Thursday, August 16, 2012

seaside & summer jobs

this summer trevor & savannah both had awesome jobs.
savannah interned at Grace, our home church, primarily working with the middle schoolers.
i've also shared some images from our intown ministry to a very international area
where she taught the younger children, many from refugee families.

trevor left at the end of may to work in florida with a campus outreach program
called 'summer beach project'.
those two cuties didn't see each other from may until we arrived in seaside
middle of july.

they have made some very mature decisions regarding their relationship
which seems so uncommon with this generation.
many times i have seen them exhibit wisdom far beyond their years.

our family absolutely loves this godly young man
& treasured our time when he was able to head over 
& spend some of our vacation with us.
trevor interacts with everyone in our family
& is a delight to be around.
little caroline , especially, thinks the world of him.
who am i kidding? we all do....

these images were after our first full day at the beach.
little did we know that it would turn out to be the most glorious of sunsets
& sadly i wasn't able to capture the 'entire crew' on the beach...

our home was in the little town of seaside,
while across from the water
it was only about a 200 yard walk.
we were literally around the corner from all our favorite 
shops, art galleries & restaurants, many of which are cute little airstreams :)

we took a handful of pieces from Carol & Company with us.
madison is wearing the Towne & Reese Harlow Necklace
*backordered until late next week*


3 Peanuts said...

Love these...they make me want to go back. Dave, Kate and Will ate at the dog place and Dave got a t-shirt there too:)

I was SO impressed with Savannah and Trevor. They are incredible young people. So hope my children are like that at that age. As I said, I think Will was impressed by Trevor's maturity too. You are raising some pretty great kiddos, Paige.

traci said...

what beautiful photos. someday i am going to go to that area of florida. looks beautiful. and your daughter and her boyfriend are so cute. it is such a blessing when you like who they are dating.

Love Being A Nonny said...

You guys are just beautiful people. Seriously! And there is NOTHING more attractive than a guy who loves Jesus!!!

Joanne said...

What a holiday! You all look so rested, peaceful and calm. There are some wonderful photos of such a sweet couple.


Lolo @ The Adventures of Stig and Lolo said...

Love you and your fam so much Paige! You are all so inspiring.....a close family is of utmost importance these days. We must cherish each other and our relationships always! Good job Mama ;)

ps - that art is breathtaking!

Unknown said...

Your family is beautiful on the inside and out! Seaside looks great as usual!

Deborah said...

The picture of the sunset was so beautiful. It looks like your family had such a special time.

Big D and Me said...

We love Seaside as a family - great place to slow down and really have fun - plus the little ice cream shop is soooo good :)

Jboo said...

Lovely! Everything about these are just so incredibly lovely!!

Anonymous said...

where did you stay paige? i recently went to seaside- it poured rain the two days we were there but we made the most of it- my almost 2 yrs old son loved running in the big croquet field behind the pool area... when you post photos you need to say where those great purses are from - madisons turquoise shoes, orange baq, and shirt are from?:)) no, you aren't being a snob... we wANT to know! :)

Shannon said...

Those paintings are amazing, love the texture in each one. It's so great that Savannah has chosen such a great guy especially so all of your girls can see what they need to hold out for!

Between You and Me said...

We have some sweet memories at Seaside...that was the "go-to" place when we lived in Montgomery. :)

I want to go back so bad...but unlike you...I live with a group of boys that BEG for waves to surf.

I'm thinking Lydia and I need to make them compromise and take us back to those beautiful white beaches! The shops are amazing there!!!

Your girls are beautiful...the one with Dan and Caroline is sweet...she's obviously pleading with him about something!

I'm celebrating the decisions that SMK and Trevor are making about their relationship. You're right...they are definitely taking the road less travelled.

mollie's mom said...

I keep re-reading pasages in Kisses From Katie - a fav along with Three Cups of Tea. Amazing people. Your pics of Seaside make me want to visit - I'm a beach girl - born and bred - and usually look for the less developed, less populated but I'm so taken with your photos that I'm putting it on my beach list!!