Friday, August 03, 2012

all in a day's work

can i just tell you that staying up until midnight
night after night
to follow the olympics

i have drug myself out of bed every single day since vacation
& our love for the olympics is only adding to the equation.
i'm an 8 hour a night kinda girl
& start to fade close to 10.
last night was the first night in ages that we turned out the lights at a decent hour
probably explains why i was able to practically do my own gabby douglas style vault right out of my 
bed at 5:30.

so yesterday was bananas.
i had to call in the relief pitchers just to help get everyone where they needed to be
with a guardian type adult.

first off, i've had 4 noonday parties in the last 7 days
& 1 photo session.
which is fabulous however has made for crazy evenings & not very fabulous meals for the fam.
but i always have an excuse for my lack of culinary skills don't i?

all the trunks shows lately have been especially fun.
one at the home of a nurse i worked with years ago on the oncology floor.
thankfully with the help of facebook we've stayed in touch.
two of my closest friends hosted shows too.
( one loves steve penley. so do i. i just don't have any of his fantastic pieces)

back to yesterday:
entered noonday sales in the computer.
took caroline for her orientation at her middle school.
registered for ballet classes.
ran to walgreens & chickfila.
madison & emily had packet/schedule pickup for their classes
follow up appointment at the specialists office on the other side of town.
madison had MRI.
( my friend took her to that)
emi had interview at chickfila. ( & got the job!! awesome!)
(my mom took her to that) 
& various smaller events in between.

so several months ago at my annual mammogram
the doctors found what they called a solid tumor.
sent me to a specialist for a second opinion
which was followed by a mammogram, ultrasound
& a needle biopsy.
thank jesus it turned out to be a cyst.
so yesterday was my 6 month followup.
i sat in the waiting room last december & signed myself up for instagram
during what would end up being a 7 hour day at the doctor.
anyways, i documented my covetous nature regarding the LV bag beside me that day.
yesterday i had to take the same shot. sans LV bag 
& yes, that is my tattoo. which is a story for another day.

my support team out in the waiting room
when i got the " all clear, we'll see you in a year" report!

after that we ofcourse needed a little retail therapy.
i was so proud of caroline's schedule. she'll be taking all advanced classes this year.
so, she's been asking for weeks to go to the MAC counter & pick up a lipstick she had "researched".
nordstroms didn't have her color so we went to the actual MAC store
& they made quite a production for her first purchase.
when we got in the car she told me she was going to frame the bag.

& yes she's 11. & yes i allow her to wear a little mascara. a little shadow
& now, a very soft "cream cup" lipstick.

she's also wearing a piece from carol & company called the feather floating necklace.

ran for a quick stop in anthro & was out before dan could finish a book. this time anyways.

meanwhile back at the ranch madison was having a MRI done.
she was stretching last week & her knee cap popped out of place & slid off the side.
turns out she'll need surgery for torn cartilege.
but she did enjoy that her pre-op instructions were given to her on pink paper.

& after that great doctor report
(mine not madi's)
& completion of a hectic summer
i'll now be scheduling this ( valentines day gift from dan)
for when the girls go back to school. monday. 
sadness. ( school not spa day)

congratulations again to sweet Em who'll start her job at ChickfilA in the next week or so!


slip4 said...

Poor Madison! The kneecap-slid-to-the-side thing is indeed gross. Both my kids had that happen (stellar knees in this family LOL) and it is so awful looking. My son has many friends who work at Chick Fil A and love it. Hope Emily does too. And good news that you are in the clear too...follow-up visits can be so nerve-racking as they stir up all the angst from the original visits. We have been staying up waaaay too late watching Olympics. We took Wednesday night off, but last night was midnight. Makes for some painful mornings. Have a great weekend, Paige. Get some rest!

Bethanie said...

Girl, Im with you about the staying up late for the Olympics!! Im more of a 9:00 bedtime, so midnight is killing me! I was so off kilter, I had "one of those days" this week. Leaving my checkbook at the college (where thanks to Zell Miller, I was only paying parking fees, etc. for the semester and ZERO tuition) but didnt realize it til I was on the other side of town to pay for insurance on a new-to-us vehicle...of course, I wasnt SURE where I'd left my checkbook, so there was that 15 minutes of freaking out to get ahold of them (luckily, I steal cool pens wherever, and I happened to have one with their phone number on it!) The insurance company only took cash or check, of course they I had to go get cash so I wouldnt have to make another complete trip across town. I paid, retrieved the checkbook and went to the pool for the remainder of the day. I blamed it all on the Olympics or the fact that my daughters first semester of college was $377 and I was doing the happy dance!! Either way....!!

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

Hey Paige!
I have been popping in to visit for a few weeks. I enjoy reading about your sweet and spiritual slices of life! You and your family are dear and darling.

I have been getting an average of five hours sleep with the delayed Olympic programming. It runs until midnight on the west coast. On Wednesday night, I had to bite the bullet and turn it off!

I am relieved to hear that all is well on the breast check front. I am a BC survivor and a tribute to early detection!
The best of blessings to you and your family!

Rox said...

Great post, as always. Triple love all the photos, as always. Great news for you and Emi... Boo on Madi's.
Favorite shot and fact was in and out of Anthro before Dan could finish a book. LOL
We start school in a week (Fulton County). This Summer was the fastest ever! Hope you guys are ready! We aren't lol :)

Jboo said...

Wow -- what an action packed day!! Great for the new job -- wishing we had chick fil a here!! Yay for your report and sorry about your girl's surgery -- she still sports a gorgeous smile! And Caroline -- could that girl be any cuter!!! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Melaine Thompson said...

that made me tired reading it! So happy to hear you are in the clear, sad about the knee surgery, but yay for you Paige! Love you girlfriend! xoxo

Shannon said...

Wow, you have been busy and all those Noonday parties sound like fun. Madisons knee surgery doesn't sound like fun, poor thing! If only Emi was working at a Chikfila out by us we would see her all the time it's a fav. around our home. A facial sounds amazing, glad you are gonna get a little relaxtion after your busy Summer schedule. Have a great weekend!

Tiffany said...

Yes, hectic indeed - thank goodness for relief pitchers - I call them in often as well!

Glad to hear you have the all clear on your check-up. Bummer about Madi needing surgery!

Enjoy your spa time!

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

So happy for your good news ... but sorry to hear about Madison. She is too cute loving the pink paper!

We don't go back to school til after Labor Day! Can't imagine going back now.

Where is Caroline's top from? Your girls have the best clothes!

Heather said...

I'm so glad that your appt turned out well and that you got good news. Yea! I hope your daughter's knee surgery will go okay.

Joanne said...

Such a blessing for you I will be praying for Madison. Looks like you could not fit in another thing to your day! We are in London enjoying the Olympics doing lots of walking, eating and people watching.


3 Peanuts said...

So glad for you and Emi (Will almost worked for chic fila too but is lifeguarding instead). So sad for Madison. Bummer. Let me know when she has her procedure.

LOVE those girls. Kate asked about them again yesterday and told our friend Shelley about them.

Caroline looks so cute at MAC and waiting for you.

Glad to finally see the dolphin. It is bigger than I imagined (did not notice it when we met). My words on my foot are small. Same foot too.

We are living the Olympics too. Kate is OBSESSED with Gabi. it is all cartwheels, splits and roundoffs all the time around her now.


Meg said...

I worked at CFA my first summer of graduate school and loved it! I made a wonderful Christian friend who called his friend (another believer) to say, "I just met your future wife." Turns out that those were prophetic words. Thanks to that connection, I met my husband that fall when he led a Bible study for grad students at Clemson. Here we are now, married for 5 years, with an adorable 21-month-old daughter, a female toy poodle, and another daughter due in November. Thank you, Chick Fil A!

Kelli @ Life at 818 said...

Good report for you, but, Yikes for Madi! ugh... life! best to you and the fam..

Sharon said...

WHEW! Makes me tired just reading all that! Great news for you!

Mollie@Organization Accessories said...

No matter how good or bad our day, all is well. Glad everything turns good.

Susan W said...

Just love your blog- love all the photography and model shots just precious!
Where did it say you managed to take a breath?
Thanks for sharing!

Lisa Mende Design said...

your girls are precious! glad your situation turned out to be a cyst. have a great weekend. i'm olympics tired too!

Jen Kershner said...

Wow. Take a deep breath! What a day. I'm so happy for your great news!

janie said...

My 18 year old high school senior son works at chick fil a here in Louisville! Loves it!!! He started working in June and they are now letting him take the fall off for "sports leave" to play varsity football. They are a wonderful and most accommodating company to work for.