Wednesday, December 01, 2010

a what she wore post for the little fashionista

i always love to see the fun 'what i wore' posts
that float around in blogland.
while most days my personal fashion isn't worthy of posting
my girls certainly fit the bill.
so here are a few of little bit....

~red coat, boots & houndstooth skirt-target
large flower-anthropologie

little hat- hannah anderson
white top & jeans- old navy
pink scarf- my drawer

big sissy's sweatshirt
skirt & leggings- gap
chuck taylors- target

funky little dress- tj maxx
we loved it so much, we bought a couple
headband- the enchanted forest

need to catch up on a few misc things so excuse the scattered thoughts~~~

we had a wonderful thanksgiving week.  busy, but wonderful.

i'm finally feeling better.  might have something to do with my own personal unofficial strep diagnosis that i gave myself after 8 days of a sore throat and hacking cough. ( was more than likely viral. oh well)  followed by taking the remainder of expired antibiotics that one of the girls , who unbeknownst to me, never finished them herself. last year.  & yes, i am an RN in real life.

ventured out against my better judgement on black friday with one of the girls.  turned out completely successful & unstressful.  dan the man , on the other hand, went to walmart to pick up one of our needed sale electronics. stood in line for an hour & a half only to have it sell out just as he arrived at the front of the line.  he then headed to yet another walmart ,waited in a much shorter line & ended up with the last one at that store. he niether confirms nor denies any future black friday shopping.

 i parked in the front slot at target at 7am. walked in. grabbed my sale electronic purchase , walked to the register that had no line. bought the item. & was back in the car in 11 minutes flat.  i kid you not.

for all you locals, perimeter mall is the mall to shop day after thanksgiving. no craziness. period.

we celebrated my hubby's birthday.

had multiple photoshoots & basketball games.

we bought our tree!! it's all glittery and wonderful in its galvanized tub reflecting little lights on the hardwoods. beautiful!!

i love to see how women i admire get it done. how their day rolls out.  are they scheduled or loosey goosey?  do they read?  do they clean everyday or all day just one day a week?   how much time do they spend on the computer?  do they homeschool , run a business, volunteer at school or are they a full time homemaker?  come back tomorrow, i'm very excited to have a guest blogger who i think is absolutely fantastic.    she'll share all of this & more.

 one more thing, i want to introduce you to Deborah.
"I am working with my niece, Jessica and Children's Hope Chest in a fundraiser for Trees of Glory, a children's day center in Ethiopia. They are in danger of losing the land between the school and the only working well unless they build a barn and put livestock on the land. We are trying to raise 5,600 to build a barn and buy 5 cows which would not only save the land, it would be a potential food and milk source for them with possible future revenue maker"
here is a link to her blog if you would like to support her awesome cause.


Between You and Me said...

that little girl of yours is a

she is too stinkin' cute.
i love the hat from hannah anderson
i think i want one.

can't wait to see pics of that tree with those lights glistening against your new pure awesome wood floors!!!

and, looking forward to the guest post...

Kat said...

Caroline has some serious style!

The Rural Life (aka Cornbread Fed) said...

Her style is so fab and I love her hair in those first couple pics so much! :)

Urban Farmgirl said...

Your Caroline is one crazy cute girl! LOVE the red coat outfit, she looks fabulous!

Hmmm...guest post...I can't wait to see who!


Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Sweet P! Your girl is such a beauty. And I am entirely jealous that you are still having such nice weather! Can't wait to see your guest poster. I love hearing how other women deal with those very same things. Have a wonderful day, friend!

Lissa said...

she is such a little cutie.

we had the exact same black friday as you. Neal left walmart completely irritated and then I went out with my family and had a great time. Spent way to much and had to do returns on Monday. It's so easy to get carried away in that hype! fun though!

Leslie said...

What a cutie pie! Sounds like you had a nice holiday!

Debby said...

Love your photos of your little girl. What a cute one of her and her daddy.

Deborah said...

Your little girl is adorable with style.

My black friday was spent loving on grandson #4 (5 months). Never had to venture our because this year (finally) my shopping was done before Thanksgiving. That has been a goal of mine for the past 5 years yet I usually find myself still shoppping on Christmas Eve and having sleepless nights (and nightmares) that I wake up Christmas morning without presents for everyone. I'm a happy Mom (Nana) this year.

Looking forward to the guest post and thank you again for your help.

Shannon said...

Her outfits are adorable!
How sweet she is always being your lil' model and letting your photograph her.

I went out for Black Friday as well and actually had a lot of fun also. I don't know where all those horror stories come from ;)

Wendy @ The Shabby Nest said...

I tell you what...L'il Bit (just love that nickname) is quite the fashion diva. Loved everything she wore. And I'm sure my Princess would to.

Excited to see photos of your decor...I'm hoping you'll post them?

As for getting everything done...I always feel like I'm behind the 8 ball...floundering to get it all accomplished and not really doing so. I feel like I put on a good show, though... ;-)

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

You and the girls are always so stylish, so I loved that you posted where you bought all these adorable fashions!! These photos of C totally ROCKED!

Sounds like you had a wonderful thanksgiving holiday!!

Anxious to see who you will have visiting the blog tomorrow:)

Happy Holidays to you and your sweet family~



Cold in chicago said...

You forgot to mention anything about strep throat!
Sweet photos of your fashonista... I'm thinking Fin needs a what he's wearing post all to himself.
Nice chatting with you this morning;-)
your photos are the best...

Simone said...

That little girl has SUCH great style, now where did she get that from?! ;)

She looks fabulous - love the hat & the dress especially, she is gorgeous!

Will check out the blog link :) xx

Dana said... mean Mom's aren't really supposed to self-diagnose OR take expired antibiotics???? uh-oh! :-)
{usually makes me feel better}

I think your lil bit could wear a paper sack and make it look adorable!

Always enjoy your encouraging words...

Happy Decorating!

Jboo said...

She is a cute little fashionista!! But really, with you as a Mom and those adorable sisters -- I am not too surprised! :) That photo of her and Dan is so sweet!


Clare said...

love, love all of those outfits and her style, that little dress from tj maxx is great, i want one!!

traci said...

She is quite the style maven. I need her help. She is so cute. Hope your thanksgiving was wonderful.

Farmgirl Paints said...

so so cute:) I think modeling is in that girl's future!!

homebody0404 said...

Love, Love the pic of Dan and little bit hugging! She sure is cute, what a fun age!! Glad to know your Black Friday was not too crazy. We went out just for fun and got some bargain electronics. Nothing on my Christmas list was on sale, oh well.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I will be honest. I don't like what I was thinking as I was looking at these adorable pics, but it was this: I wish I had enough money to dress my daughter so nicely.

Privet and Holly said...

Wonderful take
on what I wore!
And Perimeter Mall
brings back so many
wonderful memories
from my parent's days
in Dunwoody!!
Happy Thursday, Paige.
xx Suzanne

LuLu said...

She has the cutest clothes!!!! Can't wait to see your tree :)