Wednesday, November 30, 2011

daughters, friends, siblings & cousins

 i miss her being in our home on a daily basis
listening to the squeeking of her antique bed
& having her come and go at all hours
with her besties whom i adore.

but i love the young adult she's becoming
& i love the world that she calls hers.
all the newness, the fun cute new friends
the ballgames, the classes
her relationship with the Lord that is her own~growing and becoming so dynamic.
i love to hear her convictions and struggles.
to hear how she's overcome issues
& the dreams and desires she has for her future.

yesterday i received an email from the mom of one of her friends.
she wanted me to know what a blessing savannah had been in the life of her own daughter.
i pondered the words she said.
thankful tears filled my eyes.
so much to be proud of in this child of mine.

having her home for a week was a balm to my heart.
some heavy thoughts and fears are banging around in my mind
& being with her was a wonderful distraction and encouragement.

she went with me on several photo sessions.
not to hold the reflector or anything businesslike,
but just to spend time with me.
our week, while busy, was peaceful and not a frenzy.
my decorations are up, a couple weeks later than usual
but the quality time we spent together is a priceless treasure.

while she's usually the social butterfly, she spent much intentional
involved and engaged time with us.
before she left i asked her opinion on something.
the mom leaning on & needing the child.
she laughed and calmed my fears, hugged me and hopped in the car with her sweetie
driving back to her "current home" in athens,
which, while only an hour away, sometimes feels like much more.

one of the sessions from last week
was of a couple my very best friends.
 mother & daughters whom i love dearly
and their cousins.
we captured some senior photos, sibling shots
& a photo of all the grandchildren for their grandparents.



Simone said...

As soon as I saw the title of this blogpost I knew - and hoped - it would be from you :)

It must have been so wonderful to have Savannah home with you, that girl is really something special. You must be beyond proud of her.

And your photos are stunning Paige, wow!!! They are a beautiful family but you just seem to capture something about all your subjects. I hope that you are proud of yourself :) XX

Kerri said...

First I of all I just have to say YIPPEE!!! because you are going to be part of the virtual house tour! (My mom is going to be excited too when I tell her!)

I really am always in total awe when I see your photography. You are equally amazing at capturing both people and objects alike!

Have a wonderful Wednesday my friend!


traci said...

I love these shots paige. the one of them on the stairs i think is my favorite. love the placement, love the stairs. great job!!

Cate said...

ove the pictures! I especially love the one of the family on the stairs and the picture of the pretty girl by herself (fourth from the last) with the sun shining on her hair. Great job!

Debby said...

You sure have an eye for the camera. Love these shots. It's hard to get good pictures of guys but you did.

amymck said...

Your post deeply touched me in a most profound way.....and I know that you "know" why. I miss so much all of the moments that you shared with Savannah and all of your beautiful girls. I miss seeing the beautiful woman that Emily was becoming.....the world that was waiting at her very feet...the new beginnings, the world she was meticulously carving out for herself..........all while relying on her steadfast faith in The One that brought her so far along in her 17 years here.......

Ugh! The only comfort I have is knowing that she walks today among The One - and I can't even comprehend nor wrap my head and heart around the glory, splendor and magnificence that she lives each and every moment of each and every day.......That is the blessing.

I just miss her more than words can say and it's bigger sometimes than my heart can handle.



Katiebee said...

i am loving your photography and always love your words~



Ashlee said...

love this post and love your blog!! This is crazy but can you ask those girls what kind of boots they are wearing? I love them! I think they are sisters, the ones that are at the bottom of your post? Thanks so much!

smk said...

oh goodness, tearing up in the library. i love you mom and i'm happy to be home and spend time with you.

Kristin said...

Love Savannah. This tribute to her and your love for her is truly a testimony to the women you are and God right in the center. Love how you love your girls! after another my friend.
I always believed you could do this and just so proud of you for having faith and taking the leap! Love it!

Know you are valued much my precious friend!


Tracey said...

Great pictures! I love hearing about your girls and hope that my daughter continues to grow in the Lord like yours have. My oldest just started kindergarten but I know the time will fly by.

Now onto the superficial... what kind of boots are those? I love the brown and black ones!

Lindsey said...

I love all of your posts, but some of my favorites have to be when you talk about your girls. It's apparent that the relationship you share with each of them is so special.

Those sweet words coupled with the pictures of one of my all time favorite families make this post one of my favorites for sure!

tara said...

Wow what a compliment to recieve such a wonderful e-mail, you truly have done a wonderful job with her, of course it takes a wonderful parent to have a wonderful child! Thanks for sharing as always with us Paige! can't wait to see your house all dolled up for Christmas!

Alecia said...

Sounds like you had a sweet time with all your babes under one roof :-) It's exciting to hear how Savannah is just flourishing and spreading joy to others. She's a light for sure!

Wonderful job on the pics...what beautiful & handsome subjects you had :-) Keep up the good're a very gifted photographer!

The 5 Bickies said...

Two thoughts....great photos! I am sure they are thrilled.

Second, I hope my daughter turns out like yours. She is 8 and in second grade and some days I am not so sure. Girls are MEAN and it is so hard navigating already. From you I learn to keep them close to home and the Lord. Thank you!

CHH said...

Dear Paige,

There is no doubt that you are always trying to live in the truth
(who he is) and your written words reveal it.

Glad you had the opportunity to spend precious moments with Savannah. Your first born.

Thinking and praying for your dear friend Amy. Emily's Mom. xoxo

Between You and Me said...

I love this....not sure how I missed it. I'm playing catch up on all of my blog reading.....

I love that your girl is away at college and growing in her relationship with the'd be surprised....I actually think of her often, even though I don't reeeeallly know her....and I pray for her to continue to grow in the likeness of Christ.....

There is NO greater joy than your kids leaving and their faith becoming more and more their own.

thankful she was there and able to be with you that week.....always praying for you, friend.