Monday, June 18, 2012

celebration of great men

this weekend, not only were we able to celebrate father's day
we were able to celebrate & honor
the 10 year anniversary of dan adopting savannah, madison & emily.
we had been married about three years by the time it was completed
& caroline was about 15 months old at the time
( right about the time we shot the above photo actually)

it's funny how things work.
madison & caroline looked so much alike especially as babies.
they obviously had two different biological daddies.
i felt neither looked like me.
when dan & i were first married,
it was not unusual for people to comment how much madi & her daddy ( dan) looked just alike
we would just smile & think, how cool is that?
then caroline, who's the spitting image of her daddy, was born.

i always felt emi & savannah looked just like gregg.

despite a rocky start over wedges and borrowed clothes
we had a great day celebrating & honoring dan
the memory of gregg
the legacy of dan's dad
& my dad.

louie gave an excellent message at passion city church
& reminded us the miracle we have of calling God
our heavenly FATHER.
that anyone missing the affirmation or love from an earthly father
has the creator of the universe who loves them like crazy
& is father.

 ( he looked mighty hot driving so i snapped a shot. naturally)

we asked dan how he'd like his day to roll out
& so we did just that.
we all worshiped together
i sat there with a thankful heart that all the girls love jesus.
they all took notes like crazy. we do that whenever louie speaks.

 we enjoyed a ginormous lunch at the original pancake house.
the big guy opened his very preppy gifts. 
although the girls weren't sure if his gifts were a " little too fruity "
or "frat worthy".
good grief.
come to the think of it, he never declared his opinion.
how dan is that?
i just know he's gonna be way too handsome in seaside 
sporting pink & coral shorts.

mom & dad came for a visit & gift opening
the guys talked about 17 year olds playing in the US open
& brink got some extra loving from my big dog loving dad

my mom gave dan this card in which she wrote
"happy father's day to the only man i know that can keep 5 women
happy & in boots"

i don't have to remind the girls to love on dan.
they each have a huge respect for him.
he's such an easy man to love
but they truly do love that boy.
i've heard each one of them state they want to marry a man like him...

i do not consider it a small thing
but a priceless blessing that i have been surrounded by godly men
that love the lord, love their wives & loyally love their families.
a legacy of great men...
dan, gregg, my brother corey, my dad and dan's dad.
we love each of you 
& thank god for your impact and blessing in our lives!


Sogni Siciliani said...

Great guy.... he certainly deserves to be surrounded by beautiful women!!! Glad he had a great day!!!

Kelli said...

Awesome...just awesome!

Susan R said...

Love this. The photos are usual.

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Wow!! he surely deserves a great Father's day. :)

You have to help me girl. I need new jeans and you always look so darling in yours... hElP!! (You're looking fantastic by the way!!)

Alecia said...

Such a sweet post...the coral shorts look great on Dan! You all are a beautiful couple and the pic with the girls lovin' on Dan is just PRECIOUS!!! Happy Father's Day & Adoption Day to your sweet fam!

chrissiwithab said...

lovely post and as always the photos are wonderful. when you and "miss pearls and grace" get together to do a book with prose and photos, i am in line. you two just amaze me.

Between You and Me said...

those last pictures of Dan with all the girls around him might be my most favorite that you've ever shown us.

You look beautiful, friend!!! LOVING that shirt...details please.

Lissa said...

You wrote all of these lovely words about serving Jesus and godly men and all I could think about is how cute y'all look in your sundresses and how jealous I am cuz our weather here stinks! If you see my photos of me wearing a sundress it's just because I'm trying really hard to have summer but we have 11 days of record lows so far... ugh!

Debby said...

Love the beautiful pictures. So much beauty inside and out. What an amazing father he is. I just love your family.

All Things Cherish said...

What a sweet, sweet post!

3 Peanuts said...

So sweet. I know Dan is a gem. You can tell. I am not sure Dave could hold up in a family of all girls!!!

LOVE the clothes you gave him. They are very preppy and cute.

Jodi said...

What a great post! Your sweet hunny is truely a gem; he just seems to go with the flow! :) I am not sure my hunny could easily flow with a house full of girls, although he does, just not as many. lol :)
I love seeing a pic of your Dad! I don't think in all the years of following your blog, I have seen a pic of your Mom or Dad! :) He looks like a great Dad! :) Father's Day is always bittersweet for me. I lost my Dad when I was 18 to cancer, even though I miss him terribly and would love to have him here, I know he is in a wonderful place right now with no pain.

Great tribute to the Fathers, Paige!

Jen Kershner said...

What a beautiful tribute to the wonderful men in your life. That Dan is a keeper for sure.

Jenn A said...

You are so blessed!! I love to read about your beautiful family. Do you ever share marriage tips, advice, experience? Especially with regards to being a Godly wife. I always feel like I have so far to go...