Wednesday, August 15, 2012

boots, big events, boys & a thinning crowd at the dinner table

hello friends!
 a few of you asked about the boots savannah was wearing
in yesterday's post, here. 

they're lucchese 
& while my love for this brand of boots runs deep & wide,
i have yet to pay full price.
i look at my boot purchases as an investment that i know will not only last for forever
but also be worn by a house full of girls!
(shopping justification at it's finest)
i love the fit of a lucchese & honestly, i just think they're the prettiest boots.
we have several pair & they become more beautiful the more they're worn.

i found some  here on sale for you

& i found this entire page of fabulous boots for you too.

do ya'll ever get knotted up trying to remember what you've shared & 
what you haven't?
ok, well let me unpack the last couple weeks
& forgive the replay if it occurs.

so speaking of boots,
did ya'll hit up the nordstroms anniversary sale?
i saved a few pennies post beach vacation 
& scored these babies for a great sale price.
they actually fit over my who's your daddy calves.
& regardless of the fact that it will be well over 90 degrees here in atlanta until mid october
i can't wait to add these to the mix.

the school supply shopping event was an all time simplified maneuver.
only took 2 or 3 rounds
& a big ole target bill.
actually, we haven't received the UGA student's bill but it seemed easier this year.

doesn't she look 15?
what the heck.
she was choosing a verse for a little digital creation for her binder.
her latest favorite necklace can be found here

seldom a day rolls by where i fail to wonder
how on earth i ever got so fortunate to marry this man.
but that's another post for another day.
 we were heading out to a new spot to add to our date night repertoire,
verde taqueria in brookhaven.
that particular night the special was shrimp and grits taco.
talk to me.
& a pomegranate margarita.

a little summer vignette in the kitchen
 trying to decide whether to splurge on this baby 
to use for photo sessions of course.
but at $200, at marshalls, i left that one & a grabbed another. 
i'll share that later too.

 we did however, leave with some cute shoes that were on clearance.
 first day of school cuties

so apparently i've worn the same outfit a few times lately.
that's his nickname for me so we stopped for a little cheesy shot.

not to make you hate me
but rather to share what an amazing man he truly is,
i must tell you, he sends me love letters in the mail.
on a regular basis.

hopefully this is the year caroline will fall in love with reading.
madison was not a reader. at all. until she began reading Harry Potter in the 5th grade
& now is a voracious reader.
i laid out a few choices to encourage caroline...
she ended up choosing The Lightning Thief & loves it!
praying this is finally the start of loving books.

served up a little back to school caprese salad

more back to school cuteness

so, madison calls a couple weeks ago & says that while she was stretching
her kneecap rolled over to the side of her leg.
oh dear...
long story short
she ended up with torn cartilage
and a torn ligament ( mcl for all you athletic folks) requiring surgery 


every girl, and her mom needs a little pre-surgery mani pedi 

the morning of surgery
at our 5:30. hello. check in.

she had fuzzy itchy restless no-sleep at night weekend
thanks to loratab. now that that's out of her system she's beginning to feel better.

little bit getting fitted for her 2nd pair pointe shoes

emi started her new job at chickfila!
so proud!

so a sad sign of the times has occured.
with one away at college
& one working at chickfila
& one now with a new boyfriend
many meals at our family table for 6 now looks like this...
& speaking of boyfriends...
yes madison is now facebook official...
he's a great guy
he's mighty silly & usually receives many looks like this from her.... 

told you he was silly.

hello physical therapy
& a new fashion accessory... 

well that about wraps it up.
don't forget you have a great 30% discount available to you
enter AUGUSTSALE at checkout...
either click on link above or the image below can take you there too!


Erin said...

Paige! My husband and I have taken pics right in front of that spot! That's our hood! Fun to look at your pics and see your sweet girls!

Judy said...

Ok, gotta know where Madison got that orange & white striped top in this daughter is looking for one just like that (she saw on one on Pinterest a while back).


Jboo said...

Great update -- love to see your back to school photos -- my Maddy will be in her uniform jumper next week! Always a good look! ;)

That hub of yours is beyond sweet!!

Happy Wednesday!!!!!

RALee said...

I've been following your blog for 2 years now. I enjoy it so much along with my morning coffee! Your girls are beautiful! I have a 26 year old daughter and a 14 year old daughter who's starting highschool. Yikes!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! Has he been reading your blog and looking at all the jump up in the air shots you take of the girls! He IS funny. And HOW does HE jump that high?

I love looking at your shopping purchases and the great fashion you all wear as I love EVERYTHING, it is just "my" style. I can't afford to shop like that but I really love looking at your beautiful world.

Shannon said...

Love the family updates. You've got such a romantic hubby sending you love letters in the mail, you did good!! ;)

3 Peanuts said...

They are all so cute. SO proud of Emily! Love that she is working at Chic fil a!!! So glad Madison is okay. She is so cute in that Marshall's chair! And how cute is that Caroline??? Love the love letters. Dan is a sweetie pie. I'd say life is pretty darned good for you MIss Paige!!!

I need an SMk update now:)

Anonymous said...

Adorable pics! SO love your style, Paige. Can I ask you about the gorgeous boots....I followed the link and they are so so cute. Just wondering though if they are slouchy. They look great on you and NOT slouchy...which is what I want. But, the reviews say that the boots are too slouchy and don't stay up. What do you think, and did you buy them true to your size?? The reviews also say the boots run big, do they? I'm really thinking about ordering them and would love to know your thoughts. Thank you!!


paige said...

linda, i'm not sure why the reviewer reported them as slouchy. i have 4 pair of luchesse and none slouch. at all.
that particular pair i purchased 1/2 size smaller than my regular shoe size. all their boots fit a tad differently.

Anonymous said...

Oh thank you so much Paige, although the luchesse boots are completely gorgeous, I'm referring to the other boots, the Steve Madden pair that you got at the Nordstrom sale. The pair that you're wearing with the cuteness white skirt and blue checked shirt. What are your thoughts on that pair? Thank you!


paige said...

linda, i realized that right before i climbed into bed last night. so sorry.
YES. the madden boots are a super soft leather. they are NOT a straight stand up pair. they are made with a little extra leather around the ankle. my calves are pretty thick so that holds those babies up but still, yes they are slouchy. there is another pair that has that similar biker look called judgemnt by madden and they are not slouchy.
i think they ran true to size for me :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, you are too sweet!! Thank you for taking the time to answer me back. Shoot, I was hoping the boots were not slouchy. They look so cute on you and I love how high they come up... they totally look "stand-up". Awwww, oh well. I will definitely check out the other Steve Madden judgment boots though. Love the wonderful photos of your beautiful family. Such a lovely, lovely family.


Andrea said...

Wonderful pictures. I have to be honest I like the boots but I absolutely hate (cowboy) boots and dresses. I cring everytime I seem people wearing pretty dresses or shorts with them. Maybe because I'm not southern I don't know.

Tori said...

Hey Paige! Do you know they name of the nail polishes y'all had on in the pic of the manis? Thanks!


Shannon Barsotti said...

Hello Paige-

I just love reading your blog, you give me inspiration in many areas of my life!!
I have a daughter around the same age as your youngest. I just love her style and clothes!! Where do you shop for her clothes? We have had such a hard time cute clothes for her!!