Thursday, March 24, 2011

latest crush= jones design company

 several weeks ago i placed an order with jones design company.
emily's blog has been one of my favorites 
& her prints are my latest crush. the postal carrier bent the super thick sturdy envelope
to jam fit it into my mailbox
& my prints were all crinkled.
& how bent crinkled imperfect days are often a catalyst for learning.
the catalyst that causes me to stop & perhaps change my perspective.
being quite the generous entrepreneur,
emily sent another shipment,
unbeknownst to me.

the other day we had showers off & on for the entire day.
it was completely overcast & we were due to have heavy rains that evening.
while taking out the trash, dan noticed
our mail,
including the new second-replacement shipment from emily,
was laying flat on our front entranceway.
& damp!
thank goodness he found it before the downpour!
the prints are all safe & sound
dry & unwrinkled
but seriously?

i was so thrilled to see her latest prints
so i ordered the i love you & tree images that are shown.
 and thankfully they arrived on a dry & sunny day,
 completely pristine and crinkle free!

i love my growing inventory of jones design goodies.
if you haven't dropped in, you must swing by...i bet you'll fall in love with her & her creations too.

& for a little funny~
 thought i'd share this...
when i opened up my photo files to upload the jones design company images
i found this..
yes. i share my laptop with a certain un-named middle school daughter!


Tiffini said...

paige - seriously, I love your heart. I found you through Becki yesterday and I perused your blog last night. I am a 40 something mama of 5...three grown and a 16 and 11 still home and I feel like I have met a kindred make me laugh and that does my heart good. So nice to meet you:)
and I love Emily too;)

The Avery House said...

OK, awesome that you got a little goody from "Jones Design"! But "seriously" is right about the mail carrier's inability to get your mail in the mailbox correctly. Goodness me! Those prints are adorable! I'm checking out Jones Design as soon as I drop off at school. Oh, and Mr. Highschool Musical is not bad eye candy either! LOL!

Kerri said...

Oh Paige! I do remember the mishap with the last package from Emily! I can't believe it happened again! And I love your picture of the frames~gorgeous! If I were a teenager again my crush would be Zac Effron,lol! :)

Kat said...

Glad your new prints escaped the humiditiy. That last image is hilarious of Zac Efron is hilarious.

hometown girl said...

i love emily's blog she is very talented! love your prints! have a beautiful day! susan

Alecia said...

Oh man....those are toooo CUTE! I'll have to check her out...this may be something that has to be a part of my bedroom re-design! :-)

Who wouldn't love Zack! LOL

Farmgirl Paints said...

uh he's not too bad either...geesh. i'm old enough to be his mom. that's kinda sick!

Teresa Sheeley said...

Love the prints! And oh boy, that young man could make me a cougar for sure!!! ;)

LouBoo said...

Great recommendation Paige - I have ordered some name prints :-) Lou x

Jboo said...

Will definitely be checking out jones and company!

And that Zac E!!! So cute! Gotta love your daughter's taste in heart-throbs! :)


Kelli said...

Yeah for Dan for saving the day :) I love the lamp...adore. I might just have to order one of those for myself. Thanks for sharing.

Melaine Thompson said...

sorry Paige, that was me, I hacked into your computer this morning. I love me some Zac Effron! I love Emily too, guess what? I get to go to her house! I am dying! She lives very close to me! I'll let you know as soon as I go! Melaine

Sharla said...

Hi Paige - Where do you get your picture frames? They are amazing!

emily said...

Thanks Paige. I especially love that last photo :)

Traci said...

I just found Jones Design Company about 1 week ago...I love her talented.

Mr. High School Musical is never hard on the eye either :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for reminding us of this company. I just ordered the lamp print. It is a must have... Destiny

Do you buy your frames locally or on-line? If it's local, I'd love to know what shop -- same for online.

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

I ADORE Emily!! I subscribe to her posts in my inbox, but I have realized that it makes you kind of distant because you forget to make comments and really get to know a person when you subscribe like that! She is amazing though... and precious to boot.

Oh and get this... I have no idea who the shirtless wonder is. That makes me really old and out of touch doesn't it?

lilabraga said...

seriously,your blog is simply fabulous!

Between You and Me said...

this was hilarious...especially the part where a certain unnamed middle schooler got a hold of your laptop. :)

love that space in your kitchen...her prints are wonderful.

Anne Marie... said...

how's Paige?? you always have a beautiful way of blending both the funny and the serious together....i love that....

teaches me some balance