Wednesday, February 09, 2011


i'm still trying to figure out the best schedule for my 365 images.
while i'm keeping up with posting them on facebook, 
i've not quite figured out a system for posting them on my photo blog.
i'm actually totally loving this project. mainly because i'm allowing myself to either take a new picture each day OR edit one with some post processing that was previously taken.
i love playing around with photos everyday so this gives me the freedom to do just that combined with some accountability.

i've updated my photo blog & would love for you to swing by~ just click on the button.


if you are also participating in a photo challenge, i would love to hear how you're doing.
have you found a system that's working well for you? if so, i'm all ears.

on a different note,
i wanted to thank you.
if you haven't noticed, i process stress by talking.
i work through things by venting.
honestly, i'm about as open book as you can get.
that probably deserves an apology!
let's put it this way, you never need to guess what's going on in my little world.
thank you for your encouragement the last few days.
while i know that septic issues are far from life shattering, 
the fears of water damage 
being displaced from our home for days
& the financial uncertainty 
was most definitely overwhelming for me.

update for now
we all slept under our own roof last night
& showered in our own bathrooms!
the boys should be here first thing this morning 
to continue the repairs.
our estimated cost somewhere around $3,000.

when this is all said & done , i'll share details 
in hopes to save someone else from the problems we've had


LouBoo said...

Hi Paige, been meaning to stop by during your septic tank woes and say hello and I soooo understand. We have a similar situation, we bought our (very old) house from owners who said the tank only needed emptying every few years and now we find that with our water usage it's not quite like that. The tank gets full with rain water - it has a leak, it is an ongoing drainage nightmare! Hard to reconcile and the financial uncertainty of it is really hard to manage. I empathise so much on this topic as bizarrely if people have houses where this is just not an issue, it's hard to understand what the biggie is. So I totally get it - I am with you! Lou x

Hannah said...

i have been thinking about you...especially since you have so many women in your house! ha! :) glad to see that you are nearing the end. i just love your blog..and am taking notes every time you give teenager advice! love your pictures!! :)

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Hi there sweet friend!!

I am so sorry for all that you are going thru....UGH!! Happened to my BIL and SIL about two years ago and I know it was a nightmare to deal with and a big strain on the bank account. I am thinking of you and hope that everything gets resolved quickly.

I am going to hop over to your 365 blog now. Although I have never done one, I have seen a few people that post once a week and the post contains all seven photos for that week in one post. Just thought I would throw it out there for you to consider......

Hope your week gets better~



Number 6 and no more counting! said...

Oh I love polka dots!

Glad things are somewhat better!


Between You and Me said...

so glad that you guys were all together last night...

i hate that it is costing 3 grand..but grateful it isn't more....

i get your outward processing.....that's how i roll. :)

Kat said...

Love that polka dot bowl in the picture!!! I am so happy y'all got to stay under the same roof last night and have showers. It's amazing how much we take these things for granted when we have them everyday and then when it's taken away from us, it is really hard to adjust. You have done a great job. Don't worry about the venting, better to get it out than to keep it bottled up. That's what we're here for, to listen and offer encouragement.

Praying all is fixed fast so you can go back to your regularly scheduled family life.

Love ya!

traci said...

yeah, you got to all be home. that's a step in the right direction. i hope the workers have smooth sailing today.

Sheri said...

So glad you are "getting there". Been there and done that and it's not fun. Thanks for all your post - love keeping up with such inspirational women through blogging. Be blessed :)

Hillcrest Acres said...

Paige, I've been away from the blogging world for the past few days and just read your posts about the septic tank. I hope the problem is solved in a speedy manner and you and your family can get back to normal around your house.


Kelli said...

Absolutely no apologizes necessary. That's what blogging is...a journal and a place for support. I'm glad you shared and that prayers for you were lifted!!! Financial burdens can be so stressful and really weigh on us. I pray for freedom from your burdens. I LOVE that bowl...the color, the polka dots :)

Kristin said...

So glad you are getting to the other side of things with your water/septic tank. Just sending big hopes and prayers that that money will come back your way somehow in blessings.

Happy Day to You my friend.

Nanette said...

Hi Paige, love your blog! After surviving a basement flood, requiring all new piping to be put in our house, I can say I understand how you feel. The biggest blessing from it for me was that I now NEVER take for granted my peaceful, functioning home. I am so grateful for running water, dependable plumbing. Seriously, something I had never paid attention to prior to the flood. I am sure you will some out of this and find your own blessings from it - eventually! Just hang in there - it will get better!

Shannon said...

What a horrible thing to have to spend $3000 on but hopefully it will all be taken care of today and things can get back to normal for you and your family.
I'm off to visit your photo blog now :)

Susan said...

I don't mean to state the obvious here......Uh, never mind, I guess I will anyway, if your contracts on your homeowner paperwork say you are on a "sewer" system, then guess who is liable for footing the bill for all these repairs?
Again...the obvious...are you 100% positive that you are on a septic system? 14 years without having to pump the thing out seems like an eternity and almost impossible without having noticed problems before now.
Still in my prayers girl.

Courtney Walsh said...

I'm so glad you got the whole family back under one roof!! What craziness! It seems like those kinds of things happen all at the same time, doesn't it? Ugh.

LLH Designs said...

I'm a verbal processor, too. That's why we blog, right? You did a good job of it during a time when you thought you might not blog at all! It seems to have helped your spirits!


julie said...

oh my goodness paige! you poor thing! i totally understand your breakdowns! i would be freaking out too! no, its not the end of the world but it sure does feel like it right now i am sure! what a mess! i hope everything gets back to normal for you and your sweet family soon! i will be praying for you! xoxo

imoomie said...

Popping over for a visit...hope your home is back to "normal" soon.

patty said...

glad to hear the good news, about the septic, and love your photos. really.
i host a link-up party on weds... it's a manual mode party, as i try to learn more and more and more about my camera. we're just beginning, and i would love for you to join us. just include your settings w your photo-anything more is optional! :)
off to finish catching-up!