Tuesday, January 10, 2012

we need to go out & "do", mom

i'm going to apologize in advance
as this post is a long one with loads of pictures
& hopefully two videos to share.

however what occured last week here in atlanta
could probably fill every blog post i might write for quite some time.
i wish each of you knew someone that attended
or was able to watch the live stream
will purchase the digital access pass to the entire event.....

savannah headed back to school last night.
as she pulled out of the driveway i began to have that weird struggle in my mind.
knowing she's where she needs to be & is doing SO well, 
yet feeling like it will never be easy to letting one of them go. 
i realized as i walked into her now empty room again,
she won't be home for a long visit again until school is out. in may.

it was nothing less than fantastic having her home & catching up. watching movies. coffee dates with friends. eating out. shopping. visiting. going to church together.

i guess it's a weird battle 
our minds play
while we're in this phase of mothering.
don't you think?

this age, this 18yearold age, college freshman age
it might just be my favorite yet.
i loved the cute preschool age, 
& the age where they loose their front teeth
& still hold your hand and call you mommy,
but i really really love this age she's in right now.
(see, there's hope for you with middle schoolers.wink)

cheering them on as they leave the nest 
full of promise & so much potential
and yet
feeling like there's a vital part of the family unit
my family unit
that we're functioning without when she's elsewhere.
i know they must go.

we talked last week on the last morning of passion.
she told me multiple times, "i'm just sad mom. i'm sad that it's over".

we talked about mountain top experiences
& how after any big event 
there is a time of necessary down time as you readjust.
but then she said, "but mom, it needs to be over. we need to go out & do
all that we've been equipped to do. we need to go ".

i sat there in the carpool lane
ready to drop little bit off
with that lump in my throat that i've come accustomed to
anytime she wow's me with some profoundly simple revelation such as that.

passion 2012
equipped just shy of 45,000 college kids to do just that.
go out, go back to their campuses, go forward towards their future
with a passion for the lord
to bring justice to the injustice in this world.
to begin to free the over 27 million people 
enslaved. right now. 27 million people.

i'm sorry friends, but that alone blows my mind.
27 million. more than any other time in our history.
can you even wrap you mind around that?

these kids have an amazingly generous spirit
full of dreams
with the knowledge they need to make change.

i posted on facebook that they raised a specific amount of money
only to quickly realize my error.
i quickly went back & fixed it...
they GAVE over 3 MILLION dollars
not raised, they GAVE
3 million dollars towards various ministries/organizations to free slavery.
gave out of their empty college co-ed idon'thaveacareeryet pockets.
3 million.

the structure pictured below was a statue, huge temporary statue, built to represent the hand of worship & the hand reaching out to help others. it was covered with clothing & articles representing children involved in child labor. women involved in sex traffic and others bound into a life of slavery.
all 45,000 of the kids went out on the last night, silently, and light candles as a symbol of solidarity in their fight against injustice.

my words & descriptions are terribly inadequate
& while it's more powerful to have been there
it was super powerful to watch it
you can purchase a digital pass to have each
session downloaded to your computer
along with all the music right here
& i promise you , it will be one of the best spent $25 in your life.

i find myself just stumbling through my thoughts & words regarding this amazing event.
through my excitement as i watch this generation as they rise up
through my love for these kids that spent four days together.
they'll change our world, they'll change our world

the friend of mine that sponsored savannah & 4 of her friends
gave over $3,000 in support  by the time the week was over.
( that i know of. knowing her, probably much more).
the last day she asked if she could treat them to a wonderful meal.
she wanted somewhere wonderful for them
yet savannah wanted it to be somewhere non-intimidating & fun too.
after getting loads of tips ( thank you facebook friends)
she chose Fogo de Chao.
it deserves a post of its own.

we had an incredible meal!
dan & i were blessed to hear each of their passion highlights
& how the Lord really changed their lives.
an evening dan & i will treasure forever.

 the sweetest part of the evening was when we were able to connect with my friend
unfortunately couldn't get facetime to work
but all the kids gathered around my phone as she spoke to them
& encouraged them.
they thanked her over & over again...so sweet.

so yes, my heart is a little tender today as i'm missing having my girl
right here with me.
as sad as i am about that...i'm immeasurably more joyful as i get a front row
seat to her life & all the lord has in store for her
for her friends ( about 20 of them)
that all shared a powerful powerful week together.

Pray also for me, that whenever I speak, 
words may be given me so that I will 
make known the mystery of the gospel
ephesians 6.19 


Tiffini said...

front row momma seats...
a place to treasure it all in your heart..much like Mary must have
love you

Rebecca said...

I adored, adored, this blog post, Paige. It literally takes my breath away, your post, the thoughts of what it must have been like to be there, but ultimately, the commitment and determination of your daughter. God bless her! Thank you for sharing all of this.

P.S. I hope you don't mind but I posted a few of the proposal pics on my blog this week.....credit given, of course. :)

Debby said...

The pictures are stunning. All of those beautiful young people that will go forth and serve. Amazing. ALso is the person that sponsered your daughter and others. I would be speechless as well. I am so glad that you could watch online what was happening. Their spirits must be so lifted.
As hard as it is to let your child go off to college it is a wonderful time as well. You see them grow and learn and develop life skills that are so important. Adults children are as wonderful as when they were little and precious.

elaine said...

God bless you and your family, always.
I am from Brazil, so I know what you are talking about "Fogo de Chao"
I visit your blog every week and I lost count on how many times it helped me... Sometimes I can hear your voice whem I am reading it...

Anonymous said...

How fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lulu and Co. said...

My heart is fulling reading this. What an amazing experience and to share it with your daughter doulbe blessing.

Jeannine said...

Just as I was pitying myself a little that my children are growing up too fast (6,7, and 10), I read this and see how much beauty there is in raising (and sharing life with) older teens. Look at those promising faces! Those children give me so much HOPE! Good job, Momma.

Jillian Nicole said...

Wow, amazingly powerful. Thank you so much for sharing!:)

Kat said...

Paige! You've gone and done it again, making me cry with your sweet words. I just love reading about the journey and the relationship you have with your precious girls. You are such an encouragement to me! xo

Micah Jamie said...

Wow, this is my first opportunity to sit down all day and reading this I'm reduced to tears! Thank God for your girl and her friends, and for you and Dan who are faithful to Godly parenting even when it's tough. When people make skeptical comments about the next generation I just have to smile. I think I know some "kids" who give is reason to hope!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Such a powerful and inspiring post..

{A*very} Blessed Life said...

I have joy chills in reading this post in hearing of the hope that our God is inspiring in these young people to go and "do something now". How powerful and God given! What an angel friend you have Paige who sponsored Savannah and her friends in this event. Hearing about this brings so much emotion for me as a mother of a six and four year old for whom I have great hope in the Lord for. I pray that they will grow in their own faith journeys as your girls have to find their path that God has planned for each of them to change this world for His glory. Thank you for sharing this. Can you imagine what this generation is going to do with this? It's gonna be AMAZING and from God!

Leslie said...

I can feel the passion in your words, it is addicting! I am going to purchase this for Dayton to watch/listen to. I will pass it on to my niece and nephew too, he leaves in a week for Africa to study/witness for 4 months, we cannot hear from him at all. And my niece is going to live in Australia for a year after her high school graduation this year to work as a missionary, I am sure they have heard of this but I will share it with them just in case! Thanks Paige! Believe me I have no doubt that your words will be inspiring, you already do that naturally!