Wednesday, February 22, 2012

{cat & joie, a mother daughter session}

weeks before Christmas, i received a call from a good family friend of ours
& long time friend of dan's.
she wanted me to photograph two of her daughter in laws & their babies
as a gift to each of her sons for Christmas.  a secret surprise photo session.

her sons are two young men that hold a special place in dan's heart.
they too have grown up to be Godly men
who also have the calling to be teachers
& coaches.
the youngest, will, was one of dan's best players back when he coached basketball.
rumor has it that will was quite the handful when he was a little guy.
he's since grown up to be a handsome, new daddy
who married his high school sweetheart
& is now currently coaching and teaching too.
his own team now in the state playoffs.
{Good Luck Hebron!}

this was a precious photo session for me.
enjoy Cat & their little Joie~

Bless the Lord, O my soul
O my soul
Worship His holy name


Paige said...

Beautiful pics!

Kelli said...

You captured some great moments! Those pictures will be cherish for years to come...what a gift :)

Sibi said...

I can only take so much!! Beautiful in every sense of the word!! And you are quite the photographer!!! :)

I want you to photograph my family. I would love to have pictures with my children:) I am always the one taking the pictures!!

Can't wait to see you and squeal and twirl in just a couple of weeks!!!

p.s. Your word verification is on again! FYI:)


Alecia said...

Wonderful pics...and what 2 lovely ladies you had as subjects. I bet those guys just LOVED their gifts!

vermonter said...

Thay came out so cute and I love the one where she is laying on her tummy and her little chubby feet are up in the air, her bracelet looks so cute on her.

Runner Mom said...

These are just lovely! I know that their family will cherish these.

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...


Susan R said...

Lord Have Mercy! This little dumpling makes me baby hungry. She has the sweetest smile and her mama is just as adorable. You did a lovely job on this shoot.

The Haskell Family said...

Love them!!! And yes Will was quite the handful as a boy, but always had a good heart. Cat was quite the gem to help reign him in! Great job capturing love and joy between a mama and her daughter!

erika fajardo said...

Is too bad that I'm so far away (Canada) because I love all the wonderful pics you take.

Lulu and Co. said...

Beautiful!!! You are so talented!!!

Anonymous said...

There are few things sweeter than a baby girl in a smocked dress. That is one tradition I would love to see more of... Destiny

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos..

Anonymous said...

So beautiful!
Love, daniela

Jen Kershner said...

Love! There are few things more precious in this world than chubby baby bits. I'm not sure how you managed to let go of that baby long enough to take the pictures but they are gorgeous!

Simone said...

So beautiful - the mother has one of the most beautiful smiles ever, absolutely radiant :) XX