Wednesday, December 15, 2010

more Christmas at our home, part 2

Merry Christmas
ya'll come on in,
i have a few more images to share
of Christmas around our home.

I had several emails regarding the bottle brush trees.
most of them i've collected over the last several years & came from various places.
many , like the ones below,
are by cody foster.
i've purchased several through bayberry cove & some through christmas traditions.
the ones below are my most favorite.

some sweet ornaments from London
( my aunt & uncle visited...not i.  maybe one day)

our favorite peppermint sticks
(wonderful in hot chocolate)

peppermint soap &lotion from williams sonoma


funny thing. i tried to sell this wreath at my garage sale this summer.
but i guess christmas in july wasn't working.
i really had wanted to make another with no greenery showing
as this one gets on my nerves.
but i went ahead & used it again this year.
found a fun glittered card & stuck it in there too

the ginormous  red lantern was an after christmas score from pottery barn.

one of my favorite bible study memories
was when we had an ornament swap.
imagine my surprise when i opened this baby!
( i think the ornament i brought was from target. wow)

i've collected pieces from mackenzie childs for years
but their ornaments are a little  luxury.
i love it so much i'm sorta afraid to put it on the tree.
in case it falls ,you know.

we're pretty simple & neutral downstairs
but all party upstairs.

this is emi's tree~

savannah's funky tinsel tree~

little bit's room~

 a handmade (painfully i'm certain) pinecone wreath by a precious friend of mine
about 15 years ago that i treasure & still have not broken!
my sweet madison's room is quite full this year with some extra furniture.
i talked her into, i mean encouraged her to hold off on the full size tree we normally put up.
i had a little extra surprise for her that hopefully will come to fruition soon
that i thought my 'make up' for it.
she's quite the trooper.

i sprayed a bay leaf wreath i've had for quite some time silver & i love how it turned out.

a fun stocking from firefly hill on etsy

red is my favorite color. even though downstairs is mostly whites & creamy tones,
i have a little red in each room.

alrighty....remember i told you how my girls have given me some grief regarding the 'chosen style' of decor? well , the more i bring it up, the more they laugh & add some more comments.
one of the funnest things about my blog is having my girls occasionally leave comments.
this little anonymous one was from savannah last night.
loved it...
"love the blog post paigey.
good thing i'm not part of the "small percentage of inhabitants in your home
who believe you haven't decorated 'enough' for Christmas."

i LOVE the gigantic twinkling tree,
the mantel overflowing with greenery and poinsettias,
the vintage ornaments outside that must be brought in daily so they won't freeze & shatter,
the little elf on the shelf,
the nativity scene you walk by,
the ginormous bowl of ornaments to be moved so you can serve the holiday meal,
& the most famous the Christmas tree in a galvanized bucket.

our--- i mean YOUR house is adorable!
merry christmas pags"


traci said...

good morning. i just love your home. every bit of it. i was lucky to get one tree up. maybe next year i'll put a couple more up. all yours are so fun and festive.

Cheryl said...

Schedule for today:
1. Buy 5 wreaths for doors and big windows... (two extra for the addition, I wonder if the guys working on the house will enjoy the effort??
2. But small live tree that will be planted as part of landscaping that will need to be done
3. Find galvanized bucket... BIG galvanized bucket, because when these puppies get bigger, so will the tree.
4. Find an "elf on the shelf" who would love to come live with us... I'm thinking he will keep me in line!

Going to Boston today to meet a friend.
Kenny has plans for the afternoon and evening~
I think this will bring visions of sugar plums dancing in my head..
First must go to pick up glasses... walked into a door and they snapped the other day! Truly, can you believe it??? I am wearing old ones, and wondering why I keep typing the wrong letters.
Note to self: Slow down. Breathe.

Jen said...


I like your pictures very much.
Hope you have a good day.

Hug Jen

Dana said...

I think it's WAY Christmas-y at your house!! So very pretty! Love all of the colorful vintage ornaments :-)

Fräulein Glückspilz said...

Your decoration is beautiful!


Polly said...

I always enjoy my visits here as I get my day started. You family seems wonderful! Love the note from your daughter! Your decorations are sweet and lovely!

Happy Holidays!


Firefly Hill said...

love all of it Paige! so pretty with a vintage feel - very very charming!


p.s. thanks for showing and mentioning the stocking!

A Thrifted Market said... always!!!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Your home looks so beautiful and festive! I totally slacked this year and only did the minimum.... I just didn't have it in me. That being said, I always feel a tad guilty when I see all the holiday magic in everyone elses homes this year.

Wishing you and your family the happiest of holidays~



LuLu said...

Oh Paige your home at Christmas time is pure magical....The charm, your vinettes....have me wishing for a magic wand to copy ß!!!!!!!!

Leslie said...

Love everything Paige! I would have bought that wreath even in July! Love the festive touches! We will be driving through atlanta tomorrow around 10 am on our way to florida! How is the weather? It is 12 below and snow up here!

Jboo said...

Love all your sweet and beautiful touches! Really makes me wish that I was more organized and creative! Your trees and everything are so beautiful!

Your girls are so sweet and funny!


my toes are frozen and my finger tips are blue said...

i need more decorations now...thank you.

Farmgirl Paints said...

your pictures just keep getting better and better...wowza girl. i mean these should be in a magazine or somethin'. oh and the next garage sale you have please send me an invite. i'd be all over that wreath:)

Susan said...

Absolutely gorgeous! You have an amazing eye for decorating, so if this nursing gig doesn't work out...I'm just sayin.
BTW, the soap and lotion is still available at WS. I just bought some, only mine was the pine scented, but I saw the peppermint one available.
Love it all. It must be a very cheery time around your place. How could it not be when it looks like that?

Wendy @ The Shabby Nest said...

Goodness I'd love to see all those beautiful decorations in real life. You are just amazing.

Love the comment from your cute Savannah. Too funny.

Shannon said...

Love it, that lil' comment is too funny!

Your home is amazing as always, I always enjoy coming here to see your decorating :)

Simone said...

Your house is SO gorgeous Paige, oh my goodness, I love you showing us around!!

And the girls' rooms.....are SO lovely, I could just cry! In a good way of course!!

If I was one of your lucky daughters, I would never leave home, your house truly is a home xx

Simone said...

PS Loving the London ornaments :)

Anne Marie said...

wow home is gorgeous!! do you mind me linking this post? for inspirational Christmas bloggers??
let me know.

Clare said...

i love it paige! you make me feel like I am right there walking around, i need to get on the ball and post some of my favorite decorations this year too:)

Jill said...

Your home looks so festive and ready for the holiday, just beautiful Paige!

And the comment from your daughter is priceless. What fun! Aren't we so blessed to have these girls in our lives?

Happy Wednesday!

Privet and Holly said...

I hope you print
out those comments
from your "special
readers" and keep
them in a book....
How great to pull
them out sometime
when you're feeling
blue ~ instant Prozac!!
I want to adopt your
house. Or maybe, it
should adopt me. You
were born to style and
photograph {in addition
to mothering} Paige.
xx Suzanne

jr said...

I found your blog thru the Nester's tour and I love your decorations, especially the bottle brush trees!

Tina said...

Paige, your home is decorated so beautifully! I simply must add inspirational decorator to your title of inspirational Mama. I love your girls' decorations and the simple twig tree with gold stars is my absolute favourite :) First day of summer break for our girls today, pouring with rain outside, so we are going to try making a coffee filter wreath. Wish me luck, sweet Paige:D Huge hugs to you and yours for a wonderful day ~ Tina xx

Courtney Walsh said...

ohmyheck. Your daughter is hysterical!!! I LOVE all the Cmas decorating!! Especially since I've done diddly squat this year in our pathetic little rental!! lol I'm really not embracing this rental thing at all!!


Lissa said...

you do a fantastic job of going all out and even including the girls' rooms. It's a special gift that you have and I wish that I had (about the kids' rooms) You've done a beautiful and wonderful job.

My 2 favorite things:

1. the peace sign with the spikey thingies on the top of the tree
2. the poinsettias in the fireplace.


Christina said...

lol!!! at the anon comment! i love it.
it all is so beautiful! i collect the bottle brush trees as well. i adore them.


kimberly at mimicharmante said...

Absolutely LOVE your holiday decor my friend! I imagine walking into your home and feeling instantly at ease. How I would love to visit and enjoy coffee and pastries while chatting the hours away - girls coming and going as they do. Thank you for sharing such an inspiring set of images - all the beauty and grace is so absolutely you!

Jodee Leader said...

Oh my word! That comment is a hoot! You just gotta love the girls at your house! Everything looks fabulous!

Jen Kershner said...

Your Christmas decorating is gorgeous Paige. I would love to have any of your decorations in my house. You did good work!

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

Just found your blog and I am loving your gorgeous home! So many special touches.


Kat said...

Paige, love, love, love EVERYthing as usual. Let me know if you are still interested in selling that wreath I am definitley interested in buying it!

Jo said...

Your home is beautiful all dressed up for the hoildays. Those trees are so darn cute ~ I have the perfect spot for them in our home. I guess I'd better add a little more shopping to my list ;)


Staci said...

Your home is gorgeous! Merry Christmas :)

melissa said...

Paige .. I am in awe of you girl's room and trees!! I hate to beat a dad horse (or however the saying goes), but you know me and my life with all boy, nothing even close to this is happening in my home! :(
I had intentions of making a wreath with my collected vintage ornaments, but didn't quite get around to it this year (going to just use a styrofoam ring base with all ornaments) ..
Your home is lovely as ever in it's Christmas finery!! xo

Kristin said...

LOVE IT! I love it all and most of all SMK's comment...Priceless!

You are awesome to me. Thank you for you my precious friend!

Rachel said...

Your home is so so pretty, Paige! I love all the decorations. My style is so different from yours, but I love the cleanliness in your decorations. Also, I love that each girl has some decorations that are her own style! So fun :)

Alecia said...

LOVE IT!!!! I have the same Big Ben ornament that I got on one of my visits to London...I've never stayed more than an overnight lay over but you better believe I went sight seeing while I was there and picked up some fun souvenirs :-)

Your house is just PRECIOUS all dolled up for Christmas :-)

Merry Christmas!!!!

Between You and Me said...

love all the images...
but I especially love your girls comments.

3 Peanuts said...

Love the comment from your funny:) I love every single part of your decor!!!!