Friday, February 11, 2011

blog friendships & riveting septic tank answers

i was discussing a few of my favorite friends that i had met through my blog
to my daughters.
my oldest told me, mom , people think that's sorta weird.
like chat room weird when you say, "we met through my blog".

i'm guessing i'm preaching to the choir 
but i continue to be blessed & blown away by friends
that i have made just by logging into blogger for the last few years
& the friendships i've watched bloom of others which began the same way.

the first time i ran across melanie's blog
i was completely smitten.
i was initially drawn in by her fabulous home
but continued to be drawn in by her warm spirit
& her transparent heart.
( fabulous decorating & an open book attitude-two of my favorite qualities!)

yesterday i was so tickled to meet her
live & in person
and her precious family while they drove through atlanta.
i gave them directions to, none other than , the Varsity
"an atlanta icon", i promised her hubby.

we could have talked for hours.
each feeling as if we've known each other for years!
& would you believe, she was not an ax murderer. thank goodness. 

when dan was asking, now which one is melanie
i promptly listed off her stats.
you know melanie, the one whose home i covet in a healthy way
who painted the painting after pop pop passed
the one who sent me the package of bulbs
the one who made the 'reve' pillow on our bed
& the #6 pillow on our porch
the one who has a sister named leslie who loves seaside
you know, melanie!

sweet melanie
i pray your beautiful family has a safe wonderful trip
& enjoy my favorite beach!!

i think i've probably put everyone on a septic tank in a bit of a tizzy
worrying about their own status.
for those of ya'll interested i will explain the situation.
everyone else,
have a fantastic valentines weekend.
i am shocked
but apparently my baby girl turns 18 monday!

hopefully i will answer all your questions~

our contract had us listed as sewer
we assumed we were paying for sewer service all these years.
we had no weird pre-crisis signs that things were going bad.
our downstairs toilet overflowed on it's own.
& if you know me,
 my four daughters & hubby & golden retriever
are followed closely in importance by my hardwoods.
( teasin.sorta)
so the fear of water damage stressed me out.
the situation occurred on a friday night
we find out we're actually on septic saturday
& told to not use any water until the situation is resolved.
we farm out the girls.
monday the septic boys come & can't find the tank
i breakdown
dan drives to the health department & gets the survey 
septic boys paint a very bleak potential major financial outcome
rumor has it, caroline wanted to do a little fund raiser at her school.
something along the lines of  " would you like to donate to our new septic tank"
older sister told her "we don't do that"
tuesday septic tank is found under brick walkway
no big deal especially since they had predicted it's location was under our bricked in porch.
tank was pumped for the first time in 30 years.
damage was extensive to the concrete portion of the tank
we opted against the massive re-do of our entire plumbing system/trash the yard/lose our sprinkler system/be out of the house for more days/re-landscape our yard/major financial decision
& opted instead to repair the old.
i asked the guy where we fell on the continuum of 'how bad is it'
we were on the 80% severe end
due to neglect.
supposedly if you pump it every 3 years you should not have any problems.
we're out a little over $3,000
but now we know
& yes, we will follow up with our water service 
and the agent that sold me ( i was single when i bought) the house

so yes ma'am
we're all repaired
& i will never take the luxury of peeing in my own home for granted again.
owner of the world's smallest bladder


Number 6 and no more counting! said...

the friendship we meet blogging are amazing.

Glad you are all flushable and showerable again!


*The Beautiful Life* said...

We're on septic and you've sure got me thinking it's time to call and have it pumped again! I did wonder about those beautiful new floors you had put in... but was afraid to ask. :)

So fun to meet bloggers!! I had a blogging friend over for New Years and it was awesome!

SO glad you get to start out Valentine's weekend all under one roof again! Enjoy!


The Avery House said...

Oh, Miss Paige, I just posted on a similar topic today. I feel really blessed to have made new friends through the blog world. It just brings the world that much closer together and helps us along in our journey of life together. I am blessed to call you one of my blog friends.

traci said...

how special that you got to meet a fellow blogger. it's like meeting a celebrity. glad you are on the upswing of your water problems. what a mess. have a great weekend.

Jennifer Rizzo said...

Oh Man Paige, I feel for you. Home repairs are the worst and plumbing ranks right up there. I am glad it's fixed and hopefully you won't have to worry about it any more.

Maria said...

I am SO HAPPY you have a solution to your septic issues. And I'm even more happy you didn't have to dig under that beautiful porch! I'm sure it's really frustrating to spend mega $ on "potty issues" that you can't see, especially when you have one headed to college in a few months. I will be praying for you.

How fun that you got to meet Melanie. Her home is to die for! And she is lovely. Blog friends are wonderful.

Have a wonderful weekend!

3 Peanuts said...

Oh how wonderful that you met Melanie... I have "known" Leslie for a long time and have gotten to know Melanie a little through her beautiful blog too. When Kate came home from China, she sent me the most beautiful little package. She had made this gorgeous little book. I cherish it. I wish I had the gift to create lovely things like she does. I'll bet she has no idea how much happiness her creations bring to people.

My family used to think the blog friend thing was weird but some of my best friends (Shana, Diana etc) have come from the adoption and or blog world. Now they get it.

Glad the septic thing is all worked out. I am sure that was a HUGE pain. I am angry that someone misled you in the sale. I am hoping it was not intentional.

I will e-mail you back later has been a tough week here too.

LLH Designs said...

I say the same kinds of things to help my husband know which blog friend I'm talking about. (Paige, you know, the boots wearing blog friend in Georgia who loves photographing her four girls and tells it like it is?!??)

Wouldn't it be fun to know how all of our blog friends describe us to their husbands? :)

Happy Friday to you, Paige!

Kelli said...

Blog friends can be so true indeed. How wonderful that you got to get together with a bloggy friend! Seaside makes me think of Destin and I can't wait to go!!! I'm glad your situation has all been resolved...sigh. Have a beautiful weekend :)

Leslie said...

Ok, to be honest I was not sure which part of Mel's vacation I was most jealous of. Let's see, Savannah, Disney, Seaside, or seeing you! Now I know it was getting to meet you!!! She said "Les, she is just like us!" I am sure you loved on my little nieces, aren't they precious!? Next time, we all meet!!!!
So glad to hear your septic tank is fixed, I won't share this with my hubby, he is already paranoid about our shed being built over the drainfield! Yikes!!
Bless your heart, you have been through alot!!!! We will have to chat one of these days too!

Kat said...

So glad all is fixed and that you had to opportunity to meet a sweet blogging friend. Life is good. :)

Susan said...

I'm shocked the tank lasted that long. Obviously the previous owner didn't know about the septic tank either, or they probably wouldn't have bricked over it, or did you have it bricked over.
Anyway...I don't mean to make light of your situation because it is a doosie to be sure, but $3,000.00 isn't too terrible. It not great, but it could be a lot worse. car cost that everytime I take it in for some kind of repair.
Happy to hear you house is on it's way to recovery.

Jboo said...

How sweet to meet a blog friend. I know how special bloggy friends are too. So many have lifted me up in prayer the last few weeks -- warmed my heart and soul.

Glad your septic issues are resolved. Hmmm -- kind of sounds like a lawsuit may be in order (my legal background made me say that). Have a fun weekend and celebrate that sweet girl's b-day big!


Severino said...

Bela familia parabens!

Courtney Walsh said...

I don't know if I've ever met anyone in real life that I first knew through blogging!! I bet it's dreamy. :)

Clare said...

so glad you are able to use water at your house again! the whole thing is just crazy, i am so sorry that happened to you!

Anonymous said...

So, I guess this means Melanie won't be posting today.;) I must be a stalker of her blog because I recognized her daughters. =P Love your blog too! One of my favorites!! :)

Emily Zimmerman said...

I love your youngest daughter trying to have a fund raiser!!! Makes me laugh!! That is SO SWEET!!! Such a thoughtful girl!! Glad things are on the mend with the septic, and you are right, after going through a situation like this you don't take flushing the toilet for granted anymore!

LuLu said...

i would LOVE to meet blogging friends, i get the weird look from my friends who don't blog when i say this, but i get it! Oh i'm so happy to hear the update, i've been worried!!!

Biz said...

Glad to hear you got the septic tank figured out and that your family is back in business as usual.
I completely understand what you mean about blogging friends.
I talk about them to my husband as if I had coffee with them that morning and yes he'll ask and who is so and so again...and I'll remind him what I purchased from them or what I recently sent off to them.
It's a community of people that we never knew we needed until we had them. Friends you would probably never meet any other way.

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

believe it or not, I was just thinking of you and praying for you last night over this whole septic thing... LOL

And I've been absent, but I'm in the haze of boxes and bubble wrap... but still I've missed popping in to see you. Glad you are surviving the whole ordeal!

Much love,

Between You and Me said...

i am jealous in every good way that you met melanie and her family.

what a sweet and tender and generous and creative soul.

your girls make me laugh the way they think all of us bloggers are a little bit crazy in the head for calling each other friends.

Rebel said...

I have been checking back to discover the outcome of the septic "issue"... glad that is all done for you guys!

I too think you can meet some very special friends via this blogging thing... the world has become a much smaller place!

And cool link to Melanie's blog... wow... you are right... her decorating is beautiful! Love her craft tutorials too!

Take care and stay warm in the "South"... hahahaha!
I am in northern Alabama... so I get what you get about an hour earlier! Let's just say it has been very white around here the last couple of months!