Monday, June 09, 2008


03.03.08 the date i started weight watchers

14 weeks of counting my allowed points per day & working my tail off

186 miles i've run

4 the harry potter book i'm on ( just thought i'd throw that in)

75 body sculpting, step, spin, kickboxing & weight training classes taken

0 mcdonalds double cheeseburgers

75 times i've played kanye west's 'stronger' on my ipod during my run

3 sizes dropped

25 pounds lost!!

10 more to go!

(ps--can't get the font smaller on the 'miles i've run'.....crazy)


velvet brick said...

This is fantastic! Congrats on your strong commitment, determination and perseverance! You absolutely glow!! Way to go, girl! : )

CJ, the Purple Diva said...

When do we see the skinny you????

Kristin said...

A lot of miles, little points, a lot of willpower, little fun food, a lot of reps and steps, a lot of smiles in the mirror now and a lot of faith and tenacity. I am so very proud of you girly. I hope you know that! You look wonderful by the way, Miss Skinny. I hope you are so very proud of you too. You are on the home stretch and I will keep on cheering!

Rachel said...

Way to go!!! Those are all huge accomplishments!!! Thank goodness for Kanye ;)

Heidi ( said...

Congratulations on your awesome numbers! Lovin' the 3 & 25 in particular!

Made me think of some numbers:
0 The number of #'s I've lost.
10 The number I could possibly consider achieving.
25 The number I'd have to loose to get back the weight I was when we got married 27 years ago.

Hum, seems I've gained approx. one pound per year of marriage. Guess I know what I'll look like when we celebrate our 50th.

Sorry. Just thinking outloud. I enjoyed your music today. I didn't read who was on your play-list, but as I humed, I was like "I know that voice...whose voice is that?" Then I looked and I said, "Duh. Brooke." Loved hearing her song again! Of course I loved David Cook, too!!!!!!!


Heather H said...

I was thinkin you looked skinny in those beach pictures!!!!!!!!

I'm so proud of you!!

Change your profile picture!!!!!

Cstargel said...

Way to go Paige!!!! That is awesome! I too play Kanye West when I need a little boost in my workout...although these days I'm just eating pickles & ice cream and gaining with # 3!!! I'll be doing this same thing in January after this little one gets here! SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!!

Meg said...

That is something to be proud of!! Yea for you!!!

Firefly Hill said...

Wow Paige! That is fantastic! I need to be doing the same thing!!



Jessica said...

Congrats!!!!! I did weight watchers all winter...It's a great feeling to have to buy new clothes (and I listened to a lot of 'Stronger' as well too)

cammyk said...

Very impressive numbers. You look amazing in the beach photos. I wish I had the same determination and commitment as you.

Robyn said...

Truly fantastic Paige! Great if only I could be as good as you. I lack major will power! Come by and say hello and check out a fab, funny blog I found.
Missed you!

Yes, Minister... said...

OMG - Congratulations! Good for you! I can't imagine running in this heat so you are like super woman to me! You should be very proud of yourself :D
Ladybug hugs,

Suzanne said...

What wonderful results, a great achievement.

Jennifer Paganelli said...

so proud of you nothing like taking care of oneself...xoxoxoxox Jennifer

Christiane Price said...

WAY TO GO! That is so impressive!!!
It has been 4 years since I have worked out. (When I was pregnant with my 1st). But I am finally excited to say that we actually joined a gym over the weekend. So this gives me some definite encouragement!

~heartfulhome~ said...

Wow- you are inspiring! Truly inspiring!

Jboo said...

Congratulations!! That is fantastic -- keep up the good work!


Jen@The Cottage Nest said...

You are awesome. Good for you!

Stacie said...

That is awesome!! I wish I could say I had the same numbers!!! What were your tricks to staying motivated?!! I keep telling myself today I am going to work out and then at the end of the day, I'm too tired!!
P.S. I've enjoyed reading your blog.

Bella's mama said...

Welcome home and congratulations!!!! This is a huge achivement, brought on by hours of hard work, pure dedication, and a commitment to yourself. I am so very proud of you.

Have a blessed day,


P.S. I adore your last post, you are talented with words as well as a camera!!!

janae said...

You go girl! I wish we lived closer so we could work out together (I have majorly slacked in that department this year). Nice job Paige! CAN't wait to see more vacation pictures!

jackie said...

Oh, Sweet Paige...Congratulations !
I am so excited for you !
I know it's hard work, but I also know the rewarding feeling it brings. Hang in there. Keep going ! You will do it !
Happy Summer to you & yours !
Jackie Carl (IN)

Jodee Leader said...

Wow! Keep up the good work!

Sandra Evertson said...

Bravo for you!
Sandra Evertson
That photo is Wonderful!
Sandra Evertson

Hillcrest Acres said...

Paige, go check out my blog. I have a surprise waiting for you!!!!

Have a great day!

Ers said...

i commented on your husband's appearance last time adam and i saw him, and your dtr told us you had lost a bunch of weight too!! I can not wait to see you, but you look really good in beach pics.

melissa said...

Just wanted to say hi (I came across your blog through another, but can't remember who?). Congrats to you on your huge accomplishments!
You have a beautiful family, your girls are just darling!

username: mcc
password: lulubelle

Jeanne said...

Wow Paige, I'm so thrilled for you...You must be so proud! I need to do the same...think I need to go find that Kanye West song:)

Elise said...

Sounds like you are doing great!! I need to go join WW too...
Looks like y'all have trampolines under the sand in the photo of your girls jumping-there is no way I get that high off the ground!!

sara said...

Girl, YOU ROCK!!!!!! You have encouraged me and given me hope for me!! Keep up the good work!!!

Kimber said...

Congratulations Paige!!! I so admire your discipline. I really need to exercise and get into shape are motivating me.

Clare said...

Wow Paige! That is just awesome! I am so proud of you. That takes so much commitment! You should be so proud of yourself. I did weight watchers after Bradley and lost a tremendous amount of weight. It really works if you stick to it. After a week of vacation I need to get back into it as well! Congrats! Clare

carolyn peeler said...

How inspiring Paige. WAY TO GO!!!

Chris & Deb said...

Paige, you are such an inspiration in EVERY way! Congratulations...that is awesome!

bari said...

Wow. You are an inspiration! Gorgeous pictures up there, btw! Love the ones of your daughter in that hat!


Wendy said...

Stronger is my running anthem. ...check out the current post on my blog...Last year I lost 45 pounds and ran my first half marathon and half marathon...I just marked one year and have run over 600 miles in that year. many of them to Stronger by Kanye go girl. Check out my current blog's all about