Tuesday, November 22, 2011

{a tender & oh so peaceful maternity session}

 a couple weeks ago i had the honor of photographing
courtney & her hubby.
courtney is a professional photographer
& while hubby is technically in the computer world
he too has an immense knowledge of all things photography.

i tried to talk courtney into using someone with more experience than i
but she sent some words of love & encouragement & booked a session.

despite being encouraged by "real professionals"
to never let client know how nervous i am...
i whispered to her while her hubby wasn't listening..."'i'm so nervous, i might throw up"
it was a very professional moment for me. as you can see.

despite myself
we had a wonderful session.
courtney & mike were so beautiful & peaceful together.
congratulations you two!
i can't wait to meet your little man...very soon!


Tiffini Kilgore said...

sweet & beautiful. They are adorable:) maternity photography has come so far since we had our babies hasn't it?
you just keep getting better and better!

Debby said...

So adorable. I seriously think a photographer of course needs a good camera but it's all about the photographer's EYE and you have that my dear. Love the props. That baby has so cool fingers, hah.

Kelli said...


Alecia said...

Oh my goodness...those pictures are amazing!!! I love the XO (very you) :-) and that cute chalk board...what a sweet couple...hope you get to take pics of the little guy once he's here! So glad they were able to encourage you in your talent...what a compliment...a professional wanting you to take their pics...WOW!!! You stepped up to the challenge and delivered quite beautifully.

Jodee said...

Oh my word! These pictures are FABULOUS! You rocked this shoot!

P.S. Love the ultrasound picture too!

vermonter said...

Love Maternity shoots, the love shines through along with the anticipation.

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Paige, although you haven't chosen to do it professionally, you have a real GIFT for photography. I'm glad you're starting to branch out and let people enjoy your gift! :)