Thursday, June 21, 2012

her hard work pays off

i asked madison if could share her recent accomplishment with ya'll
so here goes...

madison was nicknamed little bird
& after being born 6lb 6 oz was a tiny little thing.
she hit puberty & it seemed like her metabolism decided to do it's own thing.
despite dancing upwards of 6-7 days a week at that time
she continued to gain some weight.

we went & had labs checked
thyroid checked
met with nutritionist 
none of my girls enjoy running outside "in front of everyone" with me.
i grew up running outside & so it's just what i do.
madison despite being a dancer was not a lover of other forms of exercise.
bless her prissy self,
the thought of getting sweaty in a crowded gym on machinery that others previously sweated upon
just grossed her out.

we tried lots of things
and she'd lose a little then it would sorta creep back on her again.
i was convinced her thyroid was out of whack.

then about a year ago she decided she wanted to start working out.
i didn't force her to go.
she would go on her time, the way she wanted to do it.
she is usually at the gym 6-7 days a week.
she made some changes in portions, nothing extreme
but just minor eating changes
& the weight began to come off.

then during a stunt at cheerleading she broke her nose.
surgery. then several weeks with no exercise allowed.
well, once she was cleared she got back in the saddle
& has been a regular at her gym.
( i still can't get her to run outside, in front of people with me but that's ok)

she's lost over 20 pounds in the last year! mostly in the last 7 months.
she's dropped a good 2 sizes.
at 5'4",  that's a significant change!
she looks like a different child.

( i still think her thyroid is off & we'll check that again this year)

yesterday i had the blue eyes
climb stone mountain with me.
we made the mistake of waiting until it was crazy hot
but little miss workout was quite the beast!

so proud of you madi !!


Love Being A Nonny said...

WOW! Just WOW! Tough thing to do at ANY age, but especially tough to diet at her age because everything they do revolves around fast food and bad for you food....not to mention peer pressure! Good for your Madi!! She looks AMAZING! (And the thyroid thing....keep checking. I was convinced with my son....sure enough. Two weeks ago he was put on meds after blood work showed he does indeed have a very low thyroid.

3 Peanuts said...

Good for her!!! She looks awesome and the most important thing is that she learned on her own how to take good care of her body. That is something she will need for life (after babies, mid life etc)

You know I totally noticed but am hesitant to comment about a child's body on a blog because someone once made HORRIFIC comments about Harry's body and I cried for days.

There are thing she can do naturally to boost thyroid too if you suspect that (foods, supplements).


Tracey said...

Great job Madi! Glad you lost weight and keeping it off with healthy habits.

amymck said...


Yesterday when I read your update and perused your pics of your beautiful "blue eyes" I noticed Madison and how wonderful she looked. She's so toned and muscular - and BEAUTIFUL! Heartfelt congrats to her! I loved the pics this morning.....I assume that the two of them are shoving it out for the "shotgun" seat in the one pic. Too funny.....<3 Know you are one proud Mama!

christina said...

Madison is beautiful inside and out. Always. All of your girls are. So very proud of her.

calicodaisy said...

Excellent! How I used to love climbing up and biking around Stone Mountain when growing up in Atlanta. Back in the 80s. Such a great park to have close by.

The BirdHouse said...

Although I would have NEVER
classified Madison as overweight, I have certainly noticed a change in her pictures over the past few months. I was wondering what "miracle" diet she might have been on. You can imagine my horror upon hearing that it was hard work and perserverence!!! haha UGH!!! I hate her!! Now she's gorgeous AND toned!!! haha On a different note: I miss you at work!!! So many changes....!! Hopefully I'll run into you somewhere one day...goodness knows it won't be hiking St Mtn!! haha

Unknown said...

That's so great!! Good for her. The earlier you learn a healthy lifestyle the easier it is to carry it with you into adulthood!

Love hiking stone mtn.....just don't know about doing it in this heat either!

Mrs. Dunbar said...

WOW way to go Madi! That is so mature of her to take matters in her own hands and stick with it. She looks great and is always so pretty and stylish any way.

Jboo said...

She looks fabulous!! Way to go Madi!! She's so beautiful -- all your girls take after you and are so pretty!

I understand her not wanting to run in front of people -- I try to only run in the early morning when no one is out! Ran one time later in the day or in the evening and some kids drove by and yelled not so nice comments about my running! Boo hoo!

Happy Thursday!

Kelli said...

Excellent :o)

Melissa Marie Head said...

Congrats to her! Sounds like she is making great choices early in life which will help her later. I am sure your running and exercise really helps make for a positive role model to her also

Jeannine said...

Madison looks fit and happy!

What an inspiration! This is just what I needed to read today. My motivation had just about dropped to zero, and then you post this. Thank you!

Amy Maze said...

that is so awesome! i have definitely noticed recently that her body has changed. she's always been muscular from cheering and dance probably, but i can tell she's smaller. she is beautiful at any size and i would have never said she was overweight, but she looks great!!!!

Heather said...

Good for her! She looks amazing and you must be so proud of her hard work. As others have mentioned, she has really learned a valuable lesson in taking good care of herself that will serve her well later in life.

Sheri said...

That is so awesome - she is beautiful - and a ROCK STAR! yay Madison.

Judy said...

i thought she looked like she'd lost some weight (not that she didn't look good before!) but WOW! she looks really great. i admire anyone that has that kind of discipline...i've been trying to get back to walking but have only done it one time this week, just lazy i guess.

congratulations to madi, she looks buff (or is that for guys only?) LOL!


Shannon said...

She looks great and is even fashionable while working out!
I've been eyeing that orange/cream purse I've seen her holding in a few pics in the you know what brand it is or where she got it from??
I think you need to talk her into starting up her own fashion blog :)

Anonymous said...

Madi your are an inspiration -- you look fit, and healthy

just ask beth said...

I TOTALLY was going to comment a few weeks back that she looked like she lost weight..but didn't want to comment on a childs weight.. she looked beautiful before and she should be proud of herself..

Susan R said...

Stone Mountain looks AWESOME.
Good on ya Madison Grace. I'll tell ya what, there's no denying that girl has strength and a wonderful sense of self. She's a gem. Look at Lil' Bit out there them both.

deanna0301 said...

Great job!! Hard work and persistence pays off!!

Deborah said...

Congratulations Madison,

This is an issue I know very well.

Again, so impressed. I remember the times I walked up Stone Mountain in my thirties and fourties and barely making it. I even see the spot in one of your pictures where I looked up and wanted to give up. But I didn't and I made it. I'd like to say what kept me going was will power, but what really kept me going was pride. I kept seeing elderly couples (in their 70s) who apparently belong to a club that walks it everyday passing me up. I'll be passing through Atlanta in July with one of my daughters and my nieces. Maybe I'll give it another try.
It would be nice to make it up in my 50's. Thanks for the inspiration.

Could I pick a hotter time. Ha

kasey said...

It's all about exersise! Way to go Madison;-)

Renee said...

WOW!!! Actually, I thought I was looking at Emily. (I was reading on my phone so the pics are kinda small). Congratulations, beautiful girl!!!!! Good job on healthy habits. You ROCK!!!!!

AndeM1 said...

Madi is such a pretty young lady......she looks great and the smile on her face shows how confident she feels!!!! Good for you Madi!!!!!

Diane said...

A huge congratulations to Madison, that is so awesome and I am so proud of her. To do it on her own, how she wants to, when she wants to is the best plan. Thank you so much for sharing the special story of her success with us. And, dang girlfriend that Stone Mountain looks like a day long project for me, you guys are doing great. It is so beautiful, it would give you some inspiration to get to the top that is for sure. xoxo

Leslie said...

She looks awesome! She always has though! Bless her heart! I was diagnosed with a thryroid problem when I was pregnant and it never went away, weight was never an issue until then, (still bugs me!)but I take a pill every day for the past 17 years now, it is a bugger to deal with! Glad she is a self motivator, that is a great characteristic to have!

Debby said...

She looks amazing. That's hard work. Great will power and committment.

All Things Cherish said...

Wow! Kudos to her for being dedicated and doing itin a healthy manner, she's beautiful! I wish my stomach looked that good!

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Madi looks amazing! Congrats to her for working hard and committing. I'm happy that SHE is happy. She was beautiful before, and she's beautiful now!

Anonymous said...

She looks AMAZING..
Way to go..

Vintagesquirrel said...

All of your girls are strong and beautiful. I know they understand that a woman's body will fluctuate during life, but they should always be proud of it.

Marci @All Things Wonderful said...

That is awesome! I know you are a proud Mama! And what a blessing for her to feel so proud and confident!

RobinfromCA said...

Good for her!! I need to take her example. I broke my foot and have been off my feet for three months. Well, 25lbs later I have finally, just this week, been cleared for rehab and exercise. I hope I look like Madi does when I'm through!! I may need to refer back to these fab pictures of her every so often for inspiration!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

That is such an accomplishment! Give her a little squeeze of congrats from me (even though she doesn't know me). Now can you send her over here to whip me into shape?? LOL

DeeDee said...

Hi Page, I didn't see a way to email you. Just wondering if you have tried Iodine Plus 2? I clicked on the link under your post. I just want some feedback on it before I buy. Thank you!

Shaz said...

Oh well done Maddi - you look great. Really terrific effort. x

Jenn A said...

Gorgeous girls, inside and out!!!

Ruth said...

Congrats to her. What an awesome accomplishment. She is learning weight control the correct way and not with fad diets. She looks beautiful, strong, and toned. Good for her.

Razmataz said...

Good for her, she looks stunning...truly a gorgeous girl. Keep it up Madison. I know how hard it is...I struggle all the time and still at 50 get people making nasty comments. If there was one thing I wish I had kept on top of it was my weight. You are a beautiful girl...stunning eyes and smile.

Anonymous said...

Aw congrats to her.She's beautiful!

Ruth said...

What a great accomplishment Madi! Your hard work definitely shows! You are inspiring!!

Anonymous said...

Well, I could tell but didn't want to ask because we have to be SO careful with young women and body image and I certainly didn't want her to think she didn't look good before. But she looks FABULOUS!! Tone and fit just makes a huge difference. She is beautiful no matter what size...inside (from everything you have shared) and out!! :)

Alecia said...

Way to go Madi...I noticed she seemed to be melting away...she's always looked super cute & fit from dancing...even more so now...what a HUGE accomplishment! Very inspiring...thanks Madi for allowing your mom to share - you are an encouragement for sure!

Simply Me Art said...

She looks Amazing! All of your Girls are Stunning. The weight issue with young girls is a very tricky thing. We too, have had several issues with weight with my 17 year old and with the help of a wonderful therapist and Pilates, my girl feels good about herself, body and mind. One of the hardest things in my life as a Mom to a daughter, is to raise a confident young woman who feels good about herself. Weight is a struggle for many of us, myself included, being healthy is tough and teaching our girls to be healthy is very important. I know with my girl, we have to be very careful everything we say and really watch how we say it when it comes to weight and body image. This world we live in isn't easy to say the least for young girls, I give you so much credit for raising such wonderful girls. Congratulations Madi, you look even more Gorgeous and I'm sure you feel Fabulous too.

Privet and Holly said...

So proud of her and
I'm sure you've been
the best supporter,

My girl is on a very
similar journey and
hoping to start her
senior year 20 lbs
lighter. As you say,
it most definitely has
to come from THEM.
You can lead a horse
to water, right?

Gorgeous pics, my
friend, of two very
photogenic girls!

xo Suzanne

Jodi said...

I was just going to ask you privately the day before you posted this if she was up to something. She looks FABULOUS! I could tell especially in her face. I am so proud of her and her accomplishments; it's tough and take a lot of determination. I know, I have been through it and continue to fight with weight issues.

What an awesome place to hike, I wish we had some place like this here!
Take care! Jodi