Wednesday, January 18, 2012

doing something now

i was signed up to volunteer for Passion 2012,
long story short, it logistically proved to be something i couldn't pull off.
when i explained to savannah i wouldn't be there,
 she was so disappointed.
disappointed i couldn't be there
& probably disappointed in me in general.
she said, but mom, it would be an opportunity for you to be involved in something big.

i felt horrible that i had let her down.

she went
she rounded up a LOAD of friends
she worshipped
she gave
she rocks.
( i watched the live stream & was blown away)

my girls have taught me so much this year.
taught me about looking outside our little world
& the need to share the gospel
 & give or help those in need.

savannah has a huge desire to give.
she's going to do big things herself
but i love that she has a giving spirit
to go along with a successful goal/task oriented mentality.

emi gave three weeks of her summer
to serve the people in peru
& love on sweet children in orphanages there.
( all while hobbling around on her broken ankle that occurred basically
as soon as she arrived) 

madi would love to travel to uganda one day.
she has a heart for the people there
& prays for and supports

i talked to savannah months ago & told her i really felt like
i ( not dan in anyway) had failed her
in not having a world view.
in not showing her that her own mom was a generous person
a person concerned about other people
in other parts of the world.
i apologized for failing her.

that sweet child,
she simply replied to me,
"but mom that's ok.
i've been able to learn it from watching trevor ...."
( that boy has a huge selfless heart & wants to make money & give it away!)
what an awesome element in their relationship.

we can't always be all things to our children
but when they grow up
& see characteristics in others that impact them 
that's awesome too!

i love this generation of kids
i love that they don't want to wait
to make changes in our world, 
but they want to do something now
& i do too....

i signed & mailed a contract yesterday for a new business adventure
as soon as i get a few things squared away i will share with ya'll for now, i am beyond excited!
the biggest excitement i have about this new adventure
is that i am going to be involved in something big.
bigger than just all about me.
bigger than just a paycheck.
bigger than just a job.

i've been trying to find a niche where i could do something
make a difference
somehow , in someway.
i LOVE that this new adventure is a medium where i can do just that....


"Let the glory of Your name be the passion of the Church
Let the righteousness of God be a holy flame that burns
Let the saving love of Christ be the measure of our lives
We believe You're all to us"
chris tomlin


Bethanie said...

So excited to hear your new plans Paige...I have been soul searching a lot this week and have had the same feelings of guilt--mainly that I havent prayed for my girls enough. They are such good girls, great grades, great friends, love the Lord, and I realized yesterday that I havent done any of it...the Lord has blessed and it's not because I spend enough time on my knees praying for them. I guess that's what you call Grace. As my oldest gets ready to graduate in May, I realize I've got to get my tail in gear and pray pray pray. I was up most of the night with a toothache (the first tell tale sign Im getting a sinus infection) and while I couldnt sleep, I realized the Lord was giving me the time that I say I never have enough pray. I think as moms, we always will feel like we could have done more. Listened more, prayed more, laughed more, chilled more (that would be nag LESS!)So thankful for you and your honesty and openness...I guess as sisters in Christ, we're all in this together! Have a blessed day. xoxo

Debby said...

Can't wait to hear more about your new adventure.
Your girls have such a loving spirit about them.........amd they got that from you. I think you don't give yourself enough credit. We are all blessed knowing you.

Cheryl said...

So interesting to read your post this morning. I have had a tough week, realizing the ways in which I have failed my two. There is nothing I can do now about the things in the past. As Bethanie says, I can pray, pray, pray. They are in his hands. I must always remind myself of this.
Thank you.

Renee said...

I can't wait to hear more about your new adventure!!!! And, I'm happy for you because you seem really excited. Thank you for sharing your life Ms. Paige. You inspire me to be a better me. Have a beautiful day!!!

Pine Tree Home said...

I love to hear about new adventures. Do tell.

Deborah said...

What a lovely post. I'm looking forward to hearing about your new venture. I have those same concerns that weigh heavy on my heart. I wish there were do-overs.

Michelle said...

You are an inspirational mom, Paige. I admire you and your amazing real relationships with your girls. I am always challenged and ministered to by your posts.

Christina said...

it's beautiful, all of it! especially the understanding and tenderness, toward one another. ; )
and i wish you armfuls of love, on that new adventure of yours.

Beth said...

So exciting! I have the same burning desire to do something BIG for OTHERS!!!! I pray that God will put me right where HE wants to use me! I know HE has put a burn in my heart for orphaned children and women and children that are being sold into sexual slavery! I know HE has put that burn there for a reason, but NO idea of why or how I am going to do something about/with it. So I am praying....praying that I will know someday soon! LOved this post! Love your girl's willingness to do something NOW!

Alecia said...

Wow...what a sweet post. I love how the Lord used your children to reveal an area in your life that needed more Kingdom focus. Your sincerity & humility are a beautiful example of a heart that is willing to be shaped by Him. We're always growing & changing aren't we?! So thankful He wants to make us more & more like Him everyday. I can't wait to see where He's led you!

I like Trevor more & more every time you share about him...what a LEGIT guy! Savannah's relationship with him sounds so sweet. They're learning from each other...what a gift!

Blessings friend...super pumped for you & your new adventure with the Lord!

One Woman's Thoughts said...

I read your post . . . so sweet of your daughter! Congratulations. . . and I read the comments that moved me to comment more.

Please wonderful ladies, mothers, daughters,friends, sisters, cousins . . . do not apologize and do not compare yourself to others. Always there will be greater and lesser persons than you. Be proud of your own accomplishments great and small. Be happy and supportive of those that do good deeds unto others. Inspire and be inspired. We all have given and still give of ourselves . . in our own time and in our own way. Every flower in the garden is beautiful. Some are fragrant, some bountiful with blossoms, some hardy and long blooming, some short blooming. The beauty of each flower makes the entire garden its most beautiful.

Each and every day is another chance to be better, be more, be true and believe.

CHH said...

Looking forward to hearing about your next chapter (career wise).

Be gentle with yourself today, Paige.

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

I know you probably don't need me to tell you this... but you are doing something BIG right here, encouraging us with kids and desires to teach them well. In my every day life, I don't have a mama mentor- you know someone who has kiddos a little bit older who can encourage and inspire me in my journey. You have become that to me in so many ways and that's a really big thing in my life. I remember praying about that a few years ago, and then God put you and a couple others just like you in my life. I so appreciate your heart. And I can't wait to find out what you're doing!

LLH Designs said...

I love your humble heart...that you would confess to your children that you didn't show them how to have a heart for the world {and yet you did by teaching them about Jesus}. And I'm almost in tears about what your children have TAUGHT YOU! Remaining teachable is one of the key traits to being a Jesus follower. You inspire me, sweet Paige!

And I can't WAIT to hear about your new business!


Between You and Me said...

sitting on the edge of my sofa.....biting my fingernails...
dying to know details.....
waiting patiently until you can share.....

thanks for reminding me that we can't be all things to our children....
I've been about to kill myself EXHAUSTING.

Anonymous said...

So looking forward to hearing about your new venture..You do have very sweet girls and I feel you are an inspiration..Your children mimick what they see at home..Giving..It comes in many forms..Hoping ya have a great rest of the week..

Jodi said...

I am so happy for you and I can't wait to hear the news; I am sure it will be fabulous! :)

I always am thinking I wish I could do more or something big, but I am "chicken out" or am not confident enough, I guess. I think what your girls are involved in and what you do here is so inspiring! I hope to someday, break out of my "shell" and "do something now"! Thank You! :)


Christan Perona said...

Yes, do tell! :)

patty said...

i think it's awesome that you've found a way to do this... kudos to you! i have the same pulls on my heartstrings, too... just waiting for the 'right' time (is there really such a thing?!)

your girls are lovely.. and i thinks it's lovely when we learn from our kids.

Mrs.B said...

That's awesome!~your adventure and your kids.