Saturday, December 25, 2010

christmas eve. the good the bad & the ugly

yesterday started out great
but in an effort to keep it real, i'll give you the whole story.

savannah received a large packet from the honors program
at UGA
inviting her to their program!!!
that's huge.
obnoxious mom alert here
please forgive me
but supposedly 2% of students are actually invited.

so proud of that girl!!!

we got all ready to head out to our church's Christmas eve service.
took pics with each of my girls
which is a rarity in itself!
the weather was beautiful & in the 50' kinda winter i'll admit!

the service was great but ran a bit late.
no biggy right?
so we stopped in to waffle house for a quick bite.
which turned into the dinner from hell.
which honestly is not the usual drama at waffle house
(& yes tesha, i do eat at waffle house!)
we waited & waited & waited
only then to be served the wrong food.
it was ridiculous.
one of the girls accidentally spilled cherry coke all over dan.
& i do mean, all over dan.
i snapped at one of the girls on the way out.
got in the car & tried to simmer down.
i was the one  in charge of my disposition
not waffle house.
just all that & pms on the same night, not a good mix.

came home
at 9flippin30
feeling the night slipping away
did two loads of laundry
( for said cherry coke drenched clothing)
took a hot bath & realized i needed to adjust my 
crappy attitude.
the girls were resilient 
& inspired me to choose a happy disposition.

we hid the pickle ornament in the tree
& timed each of them as they searched for it.
the winner being able to open the first gift
on christmas morning
& choose their favorite bag of candy.

caroline had declared her domination only to be shut out by big sissy.
a little consolation cup of milk & we were back in business.

on a serious note,
my heart has been completely full of thoughts & prayers for
( click on hyperlink to read her story)
she lost everything in her home as it burned to the ground a few days ago.
her family is safe
& i rejoice in that.
however, my heart is broken for all she lost.
i can't imagine.

i described edie to my family as an amazing woman.
she is a historian , making the simple moments in her home magnificent.
a family practice physician who recently left her practice to stay home & raise her family.
she does all things
& does all things well.
gorgeous, intentional, brilliant, spiritual,amazing mom.
she has been a huge inspiration to me.

please remember her in your prayers.

ps....i just looked outside & its snowing!!!
a Christmas miracle in Atlanta
i may prefer my 50 degrees but snow on Christmas is magical

Merry Merry Christmas to each of you
your comments, emails & friendships have blessed me immeasurably!!


Farmgirl Paints said...

i'm pmsing too girl...not great when food is all around! geesh!! heard about edie and just blogged about her too. my heart is so broken for them. i can't even fathom it. loved all the fam shots. good to see you in there too for a change. i heard you were gettin' snow...made me smile:)

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Merry Christmas and much love to you tonight Paige!

I don't know Edie, but feel so sad for her loss! How awful.

Enjoy the snow. So wising we had a little bit here too.


Tina said...

Oh Paige! I had not previously read Edie's beautiful blog, but I instantly recognised her profile pic from comments she leaves on other blogs. My heart and prayers are with her and her family at this incredibly sad time ~ x

Your post is as beautiful as ever, I loved seeing your girls looking for the pickle ornament in your tree, how fun!! Enjoy the snow, our girls would love to see snow at Christmas time. Merry Christmas, lovely lady ~ Txx

Kelli said...

What a day! I think we all have those days and it just takes a moment to refocus. I love the game of hiding something in the fun. I hope you Christmas was a joyous one. My heart is heavy for Edie as well.

The Avery House said...

Many blessing to you and your family Paige. I have come across your blog from Edie's and I truly couldn't have expressed how you described her in this post any better. Paige, I feel you will be an extreme comfort to Edie for knowing God's love in extreme loss. You too allow God's love to shine through you and inspire others with your abundant faith. I am praying for Edie and her family and feel certain God will bring blessings from this tragedy. Enjoy your beautiful family on this holy day of our Lord's birth.

Susanne said...

We all have our days Paige , and this time of year , lets face it ... we are not perfect. Forgive yourself and hug those family members ! Happy Christmas , Suz

Kat said...

Merry Christmas, Paige. I too had a sour attitude yesterday. In addition to a massive head cold, I was feeling sad and homesick and missing my family back in Nova Scotia. (Christmas Eve is always hard for me because that, along with Christmas is when I miss them the most.) Despite the fact that I was surrounded by the whole Hamilton clan, I was still sad. It wasn't until I was standing beside my beautiful mother in law, arm in arm, both of us with tears streaming down our faces during church, that it clicked and my attitude changed. I was crying because I missed my parents and my sisters and family back home, she was crying because she was surrounded by her whole family and it brought her so much joy. In that moment, I felt so richly blessed to be a part of it and my sadness simply melted away. Family really is a wonderful gift indeed.

Leslie said...

Love it how you keep it real. I wish our holidays were all magical but, kids, overeating, etc... makes for some not so magical moments. Congrats to Savannah, that is such wonderful news! I will have to keep Edie's family in my prayers. Love all your family photos, glad it is snowing for you~ we surely had a white Christmas. By the way, Dayton saw your card and said, "mom can we go on spring break with these girls???! " Oh boy! Merry Christmas sweetie!

Susan said...

You are the queen of photos my friend. Hats off to you.
To be quite honest, I've lost interest in taking photos alltogether. It must be the camera I have. Your photos are amazing, as always.
I was going back through your blog and looking at your family and is really fun to see the kids grow over time. Please note I said kids...I don't like what time does for me.
I'm happy to hear that you didn't let the Grinch keep a hold of your heart and that Christmas Spirit came through. It happens to all of us.

Kristin said...

All my beautiful people that I love dearly with all my heart. Yep, each one of you. And I am blessed.

My heart is broken for your friend edie and every other person that Wendy has mentioned this week in houses that have burned down for whatever reason that I just don't understand. Makes my heart just hurt. Praying God brings Edie and her family beauty for ashes in every way.

Love you my friend. Please know I am so grateful for you, your heart towards your family and your great heart towards others. I love you as my friend for that.

LLH Designs said...

I had to adjust my crappy attitude on Christmas Eve, too. Ditto PMS, but also an enemy attack. He is not pleased when we are focused on the worship of our King.

I appreciate your honesty. I hope you enjoy The last moments of 2010 with your precious family!


edie said...

your words have been his mercy to me. i am humbled and thankful and blessed. the love of christ has knit our hearts together in mysterious ways and i sit here and ponder how someone so far away, whom i've never met, could so graciously bear my burdens and say every perfect word of encouragement.
love you, thank you and may the God of all grace wrap us in his father arms and keep us in perfect peace.

Wendy @ The Shabby Nest said...

Merry Christmas! Wish we had had snow some today though....just a day late. :-)

Praying for strength for your dear friend.

Jo said...

Your family is just beautiful ~ the photo of you with each of the girls is just priceless.

I love how you keep life real and tell it like it is! I’m hoping this finds you in a happier disposition :)

I'm popping over to Edie's. How heartbreaking to lose everything especially this time of year.

Love your necklace ~ where did you get it?

Shell in your Pocket said...

What beautiful girls you have...

Having a Starbucks giveaway...would love for you to come over.

sandy toe

starting my water diet today said...

I can't believe you got snow..and that you blogged on christmas day.
I'm home laying on the sofa with mason..who can't talk..but it's okay cuz we are gonna learn us some sign language.

Jboo said...

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas - I'm sure you did! Great photos of your sweet family! Glad you liked the holiday snow -- we were blizzarded in last year with it and while it was fun, am glad the storm missed us this year! Happy New Year sweetie!


Alecia said...

You all look ADORABLE!!!