Wednesday, February 15, 2012

open house & one of the stories i love...

today's a big day for me,
i open my home to introduce my Noonday Collection!!
i'm super excited!

the stories behind the pieces are what i LOVE about Noonday.
the real people who YOU can help 
the real people with real lives have created these pieces
these fun unique pieces!
each time i wear one of these pieces of jewelry it just makes me happy. 

i think i'm going to share the story behind a piece of jewelry each week~
allow me to share one of my favorite pieces Kampala with Love necklace
& one of my favorite stories, written by jessica,  about the artist behind the jewelry....

 meet Coral & her husband Bukenyah~~

I recently asked Jalia, our designer and lead artisan in Uganda, to share the story of Coral, a woman she has trained to create our exclusive Noonday pieces.  When we designed our Kampala with Love necklace we didn't know God would also use it to weave in Coral's story of redemption.

"When i met Coral, she was a very miserable young girl, she came to us to learn how to make paper beads, and to get work. After coming to the city to get work, she soon got into a relationship with an older man, who had 2 children with her. He soon left her in a rented house and went away forever. Coral was stranded, with 2 children, no rent for the house, no work, no food, and she didn't have any friends, or family in town. While still in that situation, she got another man who promised to pay her debts, and to care for her and her children. He, too, got her pregnant with no intention to marry her or care for her as he is a jobless man.  We shared the story of God's love with Coral and she now loves God and isn't jumping from man to man. She is earning money to provide for her children and she has become the most hardworking and most committed member in our team.  She earns more than all the other ladies because she is able to make more products. And she has mastered the red, Kampala with Love Necklace, which is the most difficult to create because the beads are so small."

There are, tragically, many Corals in Uganda. Your purchases help her and the many like her earn an income, while learning about how very precious they are in God’s eyes.

 another one of the Noonday ambassadors had the privilege of meeting coral & bukenya
& shares about it here

to purchase Kampala with Love
click here

thank ya'll for all your words of support
& purchases too!!


"The sun comes up, it's a new day dawning
It's time to sing Your song again
Whatever may pass, and whatever lies before me
Let me be singing when the evening comes"
matt redman


Renee said...

I hope you have the best open house EVER!!! The jewelry is beautiful. It speaks for itself, really. And the fact that it has amazing God stories behind it makes all the pieces so much more worth it. Have a lovely day sharing your jewelry and meeting people

carissa... bRoWn eYeD fOx said...

oh happy day...!

it'll be great!
you're spreading the word of these awesome women beautifully!
and their pieces... well..
they shine!
they're all gorgeous...
all very special!

have fun today!

Playing Sublimely said...

love this

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Yay!!! This is wonderful Paige. I got my little Noonday necklace in the mail and it made me happy. I'm not sure if my man got it from you... I hope he did! It's really sweet and so is the fact that you are spreading the word.

patricia e said...

praying for a successful NOONDAY open house ~ what a great story ~ what beautiful jewelry each with their own story

smk said...

can't wait to be there! praying hard :)

Kristin said...

Tickled for you on your open house and the work you are doing concerning Noonday and just stepping out in faith. Praying your day to be perfect in meeting people and just sharing stories behind these products that will make an impact on many lives for the better! Proud of you.

Alecia said...

What a wonderful story of God's love, grace, redemption and mercy. Thanks for sharing stories behind the artist. Makes me love Noonday even more...if that's even possible!

Shannon said...

Hope it was amazing!!! Love the necklace and the story behind it :)

JenP said...

Loved meeting you yesterday and seeing all the beautiful jewelry. I just love that each piece has an amazing story behind it. Can't wait to get my necklace and bracelet and share the stories with my friends.