Tuesday, January 31, 2012

our 2011

i'm a pretty open book & try to be real, & not just on the good days.
my close friends know ( probably all too well ) my personal struggles
& my failures as a parent.
while some are silly,  some mistakes i've made seem quite profound to me.
there are many things that if i could get a do over with my girls, i certainly would.
for example, i'd give more grace.
i run a tight a ship & expect much.
i'd also try to spend more intentional one on one time with them.
i honestly think that's even more important the older they get.

as all parents, i think when we look back
we hope in our heart of hearts that our children know we did the best we could.

this is one of the posts that if i could block & keep private
just for them 
i would.
the goal of highlighting some of their 2011 is not to come accross all braggy
but to point out & remind them of some of their accomplishments.
our kids are constantly told they aren't enough.
they aren't pretty enough
thin enough
smart enough
fast enough
whatever enough.

i think you know from reading my blog
i'm crazy proud of each of my girls
& celebrate the individuality and uniqueness of each one!

1. graduated top 5% , class 2012
2. accepted to UGA, honors program
3. pledged her first choice, Alpha Chi Omega
4. attends Passion
5. strengthen relationships with new friends & old

1. sweet 16 driving her dream car
2. captain JV varsity football/competition squad
3. straight A's
4. broken nose
5. hired for her first job

1. takes 3 week mission trip to Peru
2. broken foot
3. friend to many during freshman year in highschool
4. learners license
5. JV football/competition cheerleader

1. 5th grade student council
2. first time to go away to camp
3. begins ballet , tap & jazz. continues tumbling
4. cell phone owner
5. sweet new group of friends

dan & paige
1. ridiculously in love for 12 years
2. hoping for at least 50 more
3. & trying each day to both personally and in teaching our girls
to do justly, love mercy
& walk humbly with our God.

1. mom's constant companion
2. helped train for half marathons
3. stealer of brocoli
4. lover of kisses, tummy rubs & snuggles
5.  sweetest dog award winner


Rox said...

Love that! And every photo rocks of course. :) Where did you find the templates? I love those. I always enjoy your blog. My go to eye candy and words everyday. :)

Jboo said...

Sweetest family ever!! Wonderful post!


Cheryl said...

Such a lovely post. Brinkley.... stealer of broccoli.. love this!!!

Kerri said...

Like I have said before, you TOTALLY inspire to be the best mom possible! You have such a beautiful family! XOXOXO

Hettie said...

Well done Paige. You have a beautiful family. WWW.hettiedejong.blogspot.com

Love Being A Nonny said...

Love that you will be able to look back and remember. Beautiful family! Beautiful hearts! Love that they are *sold out* for Jesus!

Talia said...

What a lovely post!

Michelle Whitaker said...

Paige, I absolutely love this post. The collage pictures are gorgeous and the words you express I can relate to in my own life. This generation of youth is expected to be beyond the best in everything they do. It's hard to just be a kid these days. I think the same is true for mothers. We can't be perfect; however, I think you are pretty close to that. You have a beautiful family and your girls seem like they are amazing. If I lived in your city, your daughters are the kinds of kids that I would want my girls to be friends with. Thanks for sharing.

giosmama26@yahoo.com said...

Super awesome post! Love how you grouped the pictures for each member of your family.

How did you do that?

Shannon said...

Made me smile reading these sweet words of your family! You are such a good mom to make sure they know how proud you are of them. Oh and thanks for the reminder on the tight ship, I have to remind myself constantly that kids are only kids for so long and sometimes my Type A personality needs to be pushed aside!!

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Oh I agree such an awesome special post! What a wonderfully blessed family you have.

Debby said...

Ahhhh, cute post of all your blessings.

Cyn said...

What a beautiful post! Love your blog =)

sugar said...

As always my heart overflows with each visit to your blog. I needed a "cup of Paige" today :) xoxo

Mary said...

Awwww....I love this post. You inspire me to be a better mom.

Lindsey said...

Love this simple, yet profound recap. Here's to 2012 being even better than y'all could ever imagine!

elaine said...

I am so glad you did not make it private. Thank you for sharing.:)

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Lovely summary of the year! You forgot one about Brinkley ... "rebounded beautifully from vicious attack"! That sweet boy had quite a year. As always, your family is beautiful and your love for them leaps off the screen.

Rebecca said...

Paige, what a beautiful post, of a beautiful family. Love the collage of pictures. You may have to post a tutorial for us!

3 Peanuts said...

Simply adorable. Your family really uses the gifts God has bestowed upon them. I would also love to know which collage templates or mechanism you used. Love it.

Just Ask Beth said...

not bragging..a mother who is extremely happy for her blessings and proud of her children and husband and in love with what GOD has given her!

LLH Designs said...

This was so sweet to read!

Between You and Me said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this post.
you're not braggy...in the LEAST.

I consider it your praise unto the Lord for all that he has done and continues to do in your lives!!!
LOVE it.

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Awww... this is precious!

courtney defeo said...

love it paige. so glad you didn't block! :)

Wendy @ The Shabby Nest said...

What a lovely post! Despite the fact that there are many things we as mothers worry that we fail in, raising happy, well-adjusted children (as yours seem to be) is the best we can ask for. Your family is adorable...and you should be justifiably proud of each and every one of them. xoxo

Jen Kershner said...

You have a lot to be proud of!

We are also madly in love after 12 years and hoping for 50 more. We have so much in common!

Simone said...

This is SO beautiful Paige....I am always so inspired by reading about your family.

You are the least braggy (probably not even a word!) person I know :)

And Brinkley is officially my favourite American dog :) XX

patty said...

this is a wonderful post... i'm just exploring nurturing the self esteem of girls and i agree wholeheartedly with your comments about the pressures they are under...

your girls and beautiful (and i love that little pup, too!)