Tuesday, January 11, 2011

evolution of a snowday

snow in atlanta is a rare event
however sunday night huge fluffy snowflakes started falling
& within a couple hours we had several inches!

 we woke up monday morning
& it looked like we were in chicago!
( if only, kasey!)

 i stood outside
under the covering on our back porch
while the freezing rain continued-incidentally for hours
to try to capture these little friends.

the brown eyes
( each pairing of our girls has a name...
the blue eyes, the brown eyes,
the book ends, the middle two, 
the little two, the big two)
as i was saying
the brown eyes spent the night out
so the blue eyes & i
instead of playing outside
spent a good deal of time
playing inside in the kitchen.

 started out the morning with shrimp & grits.
i feel certain i was one of the few
stocking up on seafood
during our pre-snow storm shopping bonanza
but i'm so glad i did!
i could eat shrimp every day!

we then began the daunting task of making homemade marshmallows
( darby gave me the idea & alton brown, the recipe).

any recipe that calls for advanced tools,
& yes friends, i consider a candy thermometer
an advanced tool.

well we had to improvise
because all i had was a meat thermometer
& why i have three of those
& no candy thermometers 
is a mystery.
anyway...we had to guesstimate 
when our mixture hit 240 degrees because said thermometer 
only reaches 220.
i've got your kitchen goddess right here.
but they turned out perfectly yummy
messy & sticky
but perfectly yummy!

& don't be intimidated by our copperkitchenaidwannabe
hand mixer.

spent some time searching the web 
& secured our vacation home for the summer.

he always magically appears
when it's time to do dishes.
he's awesome.

brinkley was a little unsure of himself
& the several inches of snow.


while the marshmallows were setting
we then whipped up some of alton browns hot chocolate.

last night while edie's beef enchiladas
were baking
i captured some of our home.
i can't imagine seeing it covered in this much snow again.
just beautiful!

(ps, you can see dan in the top window
cruising through his 550 pager on Bonhoeffer)

& in the bottom corner window
you can see brinkley 
certainly he's thankful that he's an indoor doggy on a cold day like today!

to all my Auburn friends!!


LouBoo said...

Paige - may I just say I am developing a slight crush on your life! Your house is just picture-perfect in the snow...I just love these home posts...I really do. Lou xx

Martha said...

love your pictures Paige:) and your home is beautiful!

traci said...

dantheman does dishes. i'm in love. hahaha. great photos paige. how were the enchiladas. i am going to check that recipe out. i love mexican food. have a great day sweetie.

My Not So Simple, Domestic Life said...

Great post. Great photos. My cousin lives in Atlanta and had to rush her husband to the hospital right before that storm hit for an appendicitis. Thankfully they were out of surgery and sent home before things got too bad. I'd rather do what you did ... :)

Privet and Holly said...

I'm so jealous...
I am longing for
a snow day! It would
have to be the
storm of the century
for our schools to
close...SIGH. Enjoyed
it through your lens!!
xx Suzanne

in bed sick with a cold said...

YOu have such a gorgeous house.
Now...i love shrimp...and i love grits...but i don't know if i could both together for breakfast. Maybe i need an invite down to the snowy south to experience something like that.

Kerri said...

Good morning Paige,
Beautiful pics! I was wondering if those bright, beautiful cups are acutually measuring cups or just tea cups? And the enchiladas sound yummy! You have such a beautiful home and a warm and cozy kithcen!

The Avery House said...

Wasn't it such a fun day in the Southeast yesterday! I love your "evolution of a snowday"! The photos of the robin and blue bird are beautiful. I tried to capture some of our little robin friends in photos but always scared them away when I came even close to the door. I also love the last pics of dantheman and Brinkley being seen in the windows. Have another fun day!

LLH Designs said...

Magical! I especially love the photos you captured of your little bird friends!


Ashley said...

Oh Paige... I love this post and your little family. Miss you girlies!!

Biz said...

beautiful pictures, beautiful family!
I hate snow (and cold for that matter), but I wouldn't mind it so much if I could spend my snow days with your family doing all the fun indoor things you do ;)

Deborah said...

Your pictures are beautiful. Thanks for sharing your snow days. Orlando doesn't get very many of those. :(

Your a blessed wife to have a husband already on top of summer vacation.

Kristin said...

I love these images and need to get outside for a moment and take my own. It is gorgeous out my home office window but I know there is much more to be seen.

I love it that you were in the kitchen making all sorts of wonder....and well you know what I made..ha ha ha.
I don't think I will be posting that...or will I? Wink!

Have a beautiful snow day at home with your family.


Becky Roode said...

Gorgeous pics of the snow ya'll got. Loved 'em!

Talia said...

Your photos are stunning! What a lovely way to spend a snowy day.

Mexican food -- YUM! A favorite along with Italian, Chinese, Indian, German...oh, wait! I love ALL food! :)

my2twins said...

Funny how Mother Nature is!
Here in the Northeast we keep getting the promise of snow, but nothing significant yet. We have a little here and there and of course the mountains are covered. Maybe this one coming in early on Wed. will be the one. I think my fam. is ready for a snow day.
Enjoy the home time.

Missy said...

Love all of your snow day pics! You put so much thought and are so creative with your pics. LOVE THEM! Mine are much less impressive :) I ADORE the pic of your lovely home with your sweet hubby in the top corner reading. I would frame that for sure. You live such a wonderful life!!! xoxo

Melanie said...

Paige- May I just say that your beautiful home looks like a Christmas card...as if it is meant for snowy days. Gorgeous!

We are still planning on coming down but as much as I love the snow... I am hoping it is gone before we get there. :)))

I will e mail you, my friend!


Just Ask Beth said...

Me likey Dantheman!!!LOL! My husband is a sweetheart too!

Tiffany said...

Hi Paige

Wow how beautiful! You take lovely photos - love the ones of the birds! Your home is beautiful too!

hope you having a GOOD week!

Shannon said...

Paige, your home is gorgeous inside & Outside!!! Love the pictures of the birds, so cute.
I live in CA and where we are we usually only get snow maybe twice a year which is just the right enough time to enjoy for a day or so before it melts away. It looks like you guys were perfectly prepared with all the yummy food and snacks you had :)

Mary said...

Wow this is a really gorgeous post. Your home is beautiful, and especially so in the winter wonderland.

Shayne said...

Beautiful photos of your home. :) That would make a beautiful front to next year's Christmas cards.

Jodi said...

We are into snowday #2 here in Iowa; we got about 10" of the white stuff!

I love your pictures and I too am jealous that dantheman does dishes!!!


Between You and Me said...

Hi Miss over-achiever!

look at all you've done.....beautiful images.
love the ones of the birds....and the ones of the outside of your home....just beautiful.

LOVE that you call your hubby dantheman.

Shell in your Pocket said...

Beautiful home...we had a lot of snow today and we are loving it!

sandy toe

LLH Designs said...

I loved your bird pictures so much that I took notice of a few feathered friends myself this morning...and linked to you here:



DNese giosmama26@yahoo.com said...

Your house, your pictures, the snow and the meals have me super jealous right now.

But you sure as blessed as pie.

Looks like a very magcial day!


Kat said...

Such a lovely day and aren't you so glad you captured it in pictures? I have loved being home yesterday and today, I knocked out several sewing projects and love the feeling of not having to be anywhere. Dantheman is all kinds of awesome to appear when dishes need to be done.

Morning T said...

Paige- these photos are stunning my friend!!

Shelly Powers said...

i love your house... the snow picture on my straightout of southern living... the snow i am jealous of along with the marshmellows but super excited that we are heading your way this weekend and that we get to see you right??? :)

Farmgirl Paints said...

Wow girl first off that first picture was BEA-U-TI-FUL! Loved it. The little birdies in the trees were so perfect. I miss birds. Don't see alot here in the winter. Loved the outside shot of your house. Not sure if I've ever seen it before. Looked postcard perfect:)

Clare said...

the first snow picture is amazing, how did you take it? i love a house covered in snow, so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Hi Paige, I'm visiting for the first time. Beautiful pictures! It makes me want to pick up my camera and practice.

tessie said...

The photos of the birds are breathtaking! They are definitely worth your frostbitten toes! I am from Massachusetts and we are just about to get 12-18 inches of snow between tonight and tomorrow...our birds are used to it!...but I have never taken such beautiful pictures of them. Cindy

Julie said...

Thanks for the snow fix! We were so hoping to get some today but once again the weatherman got it wrong. :( Great pics, as always, Paige! xo

Kelli said...

Those pictures are just gorgeous! I love the pictures of those beautiful birds. You guys did get a lot of snow...looks like my backyard. Your home is just lovely...so welcoming. Love the picture of your hubby doing dishes...what a blessing!!!

Hannah said...

we are in atlanta also...and enjoying our snow days! love your pics...and your girls are beautiful! GO DAWGS!!

vintage girl at heart said...

your lovely home looks like a postcard...perfect for next year's christmas card perhaps....glad that you have enjoyed your snow days with your sweet family.
shrimp and grits sounds so yummy..i miss so much southern food...care to share your recipe??
blessings ms. paige!

Anonymous said...

I love your measuring cups - do you mind sharing where you got them?

Kimberly said...

Loved this post -- thank you for sharing! Your home is very lovely. I especially loved your colorful measuring cups. Where did you get them? Thanks again! Stay warm!

Table for Five said...

Wow. What beautiful pictures! We just moved to ATL from Florida. What a nice and generously snowy welcome we have received! Thanks for sharing. Your home is beautiful!