Friday, March 11, 2011

diet & nutrition advice? bring it on

i recently visited with a drop dead gorgeous friend of mine who recently has lost almost 50 pounds and she looks and feels amazing!
she was about to share her weight loss secret when i interrupted and told her, please don't tell me you've gone paleo, gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, diet coke free,  etc , 
because the thought of all that
completely overwhelms & intimidates me!
she laughed
& then proceeded to tell me
yes ma'am
that she has done basically all of that & more. ( detox included & did a 45 day 500 calorie diet)
i was floored, impressed & overwhelmed yet completely amazed by her motivation & self control.

i was a skinny minny until i got preggers with savannah.
figured since i'd always eaten basically what i wanted to eat, why stop now.
well, i should have stopped because i put on 40 whopping pounds. my word.

lost most of the 40.
got pregnant with madi, gained 25, lost 24 by the time i got home from the hospital ( give or take).
got pregnant with emi while breastfeeding madi, gained 30.
gregg got sick
cut back on my  running
felt sorry for myself
he went totally organic
down to the brand of ketchup that we bought.
my weight plateaued for several years.
then i got pregnant & miscarried.
gained 10.
got pregnant with caroline & was the biggest i've ever been.
did weight watchers, lost 40 quickly.
gained back 30
weight watchers take 2
which is where i am & have been for the last several years. 
while it's an ok weight for me, i'd love to drop 20 more but currently lacking the mental motivation to gear up for all that's involved.

i run every day
but i'll be honest, i eat basically whatever i want.
i seldom drink alcohol.
i frequently make smoothies with spinach & flax seed. for cryin out loud.
i'm not a sweets eater. 
i eat a small breakfast & a small lunch. & i'm not a snacker.
french fries & pizza ( not together of course) are my weakness
but i'll be honest, even weight watchers, which comparatively is quite simple (compared to major changes)  took a mass amount of mental energy from me.
except for caroline's gi issues/ headaches ( which thankfully in the last year have greatly subsided) we have been blessed to have no allergies & basically no sickness ( other than your occasional strep) in our home.

here's where you come in....
tell me what has worked for you ( in 25 words or less...teasin)
i feel like there is so much information out there, that i don't know where to turn.
i'm at a loss of where the best information can be found
what's best for us?

i'm not primarily trying to loose weight,
i just want to be educated.
i feel more convicted than ever, to make what might have once been good choices for my family
even better.

talk to me...
are you a big vitamin taker?
organic only?
or do you cook from the 4 food groups, consume sugar in moderation & call it day? like moi.

i seriously lay awake at night & wonder if i'm on the right track.

we grill often. 
i'm fortunate my girls are good fruit eaters & love most all dark green leafy veggies. 
we do skim milk, whole grain breads and caffeine free low sugar drinks.
but is that enough?
i want to feed my family healthy foods
& i want to make healthy choices.
but i feel like i'm the last person on earth who still eats white flour & sugar.

i realize this might not be the easiest format to chat about major issues and convictions but i'd love to hear your scoop or read a link.

(ps. my girl friend also did the hcg diet.
if you would like information from her
feel free to connect.
her email is listed within her profile.)


rachel said...

I think the best diet is one that is full of WHOLE foods (food your grandmother would recognize says Michael Pollan, author of In Defense of Food - highly recommended). Less packaged food, more veggies and water and a diet rich in natural fiber. In my opinion, I don't need vitamin supplements if I'm getting all my vitamins from the foods I'm eating. And cross-train! Running is excellent (I'm a marathon runner), but it's killer for your flexiblity. Add in a pilates/yoga/cycling class or a swim every now and again. ( : The REAL trick is finding a way to stay motivated!

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

I am a white flour and sugar eater who doesn't get enough/any exercise much and can't wait to read the comments.

I love what Rachel has to say above and inspired by your running.


lounging in my mumu said...

I think you need to cut out all white anything.
You also need to go gluten free.
While you are at it...cut out those margarita's from your fav mex place that you go to on the weekends.
Once you've cut all that out...up your run to 5 miles a day....7 days a week...while alternating yoga and haiku in between.
Meditate on Mondays.
Tai Chi on Tuesdays.
And don't forget to Text...because you use your fingers on that...wouldn't want you to stiffen up.
If all that fails...then i don't know how to help.

LLH Designs said...

Paige, I could write an entire blog revolving around my passion for real food, so a mere comment is hard, but I'll try. A few quick thoughts:

1. Skip the diets and instead look at the way you eat as a lifestyle. You can learn to love a lifestyle (you'll never love a diet).

2. Eat fresh food...only what you can make yourself as often as possible. (Michael Pollan's "Food Rules" is a simplistic but inspiring place to start...makes so much sense! And yes to Rachel's rec, "In Defense of Food")

3. Use simple ingredients (vs. spice packets, sauces, mysterious seasonings). I rarely use more than five fresh things in any one dish. (Also makes it easier to tell if you're reacting to a particular food.)

4. Eat at home 9 times out of 10 (or more!). You'll always eat better at home.

5. If your're eating well, exercising well and still gaining weight, consider horomones. I gained 15 pounds in a short time without any change in diet and it turned I was super low in progesterone. got that balanced out and the weight came off. (I personally like the naturopathic/holistic/drug-free route, but whatever floats your boat).

Bottom line, you want to have a good relationship with food and your body. Fresh food helps me do that. I shared a sample meal on my blog walker this week (not a diet meal, but all real food andsimoke ingredients). I'm sure I'll post more in the future. :)

You're brave to ask our opinion. Those are my humble, yet passionate ones!


Dawn said...

I have been blessed to not have had weight issues to deal with....but I do have a serious need to tone up and a husband that needs to monitor his weight. Yes, we still have "unbleached" :) white flour and white sugar in our home, but I really try to focus on whole foods.

I LOVE Clean Eating magazine, it is full of great info about eating clean whole foods and great recipes...I cook LOTS from there for my family...and my hands down FAVORITE workout magazine is Oxygen which features Tosca Reno, who is a BIG part of Clean Eating goal is to look like Tosca when I am 50 !!!! :) Check those out!!

Maria said...

Whole Foods Organic Shopper (which means I have to totally cut back on other areas to make the budget work)
Standard Process 21 Day Detox worked wonders for me
Gluten Free (9 out of 10 days - I do cheat sometimes)
NEW TYPE OF EXERCISE - your body gets used to the same routine. Maybe it needs a few days of something other than running
Multivitamin, Nordic Natural Ultimate Fish Oil vitamin and lots of vitamin D every day.


Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

My story is almost identical to yours, and now I am expecting #4. Weight gain will happen soon, although I'm really sick so right now I'm down 5 pounds.

I have done Weight Watchers three times, LA Weight Loss once and Atkins once (in reverse order). All were successful, but I always gain some or all of it back. I think my problem stems mainly from the fact that I eat what tastes good, even when I'm not hungry. I eat emotionally, probably, and gluten-free and no white stuff won't fix that.

My hope is that once #4 arrives, I will really commit to jogging again and will also commit to eating better. HOPE IS ALIVE! :)

Jboo said...

Oh my -- I'm bad -- I eat white flour, white sugar --chocolate every single day. Plus a major snacker. Am trying hard to eat more veggies and fruit. I do exercise -- trying for at least 5 days per week. Am going to read all your comments.

I'm currently pretty ok with my weight -- would love to lose 5 pounds -- but really a skinny face looks more wrinkly than a fuller face, so important not to get too skinny!



p.S. you look fabulous!!

Susan R said...

You want diet advice? This coming from a woman who just ran a half marathon?
Listen...and this is a little tough love talkin here my friend, no one who runs 3 miles a day and can even complete a 13 mile 1/2 marathon let alone attempt it, is in need of a weight loss program.
We are our own worst critics and I've got a feeling you are very hard on yourself, but I bet you look a lot better than YOU think you do.
Basically with what you do on a regular basis and healthful eating habits, I'd say you are doing the best you can do. I don't mean to shoot any hopes down or rain on your parade, but GEEZ, give yourself a great big pat on the back for what you just accomplished before you start saying that you need/want to lose weight.
Adopting a healthful eating habit is always a good idea, but I'm going to say, and this is coming from a medical point of view, a 500calorie a day diet is dangerous. DON'T do it.
I'm not really one to give out good diet advice since I have never been on an actual diet in my life. I have no doubt that I'm not at a healthy or desirable weight for my age and height, but I know what isn't healthy or safe.
I like Rachel's advice and LLH Designs advice.
Please don't do any of these funky detox, 500 calorie a day deprive yourself garbage diets.

Anne Marie... said...

Dear Paige,
I used to be a trainer...and taught everything from kick-boxing to aerobics up until 8 years ago.
My best advice...shock your system with a new physical fitness routine-
I am NEVER one for diets - of any kind - just being careful and conscious of what you eat - but don't give up that cupcake you have once a week -

I personally have come to love 'turbo jam' - google it - it's done the trick every time for anyone I recommend it to....

if you stress over this, you won't lose a thing....enjoy your life and basically don't worry about what size you are - don't hit the scale every day - (muscle weighs more than fat) -

eat well
spice up your workout routine
think positive

Anne Marie (hope that helps!)

Alecia said...

This is a major struggle for me as well...I've done the weight watchers things, I did a Bible study on-line called setting captives free- the Lord's Table, my roomie tried to get me to do paleo but I wanted nothing to do with it...I too stress about these fad diets...they require such a total life change that it freaks me be quite honest the Lord just showed me where it was a heart issue not a food issue...soooo, at the recommendation of a friend struggling with similar stuff, I bought the book Made to Crave by Lysa TerKeurst...just the intro had me tearing up...I don't know what your struggles are and I don't assume anything...I'm just sharing what the Lord shared with me regarding please don't take the following as judgment...with that said, God revealed to me that I was using food to TRY and fill areas of my heart that only He can fill...I asked Him to show any area of my life that was offensive to Him and I quickly heard "the way you treat My temple, your body". The Lord also showed me that even though I kinda already knew that, I wasn't repentant about it...Repenting, knowing that I can't make any changes without His help...Like Romans 11:36 says "For from him and through him and to him are all things. To him be the glory forever! Amen." So...that's where I'm at in this journey...the Lord has brought me to repentance, From Him the strength will come to face this, through Him healing and changes in my heart & body will come, to Him, I hope to bring Glory in my body, His Temple...sorry to be so long winded, there's just so much more I have to say but, I wrote it all out in my blog last night after Bible study..feel free to check it out.

Blessings on this new endeavor, Miss Paige!

Kelli said...

Um,I have no tips, but I will say you are amazing. I think it sounds like you eat very healthy and normal. It doesn't sounds like you overindulge and you exercise. I'm looking to you for inspiration.

Kat said...

Paige, first off, let me start by saying you look amazing!!!
Come back to the gym with us! I just started training with Kelly once a week, in addition to the other classes I have been going to and I can already tell a difference in how my clothes are fitting. She works with a friend of mine who has dropped 20 pounds since the fall and looks incredible.
I also recently bought Jackie Warner's new book has some great exercise routines and meal suggestions for a month. Check it out of the library or swing by BN to read a chapter or two.

Sharon@Sharon at Home said...

I have lost 53 lbs in 9 months doing low carb ... I admit I am a bit nutsy and don't eat anything not on the list ... but it is working. No flour, no sugar, ... no bread! :-(( ... but it works.
I am freaky about gaining it back, so I really adhere to the program.

Polly said...

As in most things, I believe moderation to be the key issue. As i have a heart condition, NO salt, NO eggs and very very little red meat. I have kept the same weight at 132 lbs, 5'8" for 15 years with walking on a treadmill. Good luck to you and I really enjoy your blog!!:)

Wendy @ The Shabby Nest said...

Dear Paige...I'm right there with you. I work out at least 5 days a week. I'm currently doing weight watchers. I was skinny as well...the kiddos did it in for me as well. I'm carrying around 20 extra pounds for the last (almost) 4 years now. Have lost at least half of it...gained it back...lost it...gained it. You get the picture. Doesn't help that I'm a stress eater. I don't have junk food in the house. I know that I'll eat it. But I'm a carb loader when I'm stressed. Sigh. Even whole grains don't make a difference. I try. And since I exercise, I have to believe that I'm doing what I can. And that I will likely never be Pre-baby weight again. I think you look great! But I understand.

Melissa Martin said...

funny that I just came across this...I am not one to regularly read blogs but your heading caught my eye on facebook - I could have written that post myself (minus the running and the smoothies with spinach and flax seed). I am having a very similar struggle and recently came across Lysa Terkuerst's book Made to Crave. I have just started it and it's resonating with me - I highly recommend it. She also has a 21 day free motivational email that goes along with it. While she has given up sugar etc, her point is that we have to first get to a mental place of craving God - Wow, there's a reason I am not a writer because that is the worst summary of her words - but, get the book, I'd love to get your thoughts on it!

Dawn said...

"(ps. my girl friend also did the hcg diet.
if you would like information from her"

At first glance, I thought this said hog diet!
Silly me!!!

Anonymous said...

Am like you - after 4 kids my weight has been up and down. Did a half marathon last year and triathlon but that didn't change myweight. I am working on this Live the Life with
Similar to WW in choices, but easy.
Try that...

traci said...

you don't want any advice from me. i don't eat well and don't get enough exercise.

i just wanted to say hi.

Katie said...

I think portion control, sweets fried foods and salty snacks in moderation, exercise, and getting in the food groups is the best way to live. I know sometimes we need a diet to jump start our weight loss, but over time, the above mentioned will keep the weight off. It make be slower, but it will stay off longer. You look great by the way, but understand that we all want to do better :)

Lauren said...


Have read your post for a while now, and is so refreshing. (My family got connected with Coach K way back in the day through DCA/Providence, and has always heard wonderful things about your family... through mutual friends... :)

Now to your question... It is a JOURNEY... doesn't happen overnight, so enjoy the ride...

1. I would HIGHLY encourage you to check out the DVD documentary Food Matters. Can get it through NetFlix, watch through their website for $5.00 (, or recently just saw it at Whole Foods. That was a huge eye opener for me, and think it will help give insight as to why making these sacrifices of getting off of the "typical American diet" are worth it.

2. I know you are a reader, so think you will also enjoy/find most helpful "Made to Crave" by Lysa Terkeurst. Just picked it up from our local "christian bookstore" and saw that it was a top seller there... Very encouraging and oh, how I think we can relate to the author and appreciate the Biblical insight she has written... It is not a guide on what to and not to eat but rather give motivation.

3. We have made the dive into Locally Farm Raised Meats, Organic Fruits and Veggies, and yes we do the "green" smoothies and vitamins, etc. Will be happy to e-mail more about that if you would like.

Before you dive into what to eat and what not to eat, I would say dive into WHY would some changes be beneficial to you and your family? I have seen that if I don't truly know why I am making the sacrifice, that is when it is easy to loose motivation. Might not be that way for you, but sure is for me... :)

We do not have all the answers, but my husband and I are excited to share the little "nuggets" that we know are a from Him, and Oh, so freeing...

Thanks for the post!!!

They Told Me to Write said...

I recently lost 12 pounds - would like to lose 5-10 more. I eat everything I normally would - just less of it. If I would normally eat 5 pieces of pizza, now I would eat 3. Pretty simple and it works! It took about 8 weeks to lose the 12 pounds but I wasn't hungry and I (think!) I can maintain it. Last year I tried low carb, lost weight quickly but couldn't keep going. Good luck!

Razmataz said...

I lost 35 lbs 2 years ago and have gained most back. I yo yo to the point that I get so down about it. When I do lose, it is because of exercise and eliminating white foods. White flour, rice ,sugar, butter, pasta,. If it is white, it goes right to your ass. Sorry to be crude, but that is my little motto when I am trying to be good and eat right.

roxanne ponds said...

No way!! Heather has lost 50?? I am going to hit her up... I had no idea she was doing all that :)
So glad your trip and run were successful!!

Farmgirl Paints said...

oh girl i think you look amazing. i meant to tell you that the other day when you posted your race pics! so proud of you. my philosophy is to be active, eat a lean protein source with every meal and avoid sweets. stop when you are full...only eat when you are physically hungry. filling up on clean foods (unprocessed) is obviously the best choices. keep a scale around to not let weight slip back on. it has to be a lifestyle more than anything or it will all just come back on. so no matter what you do, do something you can live with over the long haul then you'll see lasting results.

Cstargel said...

so glad you did this post and yes, you look AMAZING! You are doing all the right things - dang, you just ran a half marathon!

I'm so interested to see what all of your readers are saying! I think I'm headed to get that book by Lysa Terkuerst's. It sounds really good!

And yes, Heather looks amazing! So proud of her but the 500 calorie a day diet is not for me.

3 Peanuts said...

If you don't have to give up anything, Paige---DON"T!

You know we avoid gluten and dairy for the most part. Harry is very allergic and WIll and I have sensitivities. But seriously life is too short to deprive yourself.

I do juice and that has been greta for me. In fact, I juiced today. it helps my skin and eyes look clearer. It gives me energy and it helps with weight for sure:)

I completely second what LLH designs wrote. I cook from scratch most nights and we really avoid processed foods. I have never "dieted" in my life.

Last year the doctor made me cut all sugars and flours for a medical issue and that was hard but I lost tons of weight. The problem cannot eat that way forever.

and for the record...I think YOU look great!!!!

Marbles in a Mason Jar said...

The Volumetrics Eating Plan by Barbara Rolls

Regular foods

give it a whirl

(too many words?) :-)

Anonymous said...

Paige, I get very overwhelmed by all the gluten free sugar free white flour free, and all the other diets out there. When I'm putting on the pounds I try to most importantly limit my calories and limit them with healthy foods. Or at least semi healthy:) If I try to follow something too strict I'll fail. Weight watchers has been good for me in the past.

Sweets and big meals are my weakness!

Louise said...

I'm no expert, and I think you truly and honestly look great and that if yoiu lost 2lbs that would surely be way more skinny thanwould be attractive . .but, knowing how most of us feel better if we dropped a few pounds the only thing I can thing of is small cahnges. Don't eat a small breakfast, eat a larger, healthy one. I know when I have wanted to lose weight I lose MORE if I eat a good breakfast . .and instead of eating basically whatever you want make some small and livable changes. Just think about what you are eating, is there a more healthy alternative that you would like just as well.

I tend to think in terms of "is my body getting what it needs today" rahter than focusing on what I "can't" eat. If you focuse on making sure you are getting enough fiber, fruits, vegetables, wholegrains, the good fats etc . .then you are pretty full on on good stuff and you just end up not eating so much of the not so great stuff.

I don't think any extreme diet, like 500 calories a day or totally sugar or fat free will EVER work long term . . because you will always go back to eating "normally" . .you have to find a new ormal that is easier to maintain.

Hannah Avery said...

You have probably heard of Suzanne Sommers? She has some really great information in her books. Her way of eating makes a lot of sense to me, and is something I am sorta tryin to do. Another one of my mottos is, "Everything in moderation." Love your blog by the way!


Alima said...

Paleo is the way to go, in my opinion. It's not a diet to lose weight. It's a lifestyle to attain true health and wellness. It's the way our ancestors ate and it's the way our bodies were designed to eat.
The minute I read "GI issues" with your daughter I was thinking Paleo would be good for her too.
My husband and I own a gym and I can't tell you how many clients we have had that have had GI issues, migraines, high blood pressue, blood sugar issues, heart burn, sleep apnea, sinus issues....all resolved when they committed to a paleo lifestyle.
I reccomend Robb Wolfe's book "The Paleo Solution." He gets a little technical/scienc-y in some spots, but he does a great job of explaining why our bodies are meant to eat this way and gives lots of great examples from his clients that are good motivators!

kimberlysmoody said...

First of all, I love your blog!! You are such a beautiful person and so inspiring. I have to go with Dawn and Lauren, they both gave great advice which I have been following. I also love the Clean Eating magazine. Go for more natural products-good meats (grass fed beef, organic chicken, wild alaskan salmon), locally grown or organic fruits and vegetables, simple foods, less processed, etc. Everything else in moderation. Love cooking at home and trying new dishes, we can control the way our food is prepared-even the occasional sweets and treats.

I do have one concept that has been my "go to" for a healthy lifestyle. It is from Dr. Nicholas Perricone. He is dermatologist, research scientist and anti-aging expert. He is all about improving your body from the inside out. He has several books--Perricone Promise(I have an extra, I'll send to you if you would like-Just e-mail me) is one of my favorites and his latest book, Forever Young. Both have a world of information in them, but what I like is that they have a list of good proteins, fats, spices, veggies, fruits, dairy, etc. You can check out his blog-Daily Perricone--a world of information.

I believe it is time we go back to simplistic eating-foods we grow or buy locally, support our local farmers that are raising animals with no growth hormones or antibiotics and pasture raised--our bodies will thank us for it. Have a great week, Kim

Andrea said...

I am getting back on track once again. I lost 50 lbs before our first adoption because first I was too fat for the agency we were using for our international adoption and second because I got tired of avoiding mirrors ;). I've never been a skinny chick anyway but depression over our inability to get pregnant (we have one bio child) and stay pregnant and the fact I was in my late 30's took it's toll on me and my ability to focus on anything other then getting pregnant including eating healthy. What worked for me for around 3 or 4 years was basically staying away from fast food, eating very little rice, potato's and junk bread or sweets other then berries. Fiber, vegetables and lean protein were my friend. I was kind of following a diabetic diet and some say a very modified Atkins. Whatever, it worked of me until I quit watching what I ate and just ate what was fast and convient when we were on the adoption rollercoaster again. Uh oh. I'm not at my all time high but being 50 and having two young children (8 and 6) got me thinking that I need to get back on track if I want to be healthy and around when they are in their 20's and because I owe my children a healthy mom. I have done WW and counted calories but I was always hungry and constantly thinking about my next meal so I'm back to what worked for me. Also I am not a huge fan of exercise I do walk and I walk alot for work but that is about it. Yes I know but I really can't stand exercise. Good luck.

Bobbie said...

I too do WW. Lost 30 pounds. kept it off. I still live by the basic WW theme of you can have anything you want in moderation. eat a lot today- dont eat so much tomorrow. But still struggle with 5-10 pounds. I basically eat what I want. I try to avoid chemicles. I eat butter- no light spread. Eat real cheese and not laughing cow. I get very little exercise. Im working on that part

Rambling Heather said...

I lost a lot of weight after my last child by cutting out carbs and gluten. A great video that is free right now on instant watch through netflix is Fat Head, it is such a great documentary. Comical and informative.

puredesign said...

Paige, You are on the same hamster wheel I am on. When I was young I was always the "skinny girl", and remained thin even after the birth of my 3 girls. I gained 40lbs with each. I had my son in my early 30's, and also gained 40 lbs, 25 of which I am STILL carrying. That was 12 years ago!!
I eat relatively healthy, I run almost everyday, at least 3 miles. I am a pescatarian, and I (Gasp) still eat all the white stuff! I did just give up Diet Pepsi for Lent though...hoping I can break at least one bad habit.

I am doing WW right now, but it is s-l-o-w going. I am in my mid 40s, which obviously has a lot to do with that, and I am otherwise very healthy. I try to tell myself I want to lose weight to be MORE healthy, but honestly it's because I loved the way I used to look (and feel) in my clothes. Everything in my closet always fit, without a second thought.
I used to be a big sweet eater, now though, like you, I crave french fries and pizza. I don't eat them everyday, or even every week, but I also want to enjoy life--and food is part of that. I love healthy foods just as much, and now on WW you can have as much fruit and veggies as you want!
Personally, I don't think I am the type of person that can give up a certain food completely. I have always preached to my kids moderation is the key. They are all active and healthy kids, but they also enjoy Yogurt Land, or bagels with their friends. We don't own a scale, because having girls I tried to never make weight an issue. We all pretty much go by the way our clothes feel. Two of my girls are petite by nature but my middle daughter is more athletic and muscular. Ironically, she is my healthiest eater. She lost some extra weight in 8th grade on her own by watching her portions and running. She has kept those habits into college. Through her I have learned to love running and I am grateful at 46 I am still able to do it! But I'm the first to tell you, most of the time, I run to eat. If I can lose 15 lbs' on WW it will feel good, but these days, when I hear of women my age dying of this and that I stop and think that I also shouldn't obsess over those last 25lbs anymore. As long as my husband thinks I look great and my doctor isn't concerned about my health I am going to enjoy some fries every once in awhile!

Lori @ Lori May Interiors said...

I agree with Lauren, figuring out shy you should eat differently first really made a difference for my husband and I. She suggested Food Matters and I would add the Food Inc. dvd to that list. Once it was over, my husband looked at me and said "i will never say a word about how much you spend on our food".

We joined a co-op in our area, where we get our meat, milk and eggs.

It is all so confusing, but we try to do the best we can each day.

I have found that once I turned 40, getting the weight off is much more difficult.

BTY, I found your blog thru Houzz. Your home is beautiful. The article caught my eye, because I live in Atlanta as well.

Take care,

Ellie said...

Hi Paige - It has been fun reading these comments :)

I'm 47 and over the past 15 years I have gone through menoopause and gained 15 pounds (1 lb per year). I work out 4x per week and I can't seem to keep the weight off.

I'm going to get that book "Made to Crave" but I'm also thinking I might just pray that I can accept the way God made me at this season of my life.

I'm looking forward to reading what you do with all the info. I did love what someone said about shocking your system with a new workout - I know that has worked for me in the past!

xo elli

Marci @ All Things Wonderful said...

I love this post. I totally struggle with this topic. Always wonder if we eat healthy enough. I would love to loose 20lbs. Also love to run. But, am stuck at my current weight. Can't wait to read all these comments.

Alicia ~ time worn style said...

You know, I used to stress over this big time. Have been on the lose some gain some roundabout for some time. And then I was told the secret to weight loss and its so simple its silly. Eat Less, Move More.
Obviously you need to follow a healthy diet but its SO obvious and It works, it really works.
Now I'm not so stressed about it anymore :0)

Lauren said...

I just found your blog and loved reading this honest post about your nutrition thoughts and questions! I'm a Registered Dietitian (who also eats white flour and sugar). If you ever want to chat please feel free to email me!! I'd love to talk about all of this more with you.

Rachel said...

One thing that a friend suggested to me once was the "outer ring" shopping at the grocery store. In other words, avoid the inside aisles of the store where everything is prepackaged and try to stick to the outside loop, the produce, deli, meats, cheese, dairy, and grains. My only weakness on the outside loop is the ice cream at the end :) But seriously, the only thing I really find myself buying from the inner aisles these days is pasta, canned beans and sauces, and some spices and other items fro the baking aisles. Other than that, I try my best to avoid it.

Hope this helps you some! It just gives me a good idea of where to shop and what to avoid when I'm at the grocery store.

The BellaCasa Blog said...

I've lost 15 lbs. since last Oct. I know it isn't much on the scheme of things, but I only really need to lose another 10 to be where I need to be. Anywho, I'm living proof that if you don't change your mind...your way of thinking, you probably don't stand a chance of keeping the weight off.

Kerri said...

Wow, I can't believe your friend went 45 days on 500 calories a day! I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to do that! I just started WW a week and a half ago...and I am loving it. It definately helps me get my portions under control. I quit drinking my diet mt. dew in early December...and haven't had a soda since. I instantly lost 5 lbs...and all the bloat that went along w/ drinking 6, 7, or 8 cans a day. I'm really good at exercising (step, spin, running) but I don't have control of my eating. I'm hoping WW will help me lose 20 lbs. Good luck to you...sounds like you already know how to do it! :)

Chandeen @ Designed by Chance said...

This is my first time to your blog, but I was just facing this same issue today so I thought I would comment. I have a similar history as you (but no kids), and now want to loose fifteen to twenty pounds, but I don't want to try another diet. My hubby and I just decided to go vegan (I mean today). My professor swears by it, and we don't eat much meat anyway. I could also use a break from the cheese (I love cheese). So you are welcome to watch how it goes on my blog if you want. Nice to meet you :)

Miz D said...

You're not alone girl...I believe that different things work for different people and ya just need to be willing to try whatever interests you....nothing will be sustainable if you don't like it. I've also found that reframing my attitude about how I view and appoachmy body has made a world of difference in my body's ability to cooperate with me in my desires. Treating my body like how I treat one of my closest and dearest friends is the best motivation and inspiration I have found to live a happier, healthier lifestyle mentally, emotionally and physically.

Good luck in your personal journey; your blog was enjoyable to read and I found the photos of your home on Houzz truly inspiring. said...

diets and eating'm REALLY not the girl to talk to about that. in fact, I hate running but sure wish i loved it!! i truly find it hard to feed my family well on a tight budget. grrr...i'm ashamed ;)

Jacki said...

I say go back to the pyramid and do it the old fashioned way! And, didn't you just run a 1/2 marathon! Pass the ice-cream! Really, the best advice I ever got was from an Oprah show-and I haven't seen that show in years. But, it was about not eating past 6pm. Your body will begin to eat up stored fat. And you will feel it (hunger pains are what is indicating the stored fat being used). I cannot say that I have struggled with significant weight struggles, but when I have needed to make some progress with any loss this works incredibly.

Ali said...

Okay, this was all so interesting to read! Could the previous poster that wrote about progesterone explain more about the hormone levels and how you find out about that?


~ Ali

Melissia said...

I don't have time to read all the comments but please be careful with the HCG diet! I friend used it and lost 25 pounds on the first round. Did the second round and experienced SEVERE postpartum - HCG is a pregnancy hormone. Her husband almost had to take a leave of absence from his job to care for their children and home due to her condition. I know it works for some people but just be aware this can happen.

Courtney Walsh said...

I am pretty much doing just what your friend is. Down 25 so far. I feel so much better when I'm not eating sugar/white flour etc. After 2 1/2 months without sugar, I ate some last week and got really sick. It's just bad for me. I crave apples now, which I love. :) I am catching up on your blog now and loving it! I've been super busy and out of the loop but love everything you post!!

a beach house in Montana said...

hi im a new follower of your blog,i too am on that hampster wheel for me it was when i turned 40 all hell broke loose, now i cant seem to get the weight that has been keeping up for the last 10 yrs but there has been a lot of talk around here of the ideal protein diet this promises to be your last diet i have never really been on a diet but the food isnt all that tasteful and its 250.00 to start and about 80.00 a week for the food for me i have onlty bought the food once because i cant eat the other i lovce to cook so for me this has been hard i love to make great dinners and deserts but here they have a pudding i have to make a smoothy with mine but you need to eat a very low calorie diet in order to loose weight and your not suppose to drink but i like a martini every now and again but not with any sugars any ways thats my short story on weight loss wait its not so short sorry xoxo sherri