Friday, December 10, 2010

this week

we are absolutely thrilled.  savannah was accepted to University of Georgia!!
for those of you who aren't local, UGA has an early action application time, which is tougher to get approved for but Savannah found out friday that she's in!!
UGA has everything she wants
big SEC football playing school
greek life
great college town
& rigorous academics
(& dan and i are thrilled as it's only an  hour away!)

She is also applying to Auburn, UNC and probably an ivy--just to see)

she also celebrated her bestie's 18th birthday.
they had a weekend full of fun which included the midnight showing of rocky horror.
actually, is there any other time to see rocky horror?
& yes i allowed her to go. judge me.

some other images from the week....

i've looked for some new cowboy boots for a while. found a pair this week that i am completely in love with and might just be seen wearing on a daily basis.

 have also looked for a fun holder for blankets in the living room. ran across this one at restoration hardware.
the taller one is also quite fun but looked a little more hamperish to me. shout out to the rh employee that had the christmas spirit and sold me what was to be a catalog only item displayed in the store.

enjoying this lately
(tea cups from starbucks)

madison cheering in the varsity playoff game which technically was not this week but i wanted to include her :)

our 90pound "lap dog"

had to share some caroline funny's of the week.
do you?

little elf , affectionately known as little nick at our home
is mischievous and visits different places all over our home while we sleep. little bit wakes up each morning & hunts that little fella down.
during the day however, she wraps him in her favorite snuggly scarf & he sleeps by her christmas tree.

 went to tuck her in the other night & opened her closet to turn out the light & this is what i saw...

baby girl has a plan.
outfits all matched up for the week ahead & even little post it notes on future wardrobe choices.

i'm giving a varsity effort on keeping things calm around here.
almost done shopping
& even finished some wrapping.
completely enjoying listening to christmas music.
mercy me holiday mix as well as chris tomlin holiday mix on pandora are my current faves.
however if i never hear josh groban's 'o holy night', that will be aok by me.
sorry josh, never been a fan.

enjoy your weekend!
(we might see snow--which is completely unheard of in middle georgia in december!)
maybe santa will show up early with these!!!

if not, these will do just fine!


Simone said...

Oh, huge congratulations to Savannah, you must all be so proud of her Paige, how fantastic!!

LOVE the photos (as always!) the car stickers too!!

Laughing out loud at Elf on the Shelf snuggled up in the scarf!!

And love Caroline's wardrobe planning, she is so brilliant!

Off to play some Christmas music myself, have a great week-end! xx

cheryl said...

Savannah... can breathe!
I remember like it was yesterday.
Both of my loves went early...
so happy they did.
I love football.
Don't have a "southern" team to cheer for.
I think I have just found one.
Love that you share a snippet of your life.
It makes me smile.

vintage girl at heart said...

Go Savannah!!
I know she is thrilled and that y'all are so proud!!
Early admission rocks!!!
Just goes to show how very special she is!!
Love how you caught the bestie excitment!
Rocky Horror is a right of passage!! Just glad that the younger generation gets it!! Haha we are not that old..are we??
Yay for Madison too cheering varsity.
Emily mus be the quiet that the chair that came from Dan's parents that you made the fab slipcovers for???
And sweet Caroline..what a fashionista she is and her closet is very organized..I am impressed!!
Enjoy your
em!!! Tea and that RH tote too!!
Blessings for a Fabulous and maybe white weekend!!!

Between You and Me said...

okay. happy on so many levels.
yay for your sweet girl that is UGA bound. Oh please say she'll choose UGA over the others when she gets their acceptance letters.

I'm a UGA graduate...loved every minute of my time there.

I also have several of our former students that are GREEKAFIED so if she needs a rec....just let me know. :)

onto other things that made me happy about this post...
your boots! great day..they are perfect. wear them every single day if you can.

And, your Savannah, who has post it notes on future wardrobe ideas...I think I could be her best friend. Please know that I have been known to do that. And, I am not even kidding.

Polly said...

Yay for Savannah! I'm sure you are so proud of all of your girls! I am in awe of Caroline's organizational and planning skills! My closet never looked like that growing up!

You are so lucky to have gotten one of the tarp hampers at Restoration. I tried back in the fall when I first saw them in the catalog, but they were sold out!! Maybe Santa will bring me one!!

love the boots!

Happy Christmas!


Jen Kershner said...

What a great week! I enjoyed hearing about it. My little bit has zero interest in picking out her own clothes and still wants me to do it every day for her. Should I embrace that as long as possible or should I worry?

I tried on the wellies this week. I really want a pair but want the Loose Rein boots from Anthro more. Won't be getting either this year though!

Our Millie is also a lap dog. If you are on the floor she assumes it is for her. Luckily she is down to 78lbs so it's not as bad as Brinkley.

Congrats to Savannah. We are waiting to hear from the only school Maddie has applied to.

Talia said...

Congratulations to Savannah! Yippee! :)

Love the boots - would you share where you bought them with this Ohio girl who NEEDS them? :)

Love the wardrobe planning. I have a daughter who does the very same thing. I find it endearing.

Have a great weekend!

Farmgirl Paints said...

Oh congrats to your girl. And only an hour away...I could live with that! Super cute boots Paige. I'm sure you're ROCKIN' those babies out:)

Kelli said...

Congrats on her acceptance!!! That is major news. Sounds like you all had a wonderful week. I hope you have a great weekend.

Clare said...

awesome for savannah!!! she looks so happy and proud, that is amazing!! love the elf on the shelf so fun! bradley is obsessed with that little guy!

Fräulein Glückspilz said...

Such a beautiful blog, I will back again...
And congratulations for your beautiful daughter!


P.S.: Sorry, but my english is not so god!

annie said...

congrats to savannah! that's wonderful! and little caroline's post-its... just precious! made me smile this morning!

Lissa said...

congrats to savannah. love the cowboy boots! cmk is so adorable with her outfit lay out! The elf thing is so my kids! Every stuffed animal seems to get tucked in at night. so very cute. I wish my kids rooms were that neat and organized. I do my best but they're not headed down the ocd road with me. :( ha!

Jo Jo said...

Ok... seriously? Who's closet is that organized. I'm lucky if I pick out my outfit in time to make to work each morning.

I'm not Josh Groban fan either. My all time favorite Christmas song is O Holy Night by N*SYNC, which sounds odd, but they did such a good job and it's in accapella. You MUST check it out!

Jboo said...

Congrats to Savannah!! How exciting! Adorable photos!

Funny about the elf! And your girl's organization and clothes are so sweet! Luckily, my girl wears a uniform, so the big decision is what color polo to wear with it! :)

Have a fun weekend!

Firefly Hill said...

yay Savannah! one hour away is just perfect too...



Shannon said...

Gooo Savannah!!! how exciting and how proud you guys must be.
We also love the Elf on the Shelf, first thing Kayla does in the mornings is run in to find cute!
Love the outfits all put together with little post its, she def. knows how to be organized, lol.
Happy weekend to you and your lovely family :)

Kitty@Embraceable Life said...

Congratulations to Savannah! I know you must be so proud Mom. My baby girl got in too ( and we are over the moon thrilled for her. Maybe our two little ladies will cross paths sometime. :)

I continue to be awed by your beautiful photographs.

Tracy is ... Loving Pretty Things said...

love love LOVE this paige!

I was reading your blog the other day and my husband came by and said: "so, which blog are you reading?" I told him: "This fabulous Christian woman with an amazing story - she has a house full of girls and they live in the south" ... and I scrolled through to show him pics of your beautiful family. I said "They are so filled with joy" and he said "I can definitely see that".

I definitely know no life is perfect, and no one is happy ALL the time - and we use or blogs to host the happy moments, mostly - or else we would just depress ourselves....But there is something more about your blog. Amidst the trials you've shared and even through the many more that you haven't - there is a foundation of the Holy Spirit that fills the eyes of you & your family with JOY. It isn't something you see everyday...and I just had to let you know that it is *that* joy that blesses me everytime I read your posts. (Even though I don't comment as often as I would like!)

Hugs and Happy Friday!! (can you believe we have 1 Friday left before Christmas??? its all going TOO fast!)


Tammy said...

Great Post Paige. I always love seeing all of your beauties!! Very Happy for Savannah! and that little bit with her clothing layouts...too cute!
I used to have 4 lap dogs...but they are all running in the meadows of heaven right now...I do have a lap cat/dog/child ( Allie ) that is about 16 pounds...she's my baby!
Hope you do get snow...cause if you get it then maybe it will make it's way to Charlotte!!
Have a great weekend!
BTW...I LOVE those boots!
Tammy :-)

Mrs.B said...

YAY for Savannah! So...did y'all get any SNOW in ATL? We got a TINY flake or two on Wednesday!

Alison said...

1. Congrats to Savannah!

2. LOVE the new boots

3. That is one organized little girl!

amy~ the gypsy chick said...

great big congrats to your sweet girl!
i just discovered your blog & think that it is just adorable! i have a daughter that is a jr. in high school & we are just starting to look at colleges... aurburn sends us tons of mailers so we are thinking about checking them out, but we alike ol' miss, TXTECH & TCU.
lots of choices!

Jill said...

Happy Friday Paige,

What a fun week...I love reading about all the things your girls of every age are up to! I can't imagine the activity level at your house...thank goodness you have those cute boots to keep you on your toes!

Have a great weekend - snow in Georgia?? Wow! We are expected to get another foot in Minnesota... I think I will use the opportunity to stay home and bake!

Martha said...

Congrats, congrats to Savannah!!! That is absolutely so exciting for you all....what a happy week for your pictures and those post-its...cute, cuteness

Anonymous said...

I love your boots. I'm dying for a pair of Hunter's too.

College talk makes me queasy. We'll be going through that in two years.

puredesign said...

I usually just stalk your blog but had to say congratulations on your daughter's acceptance to her dream school. I have gone through that process twice now and it is just as exciting and nerve wrenching each time. It's always nice to see hard working kids so excited for their future. It's such a great time in their lives, with so much promise ahead of them. Enjoy every minute!

Susan said...

Paige I can just see you wearing those boots too. I see you wearing them with a cute little dress. I'm particularly adoring those red wellies though.
By the way...Lil' Bit is so stinkin adorable with her big puppy on her lap.

LLH Designs said...

LOVE your boots (I wear boots all the time down beer in Texas!) and love those baby dolls still hid in gin the closet of your budding fashionista!


Ashley said...

Wow Paige! What an exciting week at your house. Tell Savannah I said Congrats... and what about that cutie caroline??!? she is my find of girl (matching outfits and post its... TOOO CUTE!

traci said...

THE BOOTS ARE AWESOME!!!! i have 2 pairs and absolutley love them. sometimes i don't wear any other shoes. congrats to savannah. that is wonderful. how proud you must be.

Leslie said...

Wow, what a post!! So happy for Savannah, what a fine young lady she is! We have Elf on the Shelf too (Holly Jolly) and Myah just loves finding him every morning. I overheard her talking to him this morning, she fell hard last night and hurt her chin, she said"Holly Jolly, listen to me, 5 DS games, ok?" I had to laugh! I love Caroline's planning ahead, so cute!
Thanks so much for your sweet commment today, you just warm my heart, I felt your prayers all the way up north! Bless you! Love ya!

Privet and Holly said...

Oh, that first
picture says it
ALL ~ She's sooo
happy and I remember
that last year....
pins and needles!
I just saw my girl's
name in a program
with '13 behind it
and nearly fainted...
I'm not even close
to being ready to
let go....Maybe by
the time she's a
senior I'll feel okay
with it all? Loved
catching up with life
at your house. Hope
all is merry and bright
this weekend, Paige!
xx Suzanne

PS~Erin said...

Oh, how I love to read your blog. I've been missing out (c r a z y over here). It was so nice to pop and get a breath of fresh air. Have a wonderful rest of the weekend.

Suzanne said...

No excuses needed for including pics of your beautiful girls in your blog:) Love it all!
Go Savannah...GO DAWGS!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Loving all things about this post and special congrats to your sweet daughter! Also, the cowgirl boots are darling. I wear mine ALL the time. They are so comfy, and they just get better with age. I think I've had mine for almost two years now. Just love em! I especially like the square toe on yours. Super cute. Hope you get snow! I'm wishing we had a little to play in today! We've got ToNS of rain though.

Wendy @ The Shabby Nest said...

Loved this post! Congrats to Savannah! Lovin' that Caroline plans out her outfits for the week....wish I could get my Princess to do that. ;-)

Trish @TheOldPostRoad said...

Should you "block out" that license plate in that photo? There are so many weirdos in this world. (Just the over-protective pessimistic side of me.) (My daughter is "in" for next year, too - but is still choosing between Tech, Auburn, and UGA). Have a great day!

Kat said...

Congrats to Savannah, that's fantastic news!!! The pictures of her and her bestie are just precious. Love the pic of Brinkley sitting on Caroline's lap, too cute! Those boots are all kinds of awesome!

CarolinaGirl said...

Your girls are so stinkin cute!!! My husband is a Georgia Bulldog, and my brother is an Auburn Tiger! Can't go wrong either way! I know you are so proud. Way to go!! Love the post it notes on the clothes for the week. Too cute.