Monday, March 28, 2011

a busy week & a new sponsor

the last couple of days we have had severe thunderstorms.  
caroline & one of her sissy's came in during the wee hours of sunday morning 
( prior to the actual time i needed to get up and get ready for work). caroline woke me up saying "mama, i think we just had an earthquake"
i hugged her, mumbled something along the lines of  "its ok, we don't have earthquakes in georgia, now go climb in bed with sissy. & i love you"
yes i polished off my mom of the year trophy later that day too.
i ended up laying awake worrying about the neighbor dog who sadly spends much of her life outside, tied to tree. breaks my heart.
i'm hoping since i didn't see her this morning, it means someone brought her in to the garage, which is not primo 
but atleast it's better than plan a.

working a weekend shift always throws my groove off. & since i rarely have to work sunday, working a sunday shift really throws me off. i hate missing church and then i just feel behind first thing monday morning. 
behind on monday morning is not a great way to start off the week.
especially a busy one.
but aren't they all? for goodness sakes, i feel like we've been in a busy mode for the last year!

this week madison & emily have cheerleading tryouts. it's a weird feeling savannah not being involved.  speaking of savannah, we are knee deep in planning senior year parties, events, college forms, etc. a friend once warned me that having a high school senior was like having a part time job.
thankfully savannah is quite independent. she handled all her college applications and due dates on her own!  she will be going to UGA in the fall and has been invited into their honors program.
i couldn't be prouder.
i am not a big party planner, so i'm feeling a tad overwhelmed with that. she & 3 of her friends decided to do it together. i really wanted to host it here as did she, but knew there would be no way our home could handle upwards of 200 people, especially if it rains!

this week we have another big deal going on.  dan & i will be taking emily to apply for a passport. emi is going to peru with our church for three weeks....three! june on a mission trip.
i will share more about that later, but she is knee deep in fund raising.

one of my most favorite friends will be heading in to atlanta friday & staying over at our home! 
we'll hit the atlanta mart & then take her to one of our many favorite places to eat.
can't wait to see her!

i was tickled to see that rocker sheryl crow has a new cookbook
featuring healthy immune boosting & easy recipes.
i'm definitely looking forward to grabbing this one!

while i'm on the subject of books....
i read the birth order book years ago but i honestly think it was before i had such a large family.
so i've pulled it back out, the new updated edition.
i love to understand why we do what we do. especially in the family setting.
& especially in a family setting with all girls.

& finally, i wanted to introduce my new sponsor, DaySpring.
if you're reading in google reader or via email, you won't see the banner on the sidebar,
however if you open my site and visit DaySpring you will see there is currently a 25% special.
you can also purchase One Thousand Gifts for 25% too!


Alecia said...

Fun times ahead with the season of High School ending for Savannah and a new season beginning...WOW...soak it all in.

I'm very passionate about missions...the Lord has sent me around the world and it was thanks to many prayer and financial supporters who were faithful with the money the Lord had entrusted them. I would LOVE to send a gift in for sweet Emily...please let me know who to make a check out to and where to send it! What an amazing opportunity for her...her life will be changed! I can't wait to hear all about it :-)

Blessings frined.

Courtney said...

Always something going on in your household!

I'm sure Savannah is so excited about UGA... and honors program... WAY TO GO!

Awesome that Emily is getting to do mission work this summer! Looking forward to hearing more about this and would love to send a gift, too!

Have a wonderful week and hopefully a little down time to enjoy spring break soon! :)

Clare said...

That birth order book looks great! i think i will need to download it soon:) i hope you are well!!

Pam said...

Two of my kids (17 yr. old daughter and 15 yr. old son) went to Peru for 10 days last summer on a mission trip with some of the kids from our church. It was through World Changers International. It was a really great experience for them! If I can help with any questions that you might have, feel free to email me. It was the first time they had ever been out of the country and I was a bit apprehensive, but we had 4 adults from our church who accompanied them and I knew that they would watch over them as their own.

The Avery House said...

Congratulations Paige! I'm so excited that Dayspring is sponsoring you!!! They are very fortunate to have you as one of the people they sponsor. How awesome is it to have such wonderful responsinle girls like you have! Shows they have a good Momma! On a completely different subject, where did you get that super cool addition of Pride and Prejudice. I am swooning over it's cover! Glad you are getting to have some good girl time with Miss Ashley. Love those clothes of hers!

Angela said...

I was quite overwhelmed when it came to planning too--you see I did almost all of the senior party and planned a great deal of the wedding receptions too. Saves so much money and we did have 100 to graduation party in our little house and then we had almost that many to her wedding in Athens at one of the big houses there--Sams Hardeman house. Peru. Austin has been talking about being a sponsor with them and you will not believe how this will change her life!!! YOu will be forever thankful!! Especially with Brian and Erin!!!

Lorri said...

Wow! You ARE going to be very busy over the next few months! Congratulations to Savannah! UGA is great....but the honors program! That is awesome! And yay for Emily, too! I'm sure that is both exciting and a bit scary for you. And I love party planning! Where is the fun party? (yes, I may be a bit weird with my party planning obsession!). Hope everything goes well over the next few months!

Jboo said...

Sounds like fun senior parties are ahead for you all!

How cool that your girl Emi is going to do mission work. You have such incredible girls -- just like their Mom!


Number 6 and no more counting! said...

have a great week. I want to check out that book!


Dawn said...

Starting to think about our Grad Party too! I know it will be here before I know it, so must get planning!

SO exciting for for the seniors, and wow, lots of excitement about Emily going to Peru, what an experience!

Saw Sheryl on the Today Show, looking forward to her cookbook too!

hhmmm...birth order, I think I need to read that one, especially about my youngest Son :)

Shaz said...

Yes, life does get very busy with seniors. Our eldest is renewing his passport this week. He is off to London for 3 weeks also - part of his 21st birthday present. Three weeks seems like a very long time (for a mum) when we look at it from this angle, doesn't it!!!

I was just looking at your last post of your beautiful dog (we have one very similar). If you want a bit of a giggle, have a look at my last post Hope it makes you laugh too. Have a great week (sit back for a minute and just breath - cup of hot chocolate might be in order). x

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Girl, I can't imagine all of those teenagery activities happening up in your hood! Those days seem SO far away right now! I love reading your love and pride for your girls. You've raised them so well.


Jennifer said...

Hi Paige....I have read your blog for awhile but I am finally leaving a comment. I am fascinated by birth order and have done some research on it. However...I am going to buy this book....thank you for recommending it. Love your blog and the inspiration I have found here. Thank you.

puredesign said...

Wow, you are busy girl. I remember those pre graduation days so well. It's such a magical time but you will love the college experience just as much. That is once you get over the mourning and adjustment phase of having one missing from your home. It will pass though I promise. And you will love seeing her blossom.
You are so lucky that she is already so independent. I cant' wait to hear about all the fun stuff going on in your household over the next few months. Enjoy every moment!!!

Kat said...

That storm was totally intense. Lauren was petrified and Olivia slept through it. Our nextdoor neighbor had to spend the night after the wiring to her a/c units caught fire. Craziness.

So excited for your girls and all of their upcoming fun adventures in life.

I really need to read that book!

Jennifer said...

I am fascinated with birth order. I've read this book several times.

Martha said...

oh so glad you shared her cook book...definitely something I'm interested in:)

and that is so sad about the neighbors dog...when we lived in our first house...there was a dog exactly like that...always left out in awful weather...I would bring her treats and broke my heart and I just wanted to adopt her...her name was Lola and I always loved that name:)

Tiffini said...

I've gone through three graduating and is a tad overwhelming:) Hang in there. I saw that cookbook the other day when I was at the bookstore! I am on a hunt for a good, basic first whole foods cookbook. stuff my kids will eat;)
I am cooking your tilapia recipe tonight:) Our first time trying!