Thursday, January 06, 2011


i think i've mentioned once or seventeen times
that we are blessed to have the opportunity
to worship at not one but two amazing churches.
is the brick & mortar church
that spun out of Passion Conferences.

to be taught by Louie Giglio
& worship with Chris Tomlin & Christy Nockels ( just to name a few)
is life changing.
every. single. time.

this week Savannah was able to attend a few days of the conferences

along with 22,000 others!

can you imagine?

seriously. the worship in that place of 22,000 kids on fire for their lord.

she was able to hear Francis Chan, Beth Moore, Andy Stanley & of course Louie

in their words
" taking a step in a journey that is all about finding true meaning
as we take our places in a story that is so much bigger
than ourselves.
it's about trading small dreams
for a roll in a grand epic that is shaping history
& has no end!"

i love how Beth Moore describes the Passion conferences..."If you’re not familiar with the Passion movement (Louie and Shelley Giglio, founders), I will never do justice to it here in this brief explanation so please google it and behold a mighty work of God. In a nutshell, however, it is perhaps the most powerful thing God is doing among college-age men and women across the globe."

oh yes!

Savannah came each day totally fired up for the lord.
for her part  in the "bigger picture"
& how that will look in her future!

one of the most amazing things that occurred over those 4 days
is the generous hearts of this next generation.
those 'poor' college kids raised
oh yes they did
to go towards various ministries.

$30 a month to support a child in south Africa.
from their budget
is a major sacrifice.
they supported over 2,000 kids!
oh how those kids inspire me.

the dynamic, creative, powerful tools Passion used to give the kids a glimpse into the ministries they would be supporting was truly an amazing site to behold
(all of these images i'm sharing today were from friends of Savannah's or sites she found)

the little white cards represented young girls that were bought out of a life of sex trafficking .

which if you are clueless
is an enormous industry here in America.

they gave money
so that34 homes will be built in Haiti

these cylinders represented wells.
each time the kids gave money they were
able to pour in water to signify the clean water given


water bottles again signifying purchasing clean water for villages

because i wasn't there & have left out many or given you incorrect numbers
because there were so many ministries
because they gave a million dollars
& because i would love for you to hear

& if you are still with me
 here's an awesome new song for you


*The Beautiful Life* said...

Paige! You have no idea how many time this past weekend I wanted to message you to see if Savannah was there. Olivia went with our college group from church and they are all FLYING from what they heard. How cool that our girls were there together and may have even rubbed shoulders! :)

What a blessing for you to be there at that church!! :)


Privet and Holly said...

Good morning,
sweet Paige.
I love this.
It IS the future
for Christians.
I will listen to
the videos when
my crew is off
for school. How
lucky you are
to experience a
church that is
behind something
so wonderful.
xx Suzanne

Maria said...

What an amazing experience!!! I think it is especially great that Savannah got to attend just months before heading off to college. How appropriate and fitting it is to be encouraged in firing up faith at this time.

The Avery House said...

This is truly amazing Paige and thank you for sharing it! Our God is an Awesome God! I am so inapired by this and will be "Googling" more info about this. I also pray that my own daughters will be blessed by such a conference as this as your Savannah has been. Beautiful and Powerful!

Between You and Me said...

lights my fire.
love this generation.
love what God is doing in them.
and through them.
love louie giglio.
love the passion conference.
love that you have made a way for your girls to be there.

My Not So Simple, Domestic Life said...

Praise God! He is Alive and Active in our youth! I get so excited seeing college age people on fire for God. Thanks for sharing!! ~Katie

Carol S. said...

Oh my gosh, what a freaking amazing video! Great experience for these college students. I do VBS for grade school kids and the high school helpers are truly awesome. I wish every one of them could go to that experience as a college student. Love Chris Tomlin. Thank you.

Kristin said...

Amazing, amazing....I love Passion City Church, but more I love what it represents, and its origination to change the younger generation as you spoke of this morning. I think it is just so very cool what something like this holds to change lives radically in every way in the souls of people and in radical giving. I am in awe of what God can do when we are willing to step out and just have faith in a dream bigger than we can even comprehend that is God's alone to accomplish through his chlidren.

LOVE it that Savannah got to experience something like this and how she will even in the future. I love her heart!

Melissa Martin said...

Brian and I were able to go as "special guests" which is code for Old People who get the box seats :) It was absolutely amazing - I pray that my boys will attend when they are old enough! Thanks for sharing the inspiration to all who read...

Adrienne said...

this really excites me as we begin a new journey into the collegiate years very soon!!!

D'Nese said...

Wow!! What a great way to start off my morning. Just when I was getting grumpy for another long day at the office, I come and look at this and realize just how blessed I am and to never ever take anything for granted. Great pictures, great experience for your daughter and a wonderful way to help those in need.

Alison said...

I get so excited just reading your post. Passion is the word alright...and I am so inspired by the young who all filled to overflowing with it.

Dawn Gahan said...

My daughter Harleigh went. She got up each morning at 6:00, drove to Marta, rode in with a group of friends, attended the conference, jumped on Marta, then drove home arriving anywhere between 12:30 and 2:00 depending on which concerts she attended. After four days, she was both physically drained and spiritually overflowing. We finally grabbed lunch together after the final day and she pulled out her notebook and we talked for hours.

Glad Savannah was able to experience it. What a gift that our girls love glorifying the Lord. I am, as you must feel as well, blessed that they've been touched by Christ's hand here at this event.

annie said...

this post is so inspiring ~ it's amazing to see what God can do with young, passionate hearts. their efforts moved me to tears this morning. thanks for sharing!

Tiffany said...

so very awesome! I did NOT know about these conference and would love for my daughter and son to be involved one day!

How inpiring and life changing for these kids - love seeing kids being invovled in something meaningful; purposeful where the focus is not on them - love it!


Curtis said...

Thank you for sharing this incredible post!!! When we are bombarded with negative news all around about how our Youth of today have so much apathy, it is refreshing to see so many of them together worshiping our Lord. We shall we say "mature" Christians, need to take a cue from these young people and make a stand!!!!
Blessings to you and yours
Curtis & Sherrie

Alecia said...

That is AWESOME and it gives me HOPE for our next generation...I've always been a bit concerned but the Lord is raising up some amazing, generous, loving, and the list goes on men & women...thanks for the encouragement! I hope to make it to a Passion conference sometime.

you probably don't remember me said...

sounds amazing;-)
So glad she was able to go and experience..

Shell in your Pocket said...

Wow..this looks amazing!

sandy toe

Julie said...

Amazing! Something about that age of kids...probably because I know how I was when I was that age, when I see them loving, praising, serving Jesus, it just moves me so much. I so hope and pray for my children to have hearts like that. xo

Kelli said...

I have a friend who LOVES Passion. It is where she met her husband, grew as a Christian. Now she and her husband volunteer and she is constantly talking about it. I'm so excited that your Savannah was there and truly felt the presence of God. What a gift...what an experience!