Friday, June 08, 2012

make up favorites by an amateur

it's so funny that i would even dare talk about my favorite makeup products
because i'm not in the loop

i am, however, flanked by a plethora of teenagers,
an 11 going on 15 year old,
who know all things MAC and are truly professional make up lovers.

let me prove my points:
1. the other day caroline asks to give me a makeover.
she then proceeds to use phrases such as 
"my favorite MAC color is trax velvet"
"this powder gives a flawless finish"
"shall i give you a smokey eye or a natural eye?"

2. sweet abby passed down some makeup she no longer uses
to little bit ( said 11 going on 15 year old).
however when i saw the most gorgeous MAC set
that was going to be just a tad too grownup for her, 
i explained that 
 i would gladly be a good steward of the set.
until she grows up a little more anyways.

3. my favorite blogger, edie, told me at the pearl event
that she had a glorious make-up post in her archives.
how did i miss that?
i vowed to read her blog, beginning to present day
to unlock her secrets.
she's at my fingertips so i can shoot over quick inquiries too

4. big mama has awesome make up tips.
she says bobbi brown's shimmer brick is a must have.
so clearly
that'll soon join the inventory.
hey i'm a follower. what can i say.
 back in the day 
i was a makeup artist for Lancome.
i rocked if i do say so myself.
of course, bragging about one's skills two decades ago is surely acceptable.
i had the finest makeup and knowledge and skills
total package. it was awesome.
i was 20. sheesh.
if i had all those fabulous skin care items now....
now i'm just an oldie with dry skin 
with chanel taste on a covergirl budget.

so after all those disclaimers,
 here are a few of my favorite things anyways~

a sweet friend gave me moroccan oil as a christmas gift a couple years ago.
jackpot. awesome gift. love it on my hair, my face, my nails. love it.

my skin is super dry
i've never worn foundation until madison, my live-in makeup/fashion
expert, introduced us.
love at first site.
it's almost like a tinted moisturizer with a little more oomph.

if i were a millionaire
this would totally be a part of my daily routine.
at $400 a jar
i'm living on samples
so if you're ever at the chanel counter & want to pull the old..
"my friend recommended that i try sublimage" and then proceed to mail 
the sample to moi. we'll be best friends forever.

being a teenager in the 80's 
you may be surprised to know that i don't actually wear blush anymore
except for this one.
it's almost more like a bronzer.
& yes ma'am the color is called orgasm.
text me your funny dialogue that occurs when you go to the counter
and ask for orgasm.
lord have mercy. surely named by a man.
but you'll love the color so just suck it up & do it.

aveda brow definer. 
love it but obviously need to try the one edie recommends.

after i put on my little whipped mousse 
i add some bronzer.
thankfully i'm all out of these
so i can now justify the bobbi brown bronzing shimmer brick. sweet!

urban decay naked 2 palatte.
what else can i say.

what i use since i can't afford what i really love.

urban decay gloss.
ya'll i'm a lipgloss hoarder.
i'm not just talking burts bees either.
i mean from chanel to mac to victoria secret to wet & wild-- i have them all
& in abundance at all times.
i always have a plethora of options.
if you ever do a photo shoot with me
you'll hear the following...
"did you bring some gloss"
it'll be on my grave marker i'm certain.

mac lip liner. awesomeness

aveda phomollient
adds a little life to my fine hair

sweet abby girl turned me on to rockaholic
bought because of the bottle and the name.
packaging snobs unite.

l'oreal mouse blush is wonderful
for just a little natural sunkissed look.

i may or may not be a tad ADD.
i'm betting you feel a little dizzy after this post
done completely out of sequential order
if you have a favorite, can't live without makeup secret
please share

(i just realized i didn't tell you my favorite eyeliner & mascara.
black eyeliner. always. to me...


Unknown said...

Wow, now that's a lot of products!!! I'm impressed by your knowledge, experience and know-how this post!!

I know I'm going to be checking out one or more recommendations from here for sure :) XX

Rebecca Anderson said...

Bobbi Brown shimmer brick is a.w.e.s.o.m.e!! I love it. I am also a sucker for pretty packaging. And I love MAC lipliner too. My current favorite MAC lipgloss is Love Nectar. It's a perfect nude-y pink color. I also love the Mary Kay satin lips set, and MK oil free eye makeup remover. Have you heard of Birch Box? It's $10/month and you get a box full of goodies! All kinds of fun samples. my last box had a tinted lip balm by Sugar, some fun gold nail polish, Dr. Jart water fuse beauty balm, a twistband hair tie and some fun note cards.

For hair my favorite thing EVER is Rockaholic shine blaster. it smells AMAZING and makes my hair so shiny and textured.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the tips....I LOVE the Bobbi Brown shimmer brick! Feel like it gives my 40-something year old skin the shimmer it needs.

Tracey said...

The best black eyeliner that I will never go without -- Makeup Forever Aqua Black. It's a creamy waterproof eyeliner that is super easy to put on with an angled eyeliner brush. The eyeliner will last all day! I just bought my 2nd one but the 1st lasted 4 years. That's a big bang for your buck and I use it daily.

Bare Escentials powder foundation, bronzer, Mineral veil and Well Rested eye brightener

Nars Orgasm blush

Urban Decay 1 eyeshadow or Bare Escentials The Cocktail Hour or Stila kitten with Nars purple.

Neutrogena Volume waterproof mascara (I used to use Volumunous but it would clump a lot)

I hoard lip gloss and always put it on but most of the time I end up with just some chapstick on at the end of the day!

slip4 said...

Thanks for this list! And I will read the comments too. I rarely wear very much makeup (and at 49, it's time, it's time!) I love love Edie and Big Mama too. Do you have to buy most of these things at Sephora? We have one in town, just not real near by. Maybe I could look at Ulta. Somehow my daughter managed to learn good techniques without my help. And like you, I am a follower, but I tend to think of it as a "sponge" :)

peach said...

love kiehls tinted moisturizer (Medium) and almay eyeliner(stays on forever) also use the bobbi brown brick

XO Peach

Susan R said... next post is going to be about my make up and beauty routine...which will expalin a lot.
I do love Aveda products and MAC is my fav.

3 Peanuts said...

I am so out of the loop. I am impressed with your knowledge of so many products!!!

My favorite all time mascara is L'oreal telescopic. it is amazing and everyone asks me what mascara I use.

Anonymous said...

Great post..I will have to check out some of these items for sure..I use Bare Escentuals makeup and Philosophy for cleaning my face..I love them and have used them for about 8 years now..The eye shadow set you have here looks very inviting and I love the colors..I am definetly checking that one out..Have a wonderful weekend..

Judy said...

wellll, since you brought up the orgasm blush, let me tell you a story that involves an "uh oh" moment I had many years ago.....I was at lunch with some lawyer co-workers and a client (bank president & his secretary)when we started talking about stuff we were helping our kids study...I mentioned that the night before I had helped my son study "orgasms" for a science by one everyone got up to leave but my friend asked me did I realize what I'd said...when she told me I told her I meant "organisms"....years later I saw that same bank president at a dinner and we had a good laugh...but now I have to make myself think twice whenever I talk about "organisms"!

Sorry about the long comment but I just had to share!


brockey said...

Oh Paige I hate to be a Debbie downer but if you do some research you will find out that most if not all those product are expensive and harmful to your skin...

Holly said...

Ah I am the girliest non girly girl ever!! and I LOVE make up!! I used to sit in my granny's bathroom and watch her put on hers, she would never leave the house without any on! Must be why I don't leave without it either! I could spend hours in sephora! I love Laura mercier tented moisturizer. I have been wearing the Nars orgasm blush since college and the first time I told my mom what it was called she was shocked speechless! And I am chapstick person all the way - I love burts bees new tinted chapstick, i have the hibiscus. And I am totally a sucker for pretty packaging and living with a boy who didn't grow up with sisters absolutely does not understand!!

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh love it! Love the shimmer brick, also you all must try Guerlain's Terracotta bronzing powder. It is the absolute best. I first tried it when my brother's French wife introduced me to the bronzer many many years ago. Since then, it tops the Allure best product list every year. As does L'oreal Voluminous mascara, which I have used forevah!! Also love the Urban Decay shadows, and eyeliners from Makeup Forever. I have a list a mile long, but will end with Essie's Chinchilly grey polish. I wear it all the time and get TONS of compliments. Love you Paige. Oh, and do you use NoAd sunscreen?? Me too! Love it.


patricia e said...

thanks for the tips and the products ideas ~ great to share ~ one of my all time favorite finds is L'OREAL STUDIO SECRETS PROFESSIONAL MAGIC PERFECTING BASE ~ little dabs are all that's needed to turn your face into a silky smooth surface (soft as a babies bum lol) Just buy the small jar to try will love it

Bethanie said...

oh girl...that lip gloss line got me...I have so many in my make-up bag that eventually I feel the need to take a few out...then, I think "oh, I need a new lip gloss...." If it's a cute package, its mine. Im that way with pens, make-up, if its cute, its in my shopping cart...its a sickness.
I LOVE Smashbox eyeliners that you use with a brush, cant think of their proper name, they're in a little pot. Anyway. LOVE them, cant go back to a pencil. Elf actually has some for $3.00 vs the $18 of Smashbox.
My daughter (16) is obsessed with make-up, she's never met a tube of mascara she didnt love...but she's dying for the Naked's all I hear about!

My go-to chapstick is Burts Bees, we have tubes of it laying all over the house. Love the Pomegranate one best!!

Loved this post!! :)

Anonymous said...

Several months ago in a post you had a photo of some personalized note cards. Yellow & white stripes with a silhouette and your name underneath. I can't remember what brand or website. Please help! Thanks for any info. My e-mail is

Between You and Me said...

I'm no professional when it comes to makeup/beauty know-how, but I do have a few favorites....
Benefit has FABULOUS mascara...
Lancome eyeliner rocks.
Lancome Powder is smooth and seems to last me for hours.
I love Kenra hairspray # 25

love your products that you mentioned!

Andrea said...

Good post. I've used some of those product. Black eyeliner is great if applied with a light hand especially if one is over 40 and lets not forget sunscreen under whatever makeup especially if you're in the sun.

Anonymous said...

I love that Urban Decay eye palette also, and it is amazing that I purchased as I am CHEAP and I don't care about designer labels or packaging. Oh I like things to be pretty but I am not going to pay more for something just because of the way it is packaged. I tried a friends UD palette, however, and just has to splurge, those colors are so wearable and silky.

I have shared here before that I love organic jojoba oil for skin and hair, you need just a tiny bit.

I like that voluminous mascara apart from the fact that a tube seems to dry up more quickly than any other mascara I have dried.

Paige, full disclosure, I am an esthetician and I work for Elizabeth Arden, but I will gladly back up my claims by sending you free samples if you want. Prevage Day Lotion with SPF is better than Chanel Sublimage, and half the price.:) I don't like the heavier Prevage night cream though, I have to say. I'd be AMAZED if my boss or any EA manager reads this blog, so hopefully I am safe saying that!;)

Oh, I try different foundations and I always go back to Almay Nearly Naked, it is soo smooth and silky, lightweight and blends beautifully. The Elizabeth Arden Pure Finish Liquid Mineral Tinted moisturizer is OF COURSE very nice also (shhh, I just prefer the Almay)!


Brantlee said...

Long time reader first time commenter. I need to step things up a bit! Gotta get to ulta and sephora pronto!!

{edie} said...

I'm gonna need a few hours to take in all the goodies suggested here Miss Paige! And you and the rest of the Ku-nudsen's are right on the top of my list. Love y'all something fierce.
Girls with library buns unite,

Jill said...

Some of my favorites: Lancome' Dual Finish powder, L'Oreal Million Lashes mascara, MAC spice lip pencil, Revlon Colorstay lipcolor, Amazing Grace spray body oil, love the Moroccan oil! I've never worn liquid foundation or eye shadow! Loved seeing your picks.

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

I LOVE all this because I am at a make up roadblock. I have "more mature" skin all of a sudden... and my Bare Escentuals mineral make up is starting to look yucky. I am going to try that whipped mouse stuff. I also MUST try that blush... I just have to drive to the BIG CITY of Seattle (2 hrs) to get to a place that sells Mac. But one of these days I'm trying it! Thanks for all the great products!

JenP said...

Oh, will definitely have to try some of these! Thanks for the tips. My newest fave is the Smashbox BB Cream, it's kind of like a tinted moisurizer/primer in one and is awesome! I've been using the Laura Mercier tinted moisterizer for years and then tried the Smashbox BB and it stays fresh all day! Also love the Smashbox eyelid primer.

Kelli said...

okay... been wearing mary kay day radiance since I was 16.. using the cleanser/moisturizer that long too! But then I swear by Smash Box's bronzer powder. after that it's any blush i can find, and eye shadow and liner, and any mascara that won't make my lashes go straight after I spend the time to curl them. and i have to have paul mitchell hair spray. have to!

Anonymous said...

The best powder for my old face that still has acne is Studio MAC fix. Love, love, love it.

Anonymous said...

If you are "out of the loop" when it comes to make up, I found a great video blog on utube...she has grat tutorials and shows what she buys (hauls). Great site to visit to get inspired. I know I was kind of stuck in the 80's when it came to putting on make up. Her video blog is called MrsGoldGirl. Check it's a great timewaster lol.

Michelle from Canada

Lolo @ The Adventures of Stig and Lolo said...

I dont know how I missed this post, but I love it! I am not a super makeup kinda girl, but I love seeing what other people wear ;)
Right now I am loving on Garniers BB Cream (its a tinted moisturizer). I like it cuz I dont wear foundation, but need a lil bit of coverage as I am getting older (ugh).

ps - I had to check out the Nars Blush on Sephora, and OMG...the color next to it was called "Deep Throat"?! I mean, really?!? Yikes - I dislike some of their names for teenage girls that purchase their makeup :(