Wednesday, June 13, 2012

be{tween} and a special for you!

i'm tickled to introduce you to the 
designed and created by my rockstar friend ashley.

"be{tween} Collection is a pima cotton original line for tween-aged girls sizes 7-14. These girls have graduated from ruffles...or at least the ones they have worn since birth. Created by designer Ashley Eiler, fabric and all, each original garment is designed to compliment another piece or be worn on its own. Whimsical yet grown up a bit...incredibly yet meeting the needs of a mother who is hanging on to the sweet memories of matching outfits."

the line is made of peruvian pima cotton which is amazingly scrumptiously soft
but please allow for shrinkage. ( a full size)
unless you line dry.

this line was birthed in order to bring fun fashion options
to the ever so challenging tween age 
that both moms and young girls can agree upon.

ashley is an amazing entrepreneur
who runs about 5 companies.
no lie.
she's training up quite the gymnast
& a super smart young man.
i love that woman with a big love.
& yes, we met through blogging and she quickly became one of my favorite
people on the planet.

as i type this, my minivan driving uber cool friend
is being interviewed & featured on her local news
in birmingham
for this very line!
atta girl ashley!!

we headed out to shoot a handful of the pieces
that ashley goes in to great detail to explain right here
so please check that post out for any questions you might have.
the jewelry can be found here
 your shopping options are here
& you can find them on facebook here

ashley has offered a special 30% off
AND free shipping for you!!
enter code LOVEPAIGEK

comfy enough to perform aerials

 madi finding a playlist to inspire some loosening up of our model

which resulted in an impromptu dance off
 & a one direction concert

fyi,  madison is wearing the dulce necklace and embira seed bracelet
from noonday

 & thank you to my handsome assistant!


Jeannine said...

Just in time! My daughter's 8, and I am not liking what I see in the mall! Fortunately, she wears a uniform for school, but these items look just right for days off!

Debby said...

Such a great thing. My oldest granddaughter is now 9. She still looks like a little girl. Here they go to intermediate school in 4th grade.....I know, but it's okay as her Daddy teaches in that school. She has outgrown the cutie Gymboree and now buys clothes at Justice.......I don't care for those.....but I do like your friends line. I know, I am the Grammy, not the mom or the girl but hey I have rights, he he.
Little Bit is just beautiful. You can't hold her still. Adorable.

Lolo @ The Adventures of Stig and Lolo said...

Adorable!!! I am so sad that my lil one is not quite lil anymore :( Love all the pics as usual Paige!!
Your daughters are seriously drop.dead.gorg <3

Between You and Me said...

i think dan the man is amazing.
and, don't you think for a solid second that I wouldn't wear those outfits TODAY if I could.

SO impressed with this line of clothing!

Polly said...

your posts inspire me so much....if only i could have had babies.

Tiffany said...

beautiful, lovely, sweet, fun, pretty - delightful post!

ALL of your girls could be professional models - you capture them so wonderfully - makes me wish we lived closer so you could do a family shoot for me!

have a GREAT day sweet Paige!


3 Peanuts said...

CUTE CUTE CUTE! I think this is a GREAT idea as I am not liking what I see a lot of tweens wearing these days.

Maggie said...

Madison's boots...... I AM IN LOVE!!!!!!

kayla said...

Yes....please give us a source for the boots!!!! Beautiful family!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Adorable. all of it. :)

Maria said...

This line is gorgeous. I can't wait to get some for ERH. But, I was browsing through the photos of Caroline, realizing that I first stumbled upon your blog when you won a Heidi Swapp contest using a photo of Caroline (and she was LITTLE). That can't have been that long ago right? WRONG. My how time zooms by. Sigh. Caroline looks so grown up in these photos. She is beautiful just like her older sisters. And Maddie is a knock out. I love her hair cut!

Ruth said...

I love Madison's sweater...does she make that for adults?

Ruth said...

I love Madison's sweater...does she make that for adults?

Anne Marie said...

Paige...these are awesome shots....and I absolutely love your daughter's spirit!

have a great weekend!!
Anne Marie

Love Being A Nonny said...

Since when did tweens get this cute? Seriously LOVE the clothes! Your daughters are perfect models. Wow, you are some kind of blessed girl!

katie purcell said...

My favorite picture of the shoot.....of course, it was Dan carrying the jar of flowers.
What love for his girls.

Alecia said...

Those clothes are sooo stinkin' CUTE!!! Could Caroline & Madi be any more beautiful...seriously?!? Beautiful pics of your lovely girls.