Wednesday, August 01, 2012

seaside ~

i'm a little behind sharing photos from vacation.
most of these are straight out of the camera.
i know. you rolled your eyes
but i love to touch up photos
& make them as gorgeous as the setting allows
life has been non-stop.
so i'm going to go ahead and share some from our first day.
not all the girls were wanting to do the "traditional" lets take a zillion photos on the beach 
that day. 
we ended up losing almost 3 nights to clouds and rain.

on a brighter side,
  our awesome sponsor, carol & company
shared some wonderful pieces of jewelry that i'll link
 for you.
carol & company is also offering you free shipping
on all orders of john wind over $25 placed before monday
enter code SEASIDE

 madison is wearing the john wind summer fun bracelet
that oprah brought much attention to in the may 2012 "O" magazine.

what can i say?
she breaks in to dance girl wherever we take her ;)

savannah is wearing the madison avenue signature bracelet from john wind
along with the monogram cuff in white.
she's also wearing the chain and chandelier earrrings also from john wind.

i did do a little post processing on the above image
using seaside actions from 

madison is wearing john wind's striped earrings
that match the ever popular
summer charm bracelet featured on oprah.
she's also wearing the universal monogram necklace

emi is wearing the infinity hoop earrings

alrighty friends.
i know several of ya'll have asked a few questions from the previous post
or two & i promise i'll get back to you!
have a great day!


Melaine Thompson said...

I must come raid Savannah's closet! I want all her clothes!!!!!

Alecia said...

Such beautiful girls...I say it all the time but seriously...GORGEOUS!! I love the necklace Emi is wearing in the last pretty.

Sophie said...

Ok your girls are stunning! And I'm loving all those bracelets, I have a bracelet fetish . Love, love all those pieces, thanks for sharing!

Jboo said...

Lovely girls and photos! Is it wrong of me to hope you took hundreds of photos there and plan to share a LOT more?!! :)

Tiffany said...

goodness me - what lovely photos! I wish I could have pictures like that right out of my camera ;)

i have told you before and will tell you again - your girls are beautiful - they could all be models!

and my legs hurt just looking at caroline in those photos - dear me that girl is limber!
Question: Where did Madi get those pumps - the blue striped ones - love those!

Hope all is well!!


Ruth said...

Beautiful! Love Madi's pumps too...being 6' 1", I'll never wear heels like that. I will admire from afar :) The jewelry looks fabulous on your girls. Super chic!

RRyan said...

Gorgeous photos!! And how amazing is your little dancer?!!! Wow!

Hillcrest Acres said...

Gorgeous photos and beautiful girls!!! Those photos of Caroline...she is one flexible girly.

All this talk of Seaside is making me want to pack up and head out today.

Enjoy your day.

Wendy @ The Shabby Nest said...

Goodness your girls are GORGEOUS! And you know what, when I'm in Atlanta next year, I'm going to have to have your do some photos...every image you take is breathtaking (edited or not!) xoxox

Kerri said...

Gorgeous girls! Gorgeous photos! As always, thanks for sharing! Oh, and of course I want ALL of the jewerly you have posted, hehehe!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Well ya already know this but those girls are all gorgeous. And I'd buy everything if I could. It's all gorgeous and lovely and for a tremendously good cause.

RachelRAdams said...

the pictures are gorgeous! love them! it is so sweet to see all the girls together and it is so clear how close they are. they are so very lucky to have each other. sisters are a precious gift. so glad your trip was wonderful!!

Anonymous said...

I only have one daughter, and she is a pretty simple jeans-and-T-shirt gal. I shudder to think of your clothing budget! :) Your girls are beautiful and always dressed so stylish.


VAsquared said...

May I ask where Emi got her dress? Love it!