Monday, August 27, 2012

sweet 16 week of celebration

dan & i were headed out last night to a fancy dinner of mellow mushroom
pizza all by our sweet little selves
& were reviewing the last week.
i said something like, " no way. that was this  past whatever day?".
it's been non stop music.
remember my "ohmygah i'm so busy" pet peeve ?
yeah well.

we have not stopped 
i'm not even sure when.
in fact i mentioned last night that i'd love a little january blizzard
so i'm forced to stay home
crank up my photoshot skills
read a book again in 2 days
& maybe have time to get a hair cut.

i digress...

emi turned 16 last week
& why have a big party and get all the celebratin' over in one fell swoop
when we can have multiple events.
all week long?

i'm just kidding.
when the girls were younger we always made a big fuss over birthdays
& had themed birthday parties 
complete with super cute printed invitations and all.
(before the age of evite thankyouverymuch).

we've had pony parties, pottery painting parties
madeline tea parties
gymnastics parties, ballet parties.
we've had character parties with winnie the pooh, anastasia and of course 
as the girls got older we cruised in to slumber parties
movie theatre parties & putt putt.
but a big party for 16 year olds completely overwhelms me.
i am not a party planner
the week of celebration.

emi is not a fan of cakes & cookies.
she's more of a candy & salty treats kinda girl.

her friends loved on her with a plethora of balloons at school that day.

& a special call from Kate
three peanuts, Kate :)


family dinner at Chow Baby
 friday night was friends dinner at Macaroni Grill

saturday morning she & i went on a little shopping spree
with her birthday morning.
destination: the new Lilly Pulitzer shop at Phipps Plaza
 & since ya'll know i'm so weird
i'm sure the fact that i fell. in. love
with the handpainted fitting room
( by a couple of "the" lilly print designers)
comes as no surprise.

& yes those are painted peanuts on the ceiling.
i just could not get over myself in there.
having lived all my life (minus a few years in nashville )
in atlanta georgia
i was smitten with all the peach state love!

we wrapped it up with a fancy sandwich
as we were all broke at that point
with emi's dearest friend katelyn and her mama carrie.
we had an awesome week full of making memories
& loving on our sweet sixteen brown eyed girl.

new wordpress coming soon!


Between You and Me said...

you guys did have a week long celebration...I bet a date with Dan all by yourself was just what you needed after that kind of "excitement filled"week.

Lindsey said...

Looks like Em was celebrated in style!! I am in LOVE with the pink/orange dress...and got a kick out of all the different shoe options she paired with it. :)

vermonter said...

WOW, I believe that a birthday also can be celebrated more than just one day, because after their birth every day is a BIG celebration. Happy Birthday Em. She is a very beautiful girl as they all are. I feel that you can celebrate on their birthday or for days after as long as they are made special and it shows that she was.

Anonymous said...

First: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! She is beautiful.

And second: could you please (pretty please) tell us where the pink/orange dress is from? I admit that I stalk your blog (and beautiful girls) to get ideas on dressing my own daughters...TIA!!

deanna0301 said...

Great pictures! Love the pink & orange dress! Happy Birthday sweet girl!

Simone said...

Many congratulations to your birthday Emily :)

Sounds like a wonderful week of celebrations....Emily looks beautiful in the dress with the orange necklace & shoes. And I LOVE the Lily dress - and those changing rooms too, they're so pretty.

Have a great week Paige Xx

Debby said...

I love the dress that matched the dressing room. Such a cutie. Sounds like a fun week. You only turn 16 once, why not celebrate all week long. Happy Birthday Emily.

Deborah said...

Happy birthday to your sweet Em. Love both dresses, especially the pink and orange one. Beautiful pictures!

LouBoo said...

So Paige, always wonderful to hear how you celebrate the time passing, I agree a week of events is a good way to spread the whole thing! LOVE that hand-painted room, if that doesn't entice a purchase I don't know what would! Lilly is not so much of a 'thing' here in the UK (we so don't have the climate!) but I do love the look of it. And P.S am about to start white-washing the rooms in my house - a la Paige! L x

RachelRAdams said...

what a wonderful celebration for a sweet sixteen! the lilly store looks amazing! Best wishes Emi as you head into such a great age. Enjoy!!!! Happy Birthday!

Holly said...

I am with everyone else and i think i NEED that pink and orange dress... But I'm thinking that you're going to tell us all that it is from a boutique-ish store in Atlanta... So glad Em had a great birthday week! I tend to celebrate all month long!

Alecia said...

I love the way you all celebrate...I do love to drag out my b-day celebration as long as I can! :-) Love the pink & orange chevron dress...soooo cute & that necklace! Happy Birthday month Emi...celebrate as long as you can!

3 Peanuts said...

Looks and sounds like a FABULOUS week of celebrating!!!! We sure do love that Emi. She is gorgeous inside and out (just like her Mama and he sisters!)

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

I so love it. What a GREAT way to celebrate and I love that fitting room too. I had no idea who that was until last year when you were talking about it. LOL (You see, I need you to keep me in the know.)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post..Seems like everyone had a blast..I really like the painted dressing room..Have a great week..

Anonymous said...

you know how oprah asks the questions "we all want to know!?" well you take pictures of "all the places we would love to see!" thanks paige - lOvE your blog- maybe one day i won't be anonymous - btw... how do i get an "identity?" :) i am 43 and really should be much more tech savvy!! :)

Kerri said...

Love, love, love the pink and orange dress! such sweet friends lovin' a sweet girl!

Jboo said...

How sweet! What fun times celebrating your sweet 16 year old!

You all are too cute for words!! :)

Claudine from CondensedLoveHome said...

Happy Birthday to Emi! She looked beautiful in her several outfits! Oh, time flies!!! My son just turned 18 so I know the feeling. I loved your celebration week, thank you for sharing!

Katie said...

Please tell me where she got that adorable pink dress and orange necklace and do theyake them 27 year olds?!?!?