Monday, November 21, 2011

just life around our home

trevor is technically savannah's boyfriend
he's also very special to someone else in our family.

earlier in the school year, caroline wrote a paper about "someone special".
her teacher contacted me to let me know that her someone special just might need to read this.
recently he celebrated his birthday & caroline presented him with her precious paper.
growing up in a house full of girls, she enjoys he kind and attentive he is with her...
& they share a common love for UT football!

the mid weeks of november i always feel a bit conflicted.
while i never want to rush through thanksgiving, i do start to feel the itch to start pulling out the christmas decor.
i've said this over & over the last couple years,
but i really plan on keeping it very simple this year.
so simple in fact, that i just might repost images from last year's decorations
& call it a day!
i'll have you know there will be no decorations up before thursday though.
so here are just a few random shots from around the house, probably from a few weeks ago~

caroline has requested yet another batch of edie's famous tomato soup
this week while she's out of school.

& ya'll, i have to share this funny story.
the other day i brought in my enormous loaded laundry basket of 
farmers market fruits & veggies.
i set it down on the kitchen floor ( a little to heavy to lift to the counter)
& walked away for just a moment.
when i walked back through the family room to put away all my goodies
is what i found....

& NO, he was not asleep.
brinkley loves his veggies & i guess he just figured he thought he needed a snack.
poor fella, he knew he was busted
& just laid there in his shame
probably thinking as many a family member before him
..."is she seriously going to put this on the blog?"


Cheryl said...

Oh my, there is nothing quite like puppy guilt!!

Lora said...

Caroline is just so sweet!

I just wanted to say thank you for inspiring me. I've followed your blog for years but don't recall ever commenting. I read a post a long while back (maybe it was even last year?!) about you trying to give food to a homeless man when you noticed him on the side of the road. Your post was running through my head last week.

I live outside of Columbus, GA. Last Tuesday, I was busy, consumed in my life, trying to get to Target. There was a man on the side of the road on the freeway exit. "Will work for Food. Homeless". I was so conflicted. I stared at him. He didn't necessarily "look" homeless. He was cleaner than most. My mind was telling me just go to Target, in my luxury car, no less. Another part of me wanted to help him.

I pulled into the nearest McDonald's and ordered a combo meal. I upgraded it to a large hoping he'd be able to eat and be full for a bit. I rushed through the traffic praying that he was still there. He was standing in an awkward location so I actually had to get back on the freeway heading the other direction, get off the nearest exit and come back around. I was trying not to speed but hoping and praying he was still there.

I pulled up and luckily the light just turned red so I had enough time to stop. I rolled down the window and stuck the food out for him. For a moment, he stared and didn't move. He was in shock. Surprised. He came over to the car and was so gracious. I didn't say anything other than "Be blessed" and drove off.

My son was with me. Granted, he is only 3 and doesn't understand. He was upset the food wasn't for him ;) But I hope by continuing to do these things, he will learn to do good. We can have nice things and still do good for others. We are not rich by any means. We are abundantly blessed though. I hope to be an example to him of not being too consumed in your own life and material goods.

It was a huge move for me. Our home was randomly burglarized over the summer and I have been very uptight, to say the least, about strangers. I was scared that it was a ploy - what if? What if he came up to the car and tried to car jack me? What if he reached across me to grab my purse? Thank you for helping me get over my fear. Baby steps.

Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU!

Debby said...

I love your little girl. She has to be so much fun to be around. Cute that "he" is her boyfriend.
The picture of your dog had me laughing outloud. How cute is he and his find.
Have a great Thanksgiving.

Christina said...

lol @ Brinkley!! i love it!

Mommabelle said...

He's so cute!!!

Susan R said...

Dear Brinkley:
Could you please come talk to my 5 great kiddos and explain to them how delicious vegetables and green things that come from a garden are? They seem to be under the delusion that if anything green touches their lips that they will die.
P.S. I think that the poor pathetic puppy look works well...keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Tee hee is such a cutie!!
He wanted first pick huh?
Have a Blessed Week with your Family.

I have been wondering if Savannah's Beau's Family was able to rebuild and get the whole Family back together?

Shannon said...

How cute is Caroline with her paper and 'lil love' for older sister's man! So sweet. Thank you for pictures into your beautiful home, I always love seeing them.
I need to try out Edie's tomato soup it looks so good and poor Brinkley just trying to eat healthy and gets busted ;)

I am said...

Have you ever tried to feed him tomatoes? Our dog and cat like them and have soo much fun playing with them, mainly the cherry ones. Although unless you are okay cleaning up a slight mess it may be better outside. Pets crack me up!

Three Haute Mamas said...

I am laughing so hard! If i so much as leave a cherry tomato on the counter my 90 pound lab will be all over it like a strip steak!

primjillie said...

I just realized I've never posted yet I absolutely love your blog! But that picture of Brinkley made me comment today. He looks so cute with that broccoli sitting next to him! Did he end up eating it?

Jill Palumbo

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Love your random house shots girl. And that Brinkley... gosh I love it.

buehler said...

you didn't tell me you grocery shopped at Walmart as well......
now we have something else in common;-)

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Oh and I keep meaning to tell you this.. remember the galvanized buckets we both had our trees in last year? Well if memory serves (and it might not) you and I were both feeling like they were not roughed up enough... I can't remember if this was you or someone else I talked to about this with. Anyway... assuming it might have been you, I sprayed mine with "hammered metal" spray paint and it made it look amazing and more beat up. Just wanted to share. And if this wasn't you I was talking to about this... oops. LOL

have a great day!

Kelli said...

LOL!! love brinkley and love Trevor. I was in Athens last Friday night and he was like "I want a picture with you!" so sweet!

Kerri said...

I absolutely love this post Paige! Reading your blog is like chatting with an old friend, and I love that! And being from Boston, I totally picked up on your use of "ya'll" I love how Caroline has a crush on Trevor.
And I am always happy when you post photos from your gorgeous home. I was wondering where you bought the painting of the trees? I stopped by an indoor yard sale yesterday and the lady was selling several paintings she had painted and I thought of you. We have similar tastes and I know you would appreciate her work. In fact, I recently went back to your old posts from Christmas last year for inspiration this year.
That is one smart dog, totally hilarious!

Have a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

So sweet that Caroline picked Trevor for her writing!

Brinkley and the broccoli - perfect. I want Brinkley for my own! I have for a while but this sealed the deal!


Heather said...

Ha! The dog w/ the broccoli is so funny.

traci said...

he is so darn cute. a veggie lovin' pooch...precious.

Kelli said...

That is SO cute of Caroline to write about Trevor. I'm sure he felt very loved and appreciated. I love the pictures of sweet Brinkley.

SoSoBella said...

too cute.

Lindsey said...

Those pictures of the dog are hysterical!!

Jboo said...

That Caroline is so adorable! What a sweet girl!! So funny that the dog ate your veggies -- but look, he saved some for you all!

Love your photos!!! Happy Thanksgiving!


Between You and Me said...

Brinkley so got busted and his gorgeous eyes gave it away. :)

love that caroline loves trevor....

Jen Kershner said...

Oh my word. That Brinkley does me in. Every time. I'm all for simple in every respect this year. You will do simple in the most gorgeous way I'm sure.

3 Peanuts said...

So so so cute...both Caroline and Brinkley. WHERE did you get that dog bed? SO SO darling. I have been looking all over for a new one for Scout and I LOVE that one:)

Okay, my Mom has a dog named Brinkley too. She did not like dogs at ll for her whole loife but when my step father died she was lonely and got one and now he is her best friend and his name is Brinkley too:)

Simone said...

Love this post Paige :)

Caroline is just that she wrote her paper on her sister's boyfriend, how wonderful!!

And that view from your favourites types of houses :)

Brinkley & the broccoli....hee hee!! X

Jodi said...

So cute the picture of Caroline and Trevor! What a cute friendship they have; I am sure that he is like that "big brother" for her! He seems like such a great young man!

Poor Brinkley, he got busted; love the look on his face; priceless!

ps...I loved the photo shoot you did for the Jones! I wish you and I were closer; I would love a family photo shoot!
Take care!

Wendy @ The Shabby Nest said...

LOL! That is seriously so cute! Brinkley looked very guilty for certain.

And what a sweet gift Caroline gave by sharing her paper. Love that.