to wrack my weary brain!!! I can't tell you which photo of Caroline is my favorite, as each one is so dear, and captures a part of her that is so special!!! Lucky Little Bit, Luckier Mom!!


Kerri said...

Oh Paige! Sweet Caroline is so precious! And your photography is so, so amazing! Charlie is one smart little boy! Cute post! :)

3 Peanuts said...

That is the cutest little story. I can also see why Charlie is smitten. I am imagining Harry would be smitten with lil bit too if she went to his school (or vice versa)

And yes, we always have more to say!

Wendy @ The Shabby Nest said...

How cute is that. And I love her best guy friend coming to her rescue. Imagine! A body guard in the 4th grade. How funny!

Louise said...

When my now teen daughter was about this age she informed me she had a boyfriend! I asked her what makes a boy a boyfriend. She replied by saying "you know, when you look at each other across the room like this" and went on to show me a coy little sideways grin. Whew, that's all it was, a little grin!!

Caroline has such a cute hair style.

Jane in Jersey said...

Hi Paige, A friend of mine forwarded me your blog and I've enjoyed reading it. My favorite place to go is the Seaside area too! In fact, I am to be one of the vendors at the shopping venue on Sat. the weekend of the marathon in Seaside. The name of my company is Niche, by Jane Darby-Day Designs. Please come by and say hello. My niece has made some beautiful bracelets with crosses on them that I will be selling with lots of other fashion items!

I hope to see you there. Good luck in the marathon!
Best, Jane

Kat said...

Paige, I have a feeling that Charlie is the first of a very long list of boys that will be asking Caroline out over the years... she's such a cutie. Your retelling of the story was hilarious, loved all the commentary, so funny.

Katie said...

Lovely pics, Paige!

My sister and her family lived in Rome for awhile and I seriously think I remember the background you have in these photos. Is this mall in the Rome area? I just had deja vu! ha! I could be totally off though :)

Sharon said... cute! No wonder Charlie want a "date"!

Sweet Grace Farms said...

Oh so funny! We're dealing with the same thing on our end with our 4th grader only with a much older man(12). After I hit the roof I brought out my soap box and gave a wonderful lecture on the benefits of being an independent woman, knowing yourself,having a group of friends, etc., all things a fourth grader is dying to hear. Then the rolling of the eyes and deep sighs begin. "O.K. Gram!"
25 I say, 25!!

Kelli said...

Oh my how I love that last picture. Oh sweet Charlie...I love that she came home and told you. That speaks volumes of your relationship. Where did you take those that place something-Station. Oh what is it called. I went to a restaurant there (Copeland's Cheesecake Bistro) and had the BEST meal EVER!!!

Privet and Holly said...

Well, can you
blame the poor
little guy? Look
how gorgeous she
is! And despite
the planned "smack-
down," I'm sure she
is kind to the core,
like her momma.
What a hoot!
xx Suzanne

Carol S. said...

Wow those blue eyes are going to just kill all those guys! Beautiful little girl.

Lissa said...

Poor charlie. I have the same thing with emma. There is a boy that is crushing on her so bad. Cute photos. the last one is my favorite. What a fancy mall!

hometown girl said...

she is so sweet! cute story i've not had this one happen yet, but i'm sure it's coming.....enjoy the weekend! susan

puredesign said...

So adorable. Don't you love those moments of such innocence. It's moments like this that I always wish I could slow down time and keep their days so easy and their problems small.
Beautiful pictures to go with a great story. Thanks for sharing.

P.S. Those eyes!!! Love.

Shaz said...

Oh this is priceless. It is nice that you have a "diary" as such so you can look back in a few years and have another giggle. a little off topic but just wanted to say your girls are always dressed so beautifully.

I particularly love the second last photo.

Thanks for sharing.

Martha said...

what a funny and wonderful memory to have of her and look back on one it...and the pictures are beautiful of course too of Caroline:)

I laughed out loud at the part....
but I had more to say and you said don't we always...
big laugh out loud

Summer said...


Lorri said...

Caroline is ADORABLE! She seems to have the best personality!