Saturday, January 14, 2012

{the findleys~a family session}

i have several sessions from this fall that i just never had a chance to post
so here's the first.

thanks to the joys of facebook, this gorgeous blond & i were able to reconnect again for the first time since highschool
& yes, she's "much" younger than i!

such a fun family.
honestly, she might have been my very first session of a family that i didn't already know prior to that day. but they were super fun & made my awkward early entry into my new entrepreneurial
adventure, smooth sailing!

thank you findley family!!


Urban Farmgirl said...

Paige, you always do such a great job! Doesn't hurt to have such a beautiful family to work with, either! ;o)

And regarding the black outfit...yes, Michael Kors. Too elegant for Johnny Cash. {wink...}


elvira pajarola said...

My warmest & heartiest COMPLIMENTS, Paige, for this splendid family portrait session...!!!

Joy & happyness are visible in ogni shot...; but a very, very special shot which I do love is the b&w-one; where the beautiful family walks so completely natural.....THIS IS A SUBLIME SHOT!!!!!!!

ciao ciao & a sunny weekend


Jodi said...

Great photos! I wish we were close, I would love to have you photograph my family!

Have a great weekend!

Jeannine said...

Your pictures are amazing! I am so encouraged that you are embarking on this new's really inspiring.

I do wish we lived in your neck of the woods so you could photograph our family!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos..I love the chair sitting out in the middle of nowhere for photos..

Between You and Me said...

beautiful family....
so proud of you for stepping out and doing something you're passionate about.

CHH said...

great photos, Paige. I could see you wearing that big ring that she has on.

Susan R said...

It might just be my opinion and I might be a little prejudice, but don't ya think the South has some of the most gorgeous people?
And I bet your mad photography skills have a lot to do with it too.

Lulu and Co. said...

You are so talented! Beautiful photos of this family, you have such a way of capturing the spirit of each person,
Wishing you a wonderful week sweet friend,