Wednesday, November 16, 2011

fresh market veggies in the kitchen

 true confession.
i have over 2 dozen posts in my drafts.
i'm not exactly sure how that happened other than i was trying a new organizational plan.
that of uploading images to my blog as i upload them on the computer.
that may or may not be working out so good.
so today, i have late a late summer veggie post....from september.

i think i've mentioned that we're in a farmer's market co-op with about a dozen families.
we each have a turn driving out to the state market once during the year.
we qualify for the wholesale prices so we score big for 20 bucks!
once a month i am actually a little overloaded with fruits & veggies.
my family will eat a variety of veggies especially if they're roasted.
brussel sprouts were the 2011 Homecoming Queen around our house.
they usually rotate through every other week. add some olive oil & sea salt.
roast for 20-ish minutes at 400. yummy!

another favorite treat in the kitchen is to whip up some of barefoot contessa's ceasar dressing. 

fried okra always reminds me of my grandmother
& her delicious true southern cooking.


traci said...

can i borrow one of your drafts waiting to be posted. i am in a slump. as soon as my sessions are all edited i need the blog fairy to come and give me a boost.

dinner looks yummy!!

Judy said...

okay, now i'm hungry for some of that good ole summertime looks delish paige!


Tiffini Kilgore said...

Oh so yummy Paige. Makes me miss summer and all the fresh produce.
Your photos are always so pretty:)

Shannon said...

I sure do wish my girls would eat vegetables, hopefully when they get older they will enjoy them. The last picture of Caroline holding up her dinner plate makes me hungry ;)

Between You and Me said...

I am NOT a picky eater...I pretty much eat anything...BUT, I've managed to never try brussel sprouts in my life.

Trader Joes has them on a stem..they are GORGEOUS. And, you've convinced me to buy them THIS VERY WEEK.

You're an influencer...did you know that?

Our staff just took a personality profile, and I scored HIGH on responder, influencer and contemplator....

Anyway, what does that have to do with your post?

You're an influencer. :)
something else we have in common.

Mrs. Dunbar said...

I think my favorite part was the Hershey's tshirt behind that healthy dinner.

Have you gotten any veggies the fam just would not eat?

I'm going to ask around about one of these in my neck of the woods.

Talia said...

We love brussel sprouts and your look delicious! I am blessed in that the Farmers Market is just down the street from me. We make a weekly trip and have found some of the most amazing vegetables, baked goods and flowers. I love supporting our local farmers.

Your photos are so pretty. Eye candy! :)

sle said...

Can that cutie please deliver a plate to me? I'm starving now!

Andrea said...

Mmmmm, I decided after many years of being a hater of brussel sprouts that I absolutly adore them roasted with olive oil, coarse salt, fresh ground pepper and roasted until slightly crisp. Sometimes I will crumble crispy bacon in and toss all together just before serving.

Jessica said...

that food all looks amazing!!!

i am lucky if i post once every couple of weeks(ish) - you are sooo good at posting almost every day!

julieann said...

Well if all your posts look this yummy keep em coming...