Friday, March 04, 2011

wahoo grill & a celebration

i have a few more images to share of madison's birthday.
so thankful we had a gorgeous spring afternoon to open gifts
& a gorgeous evening to dine alfresco.

caroline made up a sweet 16 cheer.
yes ma'am, there's always time for quick cheer at our house!

i was thrilled when i found this juicy key chain.
madi has looked for this for some time & thought they were no where to be found.
she's hoping to put a vw bug key on there sometime soon.

i printed out mr darcy's proposal and framed it 
 to go along with the janet hill 'austen dresses' print we gave her at christmas.

dan did a little research & chose Wahoo Grill for our dining destination.
& it was wonderful!!!!

wahoo was awarded best outdoor dining & best seafood awards here in atlanta.
we ate outside in their charming little garden area.
everything we ordered was delicious.
madison chose the hawaiian ahi tuna
& it may be the best i've ever eaten.
( i know that because she generously shared a bite with everyone)
for any local friends, i highly recommend wahoo.
the service was excellent , the seafood fresh, and vegtables are grown locally & organic.

(final image is from their website)

i also have updated my  photography website. with a few images from my 365 project.
please swing by~



Dana said...

What a beautiful young lady! isn't 16 so sweet??!!
My oldest daughter is getting married in 8 days, daughter #3 turns 16 in 11 days! I love the gorgeous cupcake idea!!

Razmataz said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter! She's really lovely.

Jodee said...

I love how you always celebrate in a big way! The cupcakes look delicious too! What a fun birthday!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Love Being A Nonny said...

How did I miss these last few posts about your sweet, beautiful 16 year old?! Happy Birthday to your girl. I need to tell you, yours is one of my favorite blogs! Thank you!

Just Ask Beth said...

her beautiful eyes match her beautiful shoes.. you are so very thoughtful in the gift giving selections. Love the keychain, my middle child could use that!!

Anonymous said...

Paige - I absolutely love the idea of the Darcy quote framed! Beautiful Idea!
(Alexis FB)

amymck said...

Paige - She is absolutely beautiful - just like you - and all your girls. I love reading your blog and seeing the love you share with your precious girls. Wish we lived closer so I could "borrow" one of them :) have a great weekend, friend.

Biz said...

It is so clear how much your Mom LOVES you!
I hope someday to celebrate birthday's with children in the same manner.
Each so special and beautiful and simple perfect!
Have a Blessed Friday!
Stop by for Bible Verse Friday is you have time ;)

kasey said...

she looks gorgeous!! do you.
can't wait to hear how you rock the run this weekend.

Sweet Grace Farms said...

That sweet Madison is soooo styling!

Alecia said...

So have great presentation at your little parties...I LOVE it! I'm pretty crazy about that lantern picture...GORGEOUS!!!!

Jennifer said...

Paige - I hope that I make all of my daughters celebrations as special as you do for your girls. My Kennedy is only 2 now...but I look forward to the day to have all the fun that you have with your daughters! Thanks for sharing!

annie said...

i just love reading your posts about your precious daughters... they are all so beautiful, and i love how you give them each their moment in the spotlight, highlighting what makes each of them so wonderfully unique. happy birthday, madison!

Kristin said...

Lovin her Birthday.
Love Miss Madi

Love the key chain, seriously love it.
The Wahoo grill sounds yum.

ps. Madi I will say some extra prayers that you get your key on your special key chain and well that your Mr. Darcy will one day come true.

Henley on the Horn said...

Lock the doors! She is gorgeous! So are you, Paige! I'll have to try Wahoo the next time we're in the ATL!

Kelli said...

You sure do know how to celebrate your girls (my birthday is Nov 8, wink, wink). I wanted a VW when I was her age too...I'm keeping my fingers crosed for her :) Your meal sounds delightful.

Jo Jo said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Jane Austen Decorations!!!!

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

sounds like a perfect 16th birthday! Love the key chain!


ps. I wish you well this weekend with your run.

Jboo said...

Just catching up! What a beautiful sweet birthday girl! Hope she had a fabulous birthday and weekend!

You have the most wonderful celebrations. So sweet!


Mommabelle said...

Lovely birthday girl! And, it sounds like a special day too! We are local and will have to try Wahoo.

Alely said...

happy sweet 16 to your daughter! i have one that turned 16 too! and i didn't know they had a juicy couture outlet? where might i find that? i will have to google it and see if they have one up in north carolina somewhere.

anyhoo, your pics are beautiful.

Marci @ All Things Wonderful said...

She is just precious! Happy Birthday to your sweet girl.

patty said...

your girls are beautiful... hope she had a wonderful birthday-sure looks like she did!