Friday, February 10, 2012

the story of a biopsy

 i have my mammogram each year in october.
breast cancer awareness month
"to help me remember"
as if i'd forget

after having caroline at age 35,
my midwife noted upon my follow up that my breasts
"felt different" and since breast cancer runs in my family
i should have a baseline.
had the baseline mammogram & got a callback.
if you've been around this blog long enough, you know cancer scares me to death.

i went to nursing school 
to take care of people with cancer.
i know enough to frighten me.

that followup ended up being in october
& turned out all clear.

about 6 or so years ago
i had a scare with pre-cervical cancer,
so usually my annual appointment is what has me all of whack.
i didn't think anything of going in this past october for another routine, annual mammogram
until i opened the mailbox to find a note saying
"your results are inconclusive. please call your doctor for a follow up".

{i'll be honest, i hadn't felt a lump.
the mass they found was about the size of a jelly bean
and within muscle striation
which sounds huge but i have always had fibroids so i always feel little lump things.}

of course that takes a couple weeks to get "in".
so i go to place A for a mammogram #2.
two weeks later, find out something has been detected
& i will need to schedule an ultrasound.
two weeks later i walk in to place B for the ultrasound.
scared to death at this point.

the girl calls me back for the ultrasound.
she definitely did not win "miss personality" for her senior superlative.
she blandly tells me i'll either 
1. receive a report card after my ultrasound letting me know when & if i return
2. will wait to speak to the radiologist if needed

she starts the ultrasound 
& asks a few bland questions.
then she stops in one area
one area that apparently is sore when she's pressing down.
i'm suddenly aware of how cold the room is. cold & dull.
i'm just watching the clock on the wall above me.
she's saying nothing.
nothing at all.
for over 20 minutes.
i find that i feel a little panicky at this point.

she stops the ultrasound & says, blandly of course
"i'm going to get the doctor. i'll be right back"

ok, few good things ever come out of..."im going to get the doctor".
i want to sit  up & tell her
that "going to get the doctor" was never mentioned as one of my options.
it was only the report card or get called back
going to get the doctor.

i laid there fighting back the tears 
looking at that damn ugly clock 
& mumbling over & over 
please lord, no.

she walks back in & blandly, of course,
says "well, looks like you have a fibroadenoma.
it's not cancer. you should be glad. you'll need a followup in 6months".
i start to sob.
she does nothing.
i'm thinking 1. thank you jesus
& 2. woman, a little compassion would be nice here.

two days later my doctor calls & recommends a second opinion.
she refers me to breast cancer specialists at northside hospital.
she tells me they are wonderful & highly respected.
that they specialize in breast disease ( & i'm thinking, yeah, and cancer too).
by this point we're in november
& i'm starting to get a little more concerned.

i call & make an appointment.
this facility is fantastic.
i'm told i may be here for several hours.
i upload instagram on my new phone
& take pictures of the ladies rocking bag sitting beside me in the waiting room.
i go back for my ultrasound.
this girl clearly won "best personality". she was awesome.
i already felt better.
& the room wasn't freezing & no gosh awful clock on the wall.

i go back to see the doctor.
who, let me insert here,i come to find out
is one of the best in the country.
that her patient load had recently been decreased.
her husband was the head anesthesiologist at another hospital here in atlanta.
it was "a miracle" that i got in with her.
she was wonderful.
she reassured me over & over that she truly believed
this lump in my breast was indeed 
a benign fibroadenoma
but because of the size she really recommended a biopsy.

i was there that day for over 6 hours.
dan drove me straight to lunch for a margarita and tacos
& on to anthro for a little retail therapy.
i'm getting the hang of instagram by this point.

since she was going to a conference
the earliest i could back in for the biopsy was mid december.

i spent a lot of time in prayer those weeks.
i called in the big gun prayer warriors & asked for prayer and peace.
i was booked solid for photo shoots during october through december
& really needed to focus on work
not fear.

it was Thanksgiving
& i truly wanted to be a thankful person.
not just thankful if my results were going to be clear.
but thankful even if they showed up cancerous.

i confessed to jesus
that here i was again
all knotted up & fearful of cancer.

but this time i felt a sense of peace.
i would quote to dan over & over...
ok, so the specialist thinks i'm ok. so i'm probably ok, right?

i listened to praise music over & over.
i tried to not touch the lump in breast & see what it felt like.
i tried to not think that every sermon on "bad things" wasn't a pep talk for my future.
i focused on my work & rested in Him.

i went in middle of december for my biopsy.
the ladies were all so wonderful there.
i suggested ear phones playing adele and complimentary post biopsy mimosas
should be part of the deal.
i mean really. 
you're laying there wide awake, while the doctor sticks needles in to your breasts to numb them
& then a who's your daddy size syringe for the biopsy.
i'm thinking adele & mimosas are not too much to ask.

turns out the lump leaked fluid.
i'm told while she's holding pressure on my breast & getting a different vial
to put the results in, that this is " a good thing"
but that we'd still need to send out the findings to make sure there are no abnormal cells.

she puts steristrips on the incision & a tegaderm.
tells me not to run for several days.
it's december 15 & she doubts i'll have my results before Christmas
but "try not to worry".

i leave feeling maybe a little better
but fragile none the less.
i pass on the trip to anthro this time.

Christmas comes & goes
& i'm trying not to worry
but i keep my phone on me at all times, waiting for the call.
the last week of december
almost three months since my annual mammogram
i get the call...
it's all clear. 
no cancer.

i walk over to dan & just stand there in his embrace & sob....
& apologize for being such a scaredy cat
& go up to my room & drop to my knees thanking jesus.

i'll still go back this summer for a follow up.

i know countless women go through this process every day.
i know while most of them end up being fine
so many do not.

i am thankful we live in a time where we do have screening.
we do have places that specialize in treatment
& there are people who are called to take care of those 
who end up having to walk through the disease.

my grandmother did not.

just a friendly reminder,
schedule your mammogram
& your pap smear each year....


Simone said...

Paige.....oh my goodness.

I had no idea that you waited and waited and waited for results - or even that you had all of this going on. WOW!

What a powerful post, thank you so much for sharing.

I went with my mother in law when she had to have a biopsy, it wasn't nice and I don't know who was squeezing whose hand tighter, her or me! We were both scared to death.

Do you mind me asking if you actually noticed a lump before your appointment - because from what you said, it sounds as though it was the mammogram that picked it up?

I am SO happy and thankful that you got good news - and thank you again for writing about this and sharing the whole process.

We lost my mother in law and my aunt to breast cancer, it's very hard.

Special hugs to you today my friend xxxx

Amanda said...

I know this scare all too well myself. My mom passed away 14 years ago from ovarian cancer. She was 50. I was 22. After two children and many problems with my reproductive parts, I decided this past year to have a complete hysterectomy. It is so important for women young and old to get regular check ups. Thank you for sharing this part of your story!

Amy said...

Woah. Beautifully written, I read each line with breath held. You are an inspiration dear friend. xx

Cheryl said...

I am so relieved that you are fine. You are incredibly strong. Sharing this post was a brave thing to do, and so important to remind us all to take care of ourselves!
Thank you.

Casey @ Classic with a Pop said...

I am so thankful that you are okay. I look forward to your posts each morning. Love your style...and I don't just mean fashion-wise :)

Rebecca said...

What a beautifully written post, Paige. I am so thankful that everything is ok. xo

Martine said...

I hope you have a wonderful day - after sharing -
that you see the beauty in every little thing.

Pine Tree Home said...

Thanks for this honest post. Sometimes we feel like we are always going to the doctor for "check ups". They are important and necessary. So glad to hear everything worked out for you and while your time spent was nerve wracking, in the end you found some peace.

Jen Kershner said...

Oh Paige! I can't even believe how long you had to wait for an answer. I'm so, so happy that you are healthy. Because of you I have spread my annual and mammo out 6 months apart. You are so kind to share this stuff with people. Who knows what good will come from it!

slip4 said...

When you mentioned last year that you were going through something scary, this is exactly what popped into my head as cancer is my biggest fear. I mean, go-weak-in-the-knees scared. I read this post really fast to get to the end and find out the good news. So relieved for you. Thanks for sharing.

Debby said...

Wow, I can't believe that you had to go all that time to find out the results. At the same time you were well checked out and know that you are okay.
The first time I had cancer was misdiagnosed. The doctor was so mean. The pathologist had never seen this type of cancer so passed it off as something else. So I get a little scared about it all too.
I was supposed to have my mamo in December and still haven't. I will make an appt. today. I never put it off but having other appointments thinking it could wait a little bit.......not good.

Bethanie said...

Thankful, my friend, that all is well...but leave it to you to take notice of a beautiful purse in the midst of your trial...that is so me. :0)

We are blessed here in Atlanta to have so many amazing hospitals and doctors. The Lord put the right doctors in your path--I am so thankful for your good news, what a burden off your shoulders...those girlies need their beautiful mama!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

hey paige...

don't know why, but i wasn't able to post a reply on your blog...i am SOOO glad you're OK and SOOO sorry you went through the terror of that type of scare....and i felt like i was reliving a day in my life too.... i had just had my postpartum visit at the OB six weeks after having liam. i told them that i had a painful lump in my armpit, and while my doc reassured me it was a lymph node, that i should go to breast care specialists to "be sure". takes a couple weeks to get an appointment.

once there, i was scared to see the women in the waiting room with headscarves and worried looks on their's heartbreaking/terrifying....

i was quickly assured the armpit was indeed an enlarged lymph, but they saw "something" in the breast that they wanted to check out. ultrasound. ok, now doc's physical exam. hhhmm....we're still not sure, so we want to do a needle biopsy. can't do it for two weeks.....scheduled it and went home to wait for the ETERNITY of that two weeks....i remember laying in bed at night, not wanting to scare dan to death, staring at the ceiling with tears running down the sides of my head, into my hair ....i have three boys under the age of five ( including a twelve week old) and i am laying awake at night thinking "this is it....i'm glad i married a man who i know can raise these boys right"....

needle biopsy day...prayer in the parking lot before the procedure....doc says we think we know what this irregular tissue is, but we have to rule out everything...we want to be SURE. yup, too. needle biopsy, steri strips, and for some reason, they were able to give me the answer that day. when they told me that the irregular cells were scar tissue from my breast reduction surgery ( which was what she suspected, but wanted to confirm), i remember going out to the parking lot, leaning against my car and just crying and praying and saying thank you GOD...

that was eight years ago and i go back to BCS every year. in fact, i am surprised i didn't bump into you there - i think my appointment was actually 12/15. i can tell you a couple things about that place - and why i continue to go...
the waits ARE usually long and that's just a consequence of wanting to be treated by the best of the best. i will wait my turn patiently for screening, because if there ever comes a day i get breast cancer, BCS is the place i want to be when they find it and treat it.

the women who work there are amazing, amazing, amazing. every time i've been. from the front desk - to the mammographers - to the docs, i am happy i spend my several hours there with these amazing people every december.

and finally - my old mammogram technicians were looking at my mammogram and making sure nothing was there. they wanted to verify the absence of a problem. BCS on the other hand, is looking hard, TRYING to find something....and if/when they DO, they will go down every path to completely RULE OUT cancer. my doc knew ( 99% sure) that the ridge she saw was surgical scar tissue - BUT she wasn't allowing that 1% chance to ever raise it's ugly head. and that's why i go back.

i am so glad you're ok, friend. i can't imagine the emotion of what you went thru, having already gone through your nightmare with gregg. i really don't know how you held it together. ( i'm guessing FAITH!??)
keep going to BCS - it's a scary place sometimes, but it's where you want to be....maybe i'll bump into you next december...


Love Being A Nonny said...

Paige, So thankful you are able to give us a good report. Praise the Lord for blessing you with the opportunity to share His blessings with us!

Cate said...

PTL, Paige. Thankful that you received good news.

Thirkellgirl said...

That's horrible, that you had to wait that long. I had the same experience a few years ago and from start to finish it was three *days. Everyone involved knew how traumatic it was, my mammo tech even *prayed for me, and they expedite *every woman. I know how paralyzing the fear can be, how irrational it is, and I am HORRIFIED that you had to deal with this for three months. Find a new place for next time, this is ridiculous in this day and age. I'm glad it all ended ok but the trauma of living with those fears for that long is *not ok.

Amy R. said...

Paige, PTL for the good news! Your story brought tears to my eyes! I have been in the ulstrasound room when she goes to get the doctor. That feeling I will never forget. So glad you are all clear. Thanks for sharing your story.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing. I was told 2 years ago after my 2nd child that I was nearing the age to have these types of screenings. I've yet to do it. This has encouraged me to set that appointment. Thanking Jesus with you for your good news. Blessings, Anna

Charlotte said...

I am so glad that you are okay. I, too, went through a similar experience in the 90's when I was getting mammograms at a local hospital. Fortunately, my doctor made me aware of several wonderful clinics here in Richmond that do the mammogram, read it instantly, do an ultrasound if needed and then you meet with a radiologist to discuss the results - all in the same appointment. A much more humane approach I'd say.

Jennifer Rizzo said...

Paige, that is so scary, but what a blessing from the Lord in the way everything turned out!Hopefully you going through this and writing about it will save someone's life. You are so brave to share this.

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

so Paige, yes, that bag does rock! Love it!

But, I dislike the fact that you have been through so much! But, again, love the fact that you are alright.

Thank you, for this post and reminder.


pballard said...

Thanks for sharing your story. It made me tear up as I can relate to the waiting game or laying there worried.. I was also with my mom when they spotted spots on her lung which turned out to be lung cancer... God is good through it all. Blessings to you. I love your blog..

SSM said...

I'm so happy/relieved/excited that you have closure and that it's great news!

Jump up and down, Paige, and celebrate!

Tears girl! Tears.

IHeart you Paige. xoxo

Anonymous said...

I have only recently been reading your blog ~it's lovely.
I'm grateful that your diagnosis was clear.
I have been going through a similiar testing/waiting period since Thanksgiving.
Only my diagnosis came back cancer. In my lung. Just not expected at all.
I will have the lower lobe of my lung removed next week.
I have three young kids and this is a heavy load. We never know what lies in the future. It's not enough to trust God that nothing bad will happen. We have to trust Him to carry us through when the worst does happen. After reading your story, I know you get this.
I dread the painful recovery ahead for me but how light an affliction compared to the dread our King must have felt knowing the pain He'd bear on the cross! I'll have one precise cut in my back by a trained and skilled surgeon. He endured countless, harmful lashes at the hands of people who hated Him. SO many He was unrecognizable. Then they nailed Him to the cross. I will have medication to ease my pain. Christ refused the vinegar soaked cloth offered Him.
Had He spared me this pain, would I ever have meditated on these things? Wisdom is nurtured in the hidden,dark soil underneath the blue skies and sunshine. We never ask to go there, but sometimes that's where He leads us.
In Christ Who Heals,

3 Peanuts said...

I am so glad that I could pray for you through all of these appointments and the horrible waiting. Most fo all though, I am SO SO glad it is not cancer! I have been through all of this and it is terrifying every.single.time!!!!

I now have my annual mammogram and a diagnostic ultrasound done in conjunction with a breast cancer specialist (also one of the best in the US). They do the mammo and ultrasound downstairs in breast center, then I walk upstairs to see her and she does a physical exam and tells me the results. It is awesome (except it is always right before Christmas too). You should see if she will follow you in a similar way.. It makes it all easier and she said that if I need a biopsy she would do it that day.

I am sure by sharing your story you will help others, Paige.

Home: Inside and Out said...

Oh Paige. I feel like I know you personally from reading your blog so long. You have me sitting here in tears...thank you for sharing. I'm so thankful that it wasn't cancer. Praising Jesus for you. Hoping to meet you next month and give you a "I'm so glad you are okay!" hug. :)

Tiffany said...

oh paige - i so know what you went through - been there and I was only 25! All was well in the end, but I was scared out of my little mind - so ever since I get regular check-ups and I am now 44 and have had 2 issues recently - it can rock your world and yes many women go through it everywhere but its YOU and we have to feel how we feel and process it!

Thank you for sharing your journey it really blessed me!


schwadette said...

wow... your post brought tears to my eyes! i had a follow up ultrasound of my breast last year... and ended up with a biopsy the same day. HORRIBLE! had found i that i had thyroid cancer 2 days before. definitely NOT a good week! but thankfully... all was clear with the biopsy. waiting is the HARDEST part... but also the most amazing part. my faith has grown so deep through it all.

THANK YOU for sharing your story! God bless you!! :)

Mrs.B said...

Oh girl......
When I got here~
i get the call...
it's all clear.
no cancer.
I said THANK YOU GOD and then tears...
You wrote so well about what it's like to go through this. I had two grandparents who had cancer and there's just nothing like it.
So thankful you are cancer-free!

julieann said...

Paige: I confess I skipped 1/2 the story and dropped to the bottom to be sure you are ok. Thank GOD you are. Then I read the story again..
I just read this today and I think you should too.
Rehersing your troubles results in experiencing them many times, whereas you are meant to go through them only when they actually occur. Do not multiply your suffering in this way. Instead come to me, relax in my peace. I will strengthen you and prepare you for this day, transforming your fear into condfident trust...
I love this and hope I can trust in God when Im worrying about something.. I also had a cancer scare. I cried and nobody was there to hug me. I still feel the sting of those tears. Im sorry you were not met with the same compasion that you would have shown to someone in the same shoes.

Kelli said...

What a journey. I have no doubts there's a reason you had to hard as it must have been for you to do. I love reading about how you confessed to God and how you leaned on Him during this process. This encourages me to get the squeeze. I turned 35 and because of my family history I have been advised to go now. My grandmother also was not able to have access to the advancement in technology.

Suellen said...

Wow - powerful! Wonderful that it is nothing.

Kitty said...

Paige, What a scary time for you. I'm so sorry you had to go through all of that. I was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer in April of 2010, as a result of Mammogram findings. And I have to agree with you that the waiting and the what-ifs are the scariest part. My family, friends, and Savior loved me right through to today - cancer free. I go back next week for the all clear, hopefully. :)

I enjoy your blog so very much. Thank you!

Vickie said...

Hi Paige,

I want to tell you that I have been praying for you since the day you posted the photo of the fabulous handbag in the doctor's office. I am so glad that you are cancer free and that we live in a city with wonderful facilities.

I emailed you back several months ago about my family issues. Since then, my 7 year old grandson has been diagnosed with embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma. He is being treated at the wonderful AFLAC children's cancer center at Scottish Rite. I am also grateful for the wonderful facilities here!!

Your blog continues to be so inspiring. Thanks for taking the time to write it and let us all follow along. Vickie

emily said...

You are so great.

I need to schedule my annual exam NOW! Thanks for the reminder.

Susan R said...

Can I tell you the best part of all this my friend? The part where you go up stairs and remember to thank God for this blessing.
I don't know how I knew, but I knew yu would be okay. An awful lot to go through, but I knew you would be okay.
God is good.
A Great Big Ol' Hug your way darlin.

Becky said...

I have had all this the last 2 years. I feel your pain. One was what the ultrasound tech called an 'ugly' fibroadenoma. The other just condensed tissue. I am only 37, but also went for a baseline due to family hx...and now, I dread it every year! Know that you have ab prayer partner out there!

Barbara said...

Glad to know you are clear, I do the same in October I get my check up, thank god I have the means to be able to get checked.

Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

It must be Breast Care Specialist
I see Dr. Jennifer Amerson, her father in law was the doctor at Emory that discovered that radical masectomy was not necessary in breast cancer and that is when they began surgery only to margin.

Anonymous said...

Beautifully prolific. Praise God!

Anonymous said...

So thankful you are fine..
What a way you have telling a story..I feel like I am living each minute as it happens..

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing and your gifted writing... I am so glad it turned out ok.

You and your hubby are such a cute pair, and he sounds like a wonderful & supportive partner, what a blessing!

Nashville, TN

Ruth said...

Thank you for sharing the whole story of this terrifying ordeal. The impact you have made on others because of your transparency and authenticity is probably immeasurable. At age 32, I have yet to get a mammogram, but I often think maybe I should. My grandmother had breast cancer would think that would motivate me to take extra preventative measures.

I think after reading your story, I need to make an appointment.

Thank you so much for allowing me to pray for you during this time. I'm so grateful to God that he has answered your prayers! What a blessing your words and story are to others!

Anonymous said...

I have experienced almost exactly what you did ... for the last three years in a row. This was the first year my 1st mammogram cam back "normal." (I was so numb by this point that you almost couldn't spot my happy.) Praise the Lord for your good results!

My grandmother didn't either...


Pam said...

I've had that scare too Paige. I think I had that same technician. You would think being women they would be a little more comforting. When she left to get the doctor I distinctly remember how cold the room felt and the fear that washed over me from head to toe. Luckily, everything was fine but it was a harsh reminder of how life can change in an instant.

I'm happy that all is well with you but sorry you had to go through such a stress-filled few months. Thanks for sharing.

Lindsey said...

Oh, Paige...what a scare. So thankful that the Lord's plan was not cancer!! Loved reading all the things God taught you through it and all the ways you grew. I'm betting your post has sent many scrambling to their phones as well to make some much needed doctor's appointments as well! Thanks for your honesty in sharing...praying it touches and helps many!

Between You and Me said...

loved praying peace over you....and will continue to do so.

your life has been forever touched by this nasty disease.

love that your man took you for mexican and retail therapy and let you sob on his shoulder when it was all finished...that's a good man you have!

thanks for this reminder to all of us to GET OUR MAMMOGRAMS!!!

Kimberly said...

Oh Paige, I'm so pleased to hear you got good news :) God is good!

Simply Jen said...

YOU are so strong. Thank you for sharing this. I am 36...went to the doctor for my annual (all clear ;o)...but still have my 1st mammogram script in hand. I am calling Monday.
Jen xo

Anonymous said...

Tears in my eyes! Oh Paige! I am so happy and relieved that everything is ok! I am sorry you had to go through that scary time but I am so happy you have your sweet family by your side! I just received my letter reminding me that I am due:( gotta make that appt. Thanks for sharing and reminding us all to get checked! xoxo

Wendy @ The Shabby Nest said...

Paige, thank you for this story. I am turning 40 this year, and have been thinking about the fact that I will need to schedule a mammogram. With a mother-in-law that is a two-time breast cancer survivor, it is foremost in my thoughts. But, I can always use a reminder.

I'm so grateful that all turned out well for you, but what an ordeal!!

You are a strong woman.


Anonymous said...

Hi Paige,
First off let me just say thank the good Lord above that everything turned out fine!!
I had a mammogram in October and they found a small lump and suggested that we just "keep an eye on it" and come back in 6 months. Then I had my annual pap smear in December and my Dr. found another lump in the same breast. So I had to schedule another earlier mammogram to check on the 2nd lump. But I have to wait until April to be seen, so I know for every woman out there who experiences this, it is a nightmare waiting!!!
I had 2 breast surgeries when I was 15 and 16 years old to remove a mass of benign lumps, so I always worry about getting them again and it turning into cancer.
It is so important for us as women to really know our bodies and make sure we always keep up with our check-up's, for ourselves and our families!!
Thank you so much for sharing your experience and I am so thankful that your okay!!
Have a lovely Sunday.
P.S. ~I just found your blog and I just love it!

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Paige, I'm so glad you ultimately got a good report. I had almost the exact same thing happen over Christmas ... with me it was tumors on my liver, which I first had to have an ultrasound for. Then a CT scan. Then an MRI ... none of them were conclusive. Over a 4-week period, I got so tired of waiting and never having any answers, but finally they've said they're "most likely" benign. I'll have another CT in June to see if they've changed in size or shape at all, but for now I'm trying to rest easy. Again, so glad you're okay! I know how hard that experience was, and I wouldn't wish it on anyone!

Crystal said...

How hard it must have been to endure these months - and to write about it. I just scheduled my mammogram with a mobile screening program that comes to rural areas in our province. You are so right - my grandmother didn't have nearly the options either. Our sermon at church today was about "if you will" - this fits right in that category. I'm so glad you are okay - praise God for His love and tender care.
((( HUGS )))

Anne Marie said...

Hi Paige...I have a loved one suffering through cancer's so terrible on her...she's so frail in so many ways -

yes, others need to get their screenings....

btw; your noonday is so honorable Paige! I'm so very proud of you!!

Anonymous said...

Soooo glad everything turned out ok! Will continue to pray for you and your family! Thank you for sharing!

Liz McNeil

Alecia said...

Thanks for filling us in on that...I was praying for you! Your heart in all of this was just amazing. The fact that you could say to the Lord, no matter the outcome you were going to rest in Him is so encouraging and inspiring. Thankful for no cancer!

Unknown said...

I just cried reading this. I know how scary it can be as I am 17 and my mom had an ovarian tumor last summer. Thank god it was benign, but still so scary for us!