Thursday, June 07, 2012

the lately in our home & why i love pictures

i've always been a visual person.
i connect with an image, 
i plant that image in my heart & see it over and over.
my love for photography began back in highschool
& is in overdrive these days.

instagram, iphones,
any phone with a camera honestly
i love it all.

last night i was doing a noonday show at a friends home 
while the rest of my family was out & about.
this morning i checked instagram, as i obsessively do each morning
& saw the next two images...
i know i did a big smile when i saw these.
i've mentioned savannah's home this summer doing an internship with our church.
well once a week, our church loads up buses of ( primarily students) folks
& heads in to clarkston.
clarkston is the largest area of multi-ethnic muslim refugees
( i think) in the united states
& it's basically around the corner.
basically they roll in and love on and play with the children
who are always eager to see them.
so that's where my emi, caroline & savannah were...

meanwhile madison had just gotten back from cheercamp
so she & dan ventured to a new food place.
i love that she apparantly loved spending time with her daddy.

those phones are worth their weight in gold
capturing those images!

so, speaking of phone photos...

brinkley waiting on a playmate

emi & her sweet friend

my reading stack. well it was. i've finished a few of these by now.

last day of 5th grade pool party

mother daughter matching. again.

heading to church. twins.

my hydrangeas

tiny dancer

rosemary from the garden for homemade pizza

he shops for golf shoes.

he never shops.

retro bathingsuit beauties

switch to summer themes on the photoboard

she stretches.

we go to the pool. finally.

summer reads. from a sweet friend.

perfect summer weather before it gets africa -hot in atlanta

breakfast date with my sweetie.
getting carded for my mimosa!

awesome trader joes packaging.

awesome trader joes sunflowers that last forever.

diving in to summer.

talking with dad.

her favorite bracelets from between collection.

little cup of coffee before bedtime drinker.

madison, aka manicure artist extraordinaire.

last day of school craziness.

lunch. spinach. ff yogurt. blueberries & raspberries. flax seed. protein powder. 

she bakes pink lemonade cookies for her friends birthday party.
total cuteness

the end.


kimberly said...

I so love seeing photos of your life with your girls as I feel like I am almost there! Thank you for sharing such lovely highlights of what it is like to live somewhere sunny and warm- added bonus! ;)

Kelli said...

Those are such wonderful pictures and really capture all of you and your sweet spirits. LOVE the one with your girls loving on the kiddoes...priceless. Those sunflowers are just stunning and makes me want to run to TJ right now!

Heather said...

I completely agree! I'm in love with instagram... love seeing all the pics that my daughters and their friends post. Sweet girls posting their fun little lives! I love pictures too! :)

Dana said...

Isn't it cool how having a camera with you at all times (ie. your phone) allows you to catch spur-of-the-moment treasures that would otherwise be missed?!
So neat to see pictures of your sweetie ministering in Clarkston! Our small little church from Alabama has spent a week there each summer for the last 5 years...
small world, huh?! :-)

susan said...

Love the photos and I LOVE THAT PHOTO BOARD!!! I'm SO making one for my office today! :) Thanks for the inspiration (as always).

Lolo @ The Adventures of Stig and Lolo said...

Thank you for sharing your special photos Paige!! I adore you guys....every single pic makes me smile :) Technology is amazing.....Bring on the summer!!!

3 Peanuts said...

Love the peek a the everyday fantastic life of the Knudsen family. Harry is big into instagram.... only thing is we have old Iphones so our camera stinks. Someday, I'll upgrade.....

Thought of you today...Dave broke the ceramic spoon to my Anthro sugar bowl so i had to go re[lace it and now everytime I enter that store I think of you:)

Steven and Christy said...

Hi Paige,
My name is Christy, I live in North Carolina. So, I work at UNC Hospital as receptionist, and my deskmate and I love to stop and visit your blog. Most of the time, we ask one another if we have you checked in on "Paige"...we are major Brinkley fans! So, with as much inspiration as you share with Melissa and I, we would like to share some with you, grab your tissues and look at God's glory! Check out this blog, , Cameron was OB physician in our clinic/hospital, I think that you would love their amazing story. You may want to look back to about May14-ish, God has truly imprinted on this family. Best Regards- Christy & Melissa

slip4 said...

Love all your photos! I have always wanted to go to the Flying Biscuit ...need to get to Atlanta! (I live in Richmond, VA). Could I ask what protein powder you use?

Tiffany said...

:) love it when you share the lately and random!

Yea for summer!


Susan R said...

Gosh Dang Girl! You are gorgeous. I LOVE the photo of you and Dan...the whole thing just works.
Dan plays golf?! Oh man...he's a keeper. Gotta love a fella that plays golf.
Now...about Lil' Bit. I'd have to lock her away for awhile...she's getting cuter by the minute. I'll tell you what...that one is going to have the beaus lining up at the door.
Enjoy your summer.

AndeM1 said...

So glad summer is here....loved your summmer pictures. Do you know what type of fern you have in front of your fireplace? I have been looking for one, but not sure what type to get!!!!! Yours looks so pretty....

LouBoo said...

Paige - there is something so chilled out about these images, you seem to capture family life in all of them. The summer warmth just exudes and again, I am struck by how 'right' you seem to have got the balance in your life. Lovely to see. L x

Anonymous said...

Always love looking at your photos..
Great family..
Enjoy the time with them and the summer season that is upon us..
Have a wonderful week..

Hannah said...

ok. i just LOVE looking at your pics!!! and...i won't lie...i REALLY love looking at all of the cutie cute cute clothes and jewelry you and your sweet girls wear!! if you would do an outfit rundown beside every picture....i would be in heaven!!!! love your style!!!!!
happy thursday!

susan@avintagefarmwife said...

Lovely collection of photos of a lovely family. Your bracelets-yum!

Rachael said...

Wow it's so crazy to recognize all of those places in your photos! I live 5 minutes from that flying biscuit, I bet eventually I'll see you out in public one day!

Wendy @ The Shabby Nest said...

I always love these sorts of posts from you! (And I love your photo board...thinking I better print out some photos and try the same thing around here!)

Jen Kershner said...

You know which picture was my favorite, right? It made me so happy to see Brinkley with that ball in his mouth. I've wondered if he plays with it. I'm telling you, Millie is obsessed with hers and has been from the day we brought her home from the Humane Society and she stole the ball from Emma.

Sibi said...

Morning Glory,

Your pictures are beautiful and filled with everything that defines you and your heart for your family...

Beauty. Goodness. Joy and Love.

Happy Weekend.


traci said...

i think you can learn a lot about someone from their instagram photos. yours are great. looks like a great list of books i need to read. have a great weekend.