Tuesday, March 01, 2011

margaritas, milkshakes & mac gloss

recently i had an exciting morning at Nordstrom's.
not just one, but
two purchases in the cosmetics department = exciting day indeed!

first, i swung by the Mac counter & got hooked up 
with some dazzle glass gloss in money honey~

i really wanted my mac girl to give me an updated make over.
 i could really use a lift around my eyes, one that's cheaper than botox
even if only with new shadows. but i was in a hurry. 
another day.
i love this gloss.  a little pink & a little gold frost.

then i scooted over to the jo malone counter
for a bottle of blue agava & cacao
pure heaven i tell you.
besides the salty fresh beach air, i'm hoping heaven smells like the jo malone line.

i couldn't help but wonder if my jo malone representative was a little mesmerized
by my new glassy glossy money honey lips.
said mac girl went a little heavy on my demonstration application.
i coulda swore he looked at my usually unexciting lips the entire transaction.
honestly he was probably thinking...girl, get a grip & wipe some of that stuff off. 

 i am totally finicky about fragrances.
i personally can only wear a few,
& i'm sensitive to the smell of most candles, perfumes, & artificial room fresheners.
there are several from jo malone that might bring a total sense of euphoria to my home.
they are all about combining fragrance .
over at j.m.
 my mesmerized representative( i'm going with mesmerized instead of the probable disapproving)
mixed up a little cocktail of my new fragrance
& sweet milk ( a limited edition fragrance from their 'how do you like your tea' line).

funny thing,
i did a little research on the notes in my favorite fragrance
& now i can see why i love it.
blue agava is the base ingredient in tequila
cacao is the base of chocolate.
throw in a little sweet milk & i am a walking
albeit pricey
glorified margarita milkshake.
or something like that.

speaking of new cosmentics,
for valentines day i gave each of the girls a new bottle of essie.
current fave's in our home are chinchilly , sand tropez & nice is nice.

i guess i don't get out much.
besides spending time photographing new additions to our ever growing nail polish inventory,
because for less than $100 i felt like a new woman after my quickie at nordies.
seriously though, i think whether it's an updated make-over
a new lip gloss, fun nail polish, or a new fragrance
we all love the luxurious feeling a simple cosmetic purchase provides us.

do you have a favorite beauty product?
oh please, do tell...


Between You and Me said...

love anything MAC......been my favorite makeup for years.

My new favorite that I just started about a month ago...
Este Lauder's wrinkle begone stuff....I bought the one that you put on every morning after your facial cleansing and then the one that you put on at night on your deepest wrinkles...

My # 11 between my eyebrows is EVERGROWING, so I needed something to help it....

surely won't take it away, but I think it is kind of working????

sure cheaper than botox.

The Avery House said...

Goodness me, I wish I had a favorite beauty product! This will sound absurd, but I recently started using Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion on my face!!! I can't believe I am admitting this here, but I tell you, my face feels great and I think looks younger too. When I was growing up, we lived next to a lady whose name was Miss Elsie. She always had the smoothest skin even at 97 before she passed away. I asked her one time what she did and she said she used Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion on her face every day. It sure worked for her! I do love MAC products too especially lip gloss!

Jill said...

Good Morning Paige!

Well, because it is SO dry in the northern winter my fav cosmetic at the moment is my entire Dermalogica skin care line - it's the only line I have found that provides my skin enough moisture!


traci said...

i probably should find a favorite beauty product. it might help. but i don't. i am a simple gal. any brown/black mascara and lip balm will do. that fingernail polish is pretty though.

Janie Fox said...

Retin A when I turned 50, helps minimize pores and texture of my skin. I am a Philosophy junkie. I love Amazing Grace. It is my scent.
I love Suzanne Somer's skincare liner...all natural. Getting older is better for my wisdom, but the maintenance of the old barn gets harder every day!

Alecia said...

Number one favorite beauty product is OPI nail polish...I love that stuff and frequently add to my stash...Right now my new favorite color is Moon over Mumbai (it's a pearl gray, which I'm pretty crazy about gray right now and I've actually been to Mumbai...so I HAD to get it, right?!?!) :-)

Close 2nd is Anything Lip Gloss...I'm not picky on brands...however, I DO love me some Bobby Brown Lip Gloss.

Favorite fragrances right now are Calvin Klein's Euphoria and BVLGARI's Jasmine Noir

I was in Ulta on Sunday after church and thought of you all when I saw the essie polish... it's the great pics you've taken of your ever increasing collection that popped into my head when I saw it :-)

Maria said...

Isn't Nordstoms dreamy? I love that place. My favorite beauty products include Jo Malone Orange Blossom, Conair jumbo hot rollers, Essie "ballet slipper" nail polish, Moroccan Oil Styling cream and Clinique "delovely" lipstick.


Talia said...

I love MAC cosmetics...

A favorite lipstick - O by MAC. Just the perfect shade.

Skincare - Clinique. No fragrance and always makes my skin glow and feel so good. (I have verrrrry sensitive skin.)

Fragrance -- Pure by DNKY. Clean and fresh and I get many compliments every.single.time. I wear it.

Lotion - Ginger souffle or Sea Salt by H20. So creamy and the smell is divine..

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

I don't get out much either... I love Sephora so much because it's like a trip to a candy store! My favorite products are Lancome mascara, bare minerals make up, and buxom lip plumping lip gloss in "Dolly" from bare minerals.(currently I am out!) I love that stuff!

my2twins said...

I love the Dermalogica collection.
(I'm another northern girl looking for the right moisturize balance). And I love my Lancome Definicils Mascara.

slip4 said...

I am not much of a cosmetics or fragrance person...I have some rosecea so I can't use exfoliating stuff, and I am sensitive to certain smells. Instead of perfume I usually go for a light lotion that smells fresh. My favorite is La Source Relaxing body lotion. It smells like "spa" to me and I feel like I just stepped out of the shower when I wear it.
I am a big OPI fan and my favorite color is "I'm not really a Waitess" red.
I am going to come back tonight and read all of the comments...great suggestions!

Courtney Walsh said...

My favorite thing has got to be my Bath and Body lotions. I have about three fragrances that I love--I can't wear perfume because it gives me a headache, so I like the ones that are light and not overpowering. Something about smelling good... :)

Heather said...

That looks like such a pretty lip gloss color. And now I want a manicure...

Louise said...

I have shared here before, but I love organic jojoba oil, just a drop on the skin or a teeny tiny driplet run through the hair and softness shine happens. I also really like the Skin Polish by Villa Floriani, most gentle facial scrub ever, but it does the trick and I don't think there is a more gentle cleanser than Neutrogena Extra Gentle Cleanser. Paula's Choice 2% BHA gel keeps the pores clean more gently and effectively than anything I have tried. Prevage Eye cream for day has SPF and many eye creams don't, it also has a smoke and mirrors "illuminating" effect around the eye that I like. I work in the skin care field so could go on all day. C & E Ferulic by Skinceuticals would be a great choice for you Paige, when you are out running, just a couple of drops beneath your SPF. It helps the sunscreen stay more effective for longer, decreases how quickly it breaks down . .and you could have a facial every month, use all the best products, if you don't protect your skin from sun damage you are just spinning your wheel. There! You did ask!!:-)

LLH Designs said...

You've given me a good, girly giggle! Especially the bit about the abundantly applied lipgloss!

I'm not much of a product girl, but if I were, I'd choose you as my shopping buddy! :)


Kelly said...

Have been following your blog for some time now, but this is the first comment I've left. Love your photos...photography is such a wonderful way to relax and express ourselves. I, too, am a shutterbug. Love the nail polish! My favorite beauty product is Neutrogena moisturizer--feels so good...I never thought I'd see the day this gal would have to use moisturizer...always had oily skin, but as we age (gracefully, of course)....

Lissa said...

I love jo malone. have for a long long time. it's my favorite. i love bobbi brown make up a lot! and my new favorite thing in the whole world is Jergen's self tanner stuff. it looks completely natural. I am looking pretty tan and it cost about 8 dollars.

Suzanne said...

I love Nars blushes and lip glosses , it feels like such a luxury to get one ! I also love a fragrance called Kai that is very soft and floral .....love it ! Thanks for reminding us its the little things in life that make a girl smile !

LuLu said...

I'm a makeup fan and get so excited over a new purchase! loving the essie colors... must get my nails on some :)
lately my favorite lipgloss is Buxom Lips in Lola and Sophia!!! love them.
I've just bought my first NYX eyeshadow pallette and i adore the colors! great price and i compare my love for them like i do MAC
~i'm also addicted to Jose Maran Aragan Oil... love this oil apply it to my neck, face, hands you name it!!!

Heather said...
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Heather said...

Those finger nail polish colors are so pretty! I need some new colors to play with this spring. :)

My favorite beauty product is Mary Kay Foundation, hehe.

Bringing Pretty Back said...

This was such a FUN post! I want that gloss!
I love Revlon's Cherries in the snow. Perfectly me,
Have a pretty day!

Elizabeth said...

i finally found a lip gloss that i like and i wear it everyday....Loreal Infallible is the brand. It stays and stays and doesn't bleed.

Hood Canal Gal said...

Hi Paige. I have to try some of that gloss. Mr. Malone's one of my favs too!

My all time favorite product is Bobbi Browns, "Tinted moisturizing balm". It feels so good on and it makes your skin so fresh looking.


3 Peanuts said...

Love MAC lip gloss and I just bought some new essie polishes this morning:)

I am not sure if I have a fave beauty product. I do love that Loreal Telescopic mascara though.