Saturday, August 04, 2012

a unique Adoption/Foster Care Conference

i would love to share with you the opportunity to attend just that,
a unique Adoption/Foster Care Conference 
Hope at Home 2012
atlanta, georgia
october 5-6
(early bird registration through august 15)

two of the most amazing women i know
& in whom i have the utmost respect
are two of the keynote speakers.
my precious friend, susan hillis.
Susan has been a believer for 38 years, married for 35, 
 a US government federal official for 20, and a university professor for 10 years.
 She is the mother of 11 children, 8 of whom were adopted from Russia 
after the tragic death of her first-born son on the day before his tenth birthday.

& my sweet friend, beth templeton.
Beth has been married to her husband, Stephen, for 26 years. 
They have seven children, aging from 17 to 23.
3 of which are her biological daughters
and 4 were adopted from Russia. 
did you follow?
that's 19 children between 2 women
6 biological
12 adopted!

here's a note from susan,
Get Connected with Real Families, Real Help, Real Hope!
"After more than 150 cumulative years of adoptive parenting, God has called me and my friend Beth Templeton and our husbands, along with our pastor and elders, and other adoptive families from our local church to offer "Hope at Home 2012," a UNIQUE Adoption/Foster Care Conference which does four things:
1) provides spiritual and practical REST and refreshment, courage and hope for adoptive and foster families;
2) provides teaching and ministry FROM seasoned adoptive parents FOR adoptive parents;
3) focuses on UNITING moms and dads together in their call, as married couples;
4) offers special encouragement for single moms called to adopt/foster.
While other conferences focus on the needs or orphans, THIS conference focuses on YOU and your needs as parents! We just want to love and refresh YOU, in the Lord, as you walk out His call on your life! Unlike other conferenences (which are vital by the way!), we expect that when you leave this one, you will feel you have less to do, rather than more....because You will be more aware of all the Lord is doing and wants to do for you and your children, and on your behalf! That you will be connected in a hope-full way with other parents in your same circumstances. That you will have burdens lifted and hope enlarged. That you will be prayerfully supported! And have a little fun, too!"


Beth Templeton said...

Paige, thank you so much for sharing this. We are so full of anticipation for the love of God to be poured out afresh on adoptive, foster and waiting parents at Hope at Home 2012. His love for each mother and father is no different in scope and passion than it is for the orphan and for adoption! We parents have great need for Help and Hope and God is so very good at giving us both!

Debby said...

I wish I would have been able to attend a wonderful conference like this when my adopted son was little. So important to have that reassurance.

Unknown said...

Wow! Sounds like something we really need! Atlanta is kind of far from Texas.