Tuesday, June 12, 2012

the lately through a new lens

actually that's not true.
i don't have a new lens 
but the alliteration was smoother than
 "life through a new camera"...
i am loving her though. i love how she feels in my hand
& the very professional sound she makes when i take a shot.

several of ya'll asked what i had been using.
a canon rebel (xt?) for about the last 6 years 
who was totally faithful
& besides getting all out of whack going from our airconditioned rental at the beach
out in to 90+ degrees and humidity
never ever gave me any trouble.
i took 10's of 1,000's of images with her.
honestly more than that.
especially since i confessed to shooting over 5,000 on beach trips.
no lie.
 i didn't want her to wear out while i was out on a shoot
and that's why we upgraded to a 7D.
for about a year i shot exclusively with a 50 1.4 .
then for many sessions, especially with mobile little ones
i found that i preferred my zoom 28-75 2.8 .
i think an 85 is next on my wish list.

so there you have it.
when she first arrived i seriously sat her beside me here in the studio
& just looked at her.
in the box.
for days.
then i took her out
& continued to look at her.
for days.
i finally put the lens on her & took some random pictures around the house.
hence this random out of sequence blog post!

my locally made peace of thread bag
from my sweet friends.

madi & dan heading to the braves game on a daddy daughter date.

hydrangeas from our yard

sunflowers from trader joes

madi's fancy new everyday shoes
(kidding. sorta)
from marshalls. i think they're jessica simpson.

remember all that talk about trying to take my workouts to a new level,
well i'm hear to announce that i officially have
calluses on my elbows from planks.
which i stink at ( abds are my worst) but i'm trying!

ya'll have a great tuesday!


Kelli said...

Your home is just so lovely...especially with those sunflowers ;) Yay for you and your new camera...let the adventures begin.

Heather said...

These pictures are so pretty and inspiring. Wow, that's impressive about the planks! And I love her shoes, although I doubt I could walk very well in them...

Susan R said...

Man alive girl! That is some serious shop talk. Not that I can figure all those numbers out, but I love what I see when you use and don't use them. I'm still coveting a Canon Rebel myself.
I SO SO badly want to grow hydrangeas in my yard. Do you think they would grow her ein Colorado? The peonies are gorgeous too.
Now you know me, I'm gonna have to say it...I'm happy to see Madison Grace in those adorable flat gold shoes. Be good to your feet!

Catherine said...

Gorgeous pictures Paige! I have been shooting most of my pictures with my 50mm 1.4 but maybe I should take a look at the lens you like to use. Your pictures always inspire me! Have a great day!

christina said...

i still have my rebel, i just love her for all she did for me. as you know i am looking to move up, from my 50D. i love all the shots here. and i have that 85-it's bananas! i love it.
this post is just gorgeous. i always love your work.

Jboo said...

Oooooooh -- you and "she" take gorgeous photos!!

Oh my -- those shoes -- so cute, so high -- so painful?? Probably not when you're young -- live it up Ms. Madi!! :)

3 Peanuts said...

LOVE all your new shots with you new camera. i'd say you've got the hang of her!!!

GREAT job with the exercise. I am chugging along with my exercise routine too. Working up a good sweat everyday (and I used to HATE to sweat!). Let's talk soon:)


Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Oh girly you have inspired me a little... I walked today and I'm inching my way back to running. The physical therapy helped me but I'm still afraid of hurting myself... getting there though. And I totally watched the things I put into my mouth today!

Every time I go to Trader Joes I think of you. I think it's because you seem to like it there as much as I do! LOL (And I always come home with pretty flowers too.)

One of my besties just got that camera and it makes a seriously sexy click. LOL She loves it... Your photos are still as incredible as they ALWAYS were.

Okay I"m off to make a healthy dinner and not over eat! LOL

Beka said...

Last year I upgraded from an XS to a 7D and I did the same thing...let her sit around in the box until I worked up the gumption to use her! Now we're BFF's :) These shots are beautiful!

Bravehearted Beauty {formerly LLH Designs} said...

So happy to hear about HER! And in total shock over 5,000 beach shots. For REAL?!?! That means you REALLY love the beach! I think I took fewer than 100. I was spacing out...in my emotional coma from the big move. :)


PS - Didn't make it to ATL. Want to see you when we do.

Ruth said...

These photos are gorgeous, especially the flowers. Those shoes ate fabulous!! Your new camera takes amazing shots with your able direction. I need to bump up my workouts, but my knees have arthritis and they can be a killer.

Alecia said...

WOW!! Those pics are beautiful...the peonies are gorgeous...love that bright pink. Madison looks absolutely adorable in her navy & white dress with her red nails...sooo cute!