Thursday, January 19, 2012

valentines ideas & answers to your questions

i have a few cute valentines day gifts ideas for you
& actually another one i'll post in a couple days
but for now, enjoy a few of these ideas
most of which also have special deals attached
i've received several questions from the last several posts
so hopefully i've got all the links for those goodies too~~

boho wrap bracelet found here
my readers will receive 15% off just enter COWGIRL15 at checkout
& you will also receive free shipping!
offer good through 1/26

 silhouette bracelet found here

i love collecting different versions of some of the classics,
especially jane austen's work.

"With its imperfect but charming heroine and its witty and subtle exploration of relationships, Emma is often seen as Jane Austen's most flawless work, this Penguin Threads edition includes cover art by Jillian Tamaki and deluxe french flaps.
Commissioned by award-winning Penguin art director Paul Buckley, the Penguin Threads series debuts with cover art by Jillian Tamaki for three gift-worthy Penguin Classics. Sketched out in a traditional illustrative manner, then hand stitched using needle and thread, the final covers are sculpt embossed for a tactile, textured, and beautiful book design that will appeal to the Etsy(tm)-loving world of handmade crafts.
The Penguin Classics Deluxe series has been celebrated for its unique packaging and innovative design. The books of the Penguin Threads series will make truly special gifts and will be welcome additions to any craft or literature lover's collection".

 Adele fans will love Live at the Royal Albert Hall

"my little money jars"
from Lil Light O' Mine
on sale here 
for $23, originally $30

 any of the fabulous art prints from
Jones Design Company
make sweet gifts

for those of you who asked about a couple pieces from my jewelry board post
you can find this little number right here

the coat from this post is actually on sale at old navy 
i bought caroline's in the store early  november but they are still on line
& even  a 30% off deal going.
caroline was not a fan of the pink but today
i talked little bit in to purchasing the white one.

& the sign from this post
is available by emailing andy
metion SIMPLETHOUGHTS in your email and you
will receive 10% off
your purchase ....
you may choose your own design...verse, scripture,the options are endless!!

okie doke...i think  that's it!

"you're the lord of all creation
& still you know my heart"
chirsty nockels


Kerri said...

Good Morning Paige! I have fallen behind on posting comments~it has been a busy week. Love, love, love the post of you and Sibi! I wish I lived closer so I could attend in March. I would love to meet y'all more than anything and it is just what my heart needs right now!
I can't wait to hear about your new adventure~I think alot of us have been soul searching lately.
I always love your Valentine post each year. XOXO

primjillie said...

Where do you get your wonderful white picture frames? I have looked high and low and can't find anything like them. They are gorgeous!

Jill Palumbo

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Such sweetness! I'm on a self imposed spending freeze til next week so I can get my hair done, but that doesn't mean I can't pass some good ideas on to my man for Valentine's day! Thanks for sharing these with us. I love how you promote others, always with such nice comments that make us really want to go out and support their businesses, etc.

Jen Kershner said...

I just ordered the adele dvd/cd for my hubby's birthday. Thanks!

Jeannine said...

Well, I love it all. Thank you for the tip on the coat: I just bought it for next season! Lovely!

Between You and Me said...

pinned the silhouette bracelet....hoping Andy Lowry checks out my fashion board on pinterest cause I've got PLENTY of ides for him to buy me for Valentines Day. :)
I make it so easy for him. :))
HE needs to do pinterest so I can figure out what he's wanting. :)

THanks for the shout out! We continue to get SO MANY emails and purchases from your site!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all of the wonderful ideas..I have all of Adele's work..What a voice..Have a great day..

Privet and Holly said...

Inspired ideas,
Paige. I need to
get on my computer
and start pinning.....

xx Suzanne

boomama said...

I just got a quote for my very own sign - I am so excited! Thanks so much for sharing the info!

Art and Sand said...

I love, love, love the red boho bracelet. Is it okay to buy a Valentine gift for yourself? I guess if I did it for Christmas I can do it for Valentine's Day.

Rebecca said...

I am seriously lovin' the silhouette bracelet and your fantastic chunky necklace. Hmmmm, I may have to be my own best Valentine this year. :)

Ruth said...

Love all your ideas Paige! Those silhouette bracelets are super cute. And thank you for featuring our heart bracelet. We've had several international inquiries...I think your blog is going global :)

Art and Sand said...

I saw the Boho wrap heart bracelet on your blog and sent my husband a link. I was happily greeted with the bracelet on my plate at breakfast this morning - Valentines Day.

I want to order a couple of things from your Noonday collection but I have to pay off my JCrew Christmas charges first!