Monday, November 15, 2010

Ta Da!!!!

i bought this home as a single mom 13 years ago.
i got it a good price
but that was because it needed a good amount of work.

over the years i have painted every room
every hall
( my father in law did help )
every baseboard & every trim.

in fact in the last year,
i painted the entire mainfloor
bringing all rooms together in the name
of all things cream & white.

i have however continued to grumble about the
"thorn in my side" carpets.

knowing this would not be our forever home
it was a tough decision trying to decide if we should
pony up the money to lay hardwoods.

well, i'm as excited as is humanly possible
about something so basically unimportant...
but we did it!!!


out went the blek yucko carpet & flooring
& in came wide plank hand scraped wood.

side note...i had mentioned to dan a few weeks ago
that i planned to pull a Nester move
& paint the entertainment center.
he said..lets just get rid of it when we do the floors
& get something different.
excuse me?
this is not a normal conversation in our house.

anyway...offered this big bad boy
to one of the floor dudes if he'd haul it away for me.
see ya!

 spent a day moving everything

 temporarily relocated all the pillows
& contemplated taking a nap with all of them.

 two days later
all is now right in my little world.

i don't have a wide angle so excuse the choppy shots
nor am i a great indoor photographer..
without sounding all that about the floors-
the pictures don't do them justice.

for any locals
we were thoroughly pleased with the company went with~

The owner, Rich
was prompt & very professional.
when we talked on the phone i explained that i wanted
gorgeous floors that looked as if they came from an old southern farmhouse
but i didn't want to pay like they were from an old farmhouse.
i wanted dark wood that would look great juxtaposed with all my white.
i asked if he could come yesterday
seriously...i asked if he could get them in before thanksgiving.
he brought samples the next day & i had one picked out in about 3 minutes.
kept the sample to get approval from the fam.

he had the wood ordered & our home on the schedule within 3 days of initial contact.
i couldn't have been any happier with the company
& my new floors!

ps--we went with pre-sanded to avoid
the massive mess.



Suzanne said...

Well, it looks like that "fixer upper" of yours is no longer that, but a dream house! The floors are gorgeous and every single room and every piece of furniture and accessory looks like something out of a magazine. Good for you!!!!!

Between You and Me said...

paige. they are beyond beautiful. oh my goodness, i'm in love.

can we say....dream floors? yes...dream floors.

i am so happy for you that you got those beauties!

Now, what are you doing for an armoir?

*The Beautiful Life* said...

Oh how beautiful it all is! I know that most of decor has the all-white, white-on-white, everything-white-washed, white wood floors look (and I love all of it) but.... I am a sucker for those hand-scraped super dark floors every time!! :)

Turned out great! Now... if only your flooring company would travel to Florida to do my house!! ;)

Enjoy those new floors, Paige!! It's almost like having a whole new house! :)


Allison said...


Jen Kershner said...

I could look at those floors forever. I think it was a wise investment as you will for sure see that money back we you do sell. I'm so happy for you!!!

Cheryl said...

Are you just over the moon excited?? I can just picture a few Tom Cruise Risky Business dance moves being done on that fabulously slippery floor! Photos of that will be coming, I'm sure!!
Your next move is to find rugs... Dash and Albert??
Have oodles of fun! It looks amazing!!
Did you get your slipcovers to go with your chairs? I have a chair and don't want to do a custom slipcover at this point... looking for some ideas, and want white.

traci said...

paige, they look amazing. i am so jealous. love them. you have got to be on cloud nine.

vintage girl at heart said...

Oh la la I love them!!
The color is soo perfect with your soft cozy light palette!!!
We have hardwoods and if I ever have to do carpet again I will be less than thrilled!!!
Enjoy your new little slice of sunshine!!
((can't wait to see the new piece))

Chicago bestie said...

Gorgeous Paige!
You will love them;-)
did you get a new entertainment center yet?

Martha said...

gorgeous gorgeous Paige...they are sooo beautiful...and that's exactly what I would have picked and the description I give to my hubs for *someday*
and you are an indoor's beautiful!

Jackie said...

These are totally beautiful. I could so live at your house.
I'm not "from" the South, but I feel it's in my blood. I love everything about it.
Maybe someday I can move. :-)

Urban Farmgirl said...

o-m-g, paige!! Your floors are beyond fabulous!!! The dark in contrast with the white is stunning. You are one lucky girl, my friend! ;o)


Anonymous said...

The house looks great. Love your choice. I love dark floors too. The darker the better. Your shot of your old foyer floor looks way too familiar. Sigh. I hate those things. I daily kick them back in place. We are re-doing our bathroom right now at minimal cost (burney the handyman) and I have another major renovation after that (as long as the checkbook and burney's motivation hold up). Then I totally will start pushing for something to happen to that foyer floor. :-)


Kelli said...

Those are gorgeous!!!! I hope you enjoy every step on them.

Jboo said...

Oh my word -- those are gorgeous Paige!! So happy they turned out so well and what a great flooring company -- wish I lived there! :)

Have a great week!


Farmgirl Paints said...

AS it should be! Absolutely perfect:)

Alecia said...

Ummmm...yes please! to the nap with the tons of pillows! And...the floors look GREAT!!! :-) Can't wait to see the new Armoir!

melissa said...

Beautiful Paige ... so glad your dream floors are finished and all went so smoothly! Your home is gorgeous!!

Pine Tree Home said...

Beautiful. Makes the whole place shine! Love how it creates uniformity across the space.

Shannon said...

Love the new floors, your home is so beautiful. How much more amazing will it look with a Christmas tree sitting on top of your new floors!!

Kristy said...

absolutely love them. so happy they are in and complete. lucky you :O)

Anonymous said...

It all looks gorgeous, and I agree with the poster who said it is now a dream house. It was always beautiful (that porch) but the dark wood floors have just make it perfection.

I still think you need a whole slew of white plates and platters on the wall above the floral sofa. They would add texture and interest but no color. :-)

Susan said...

Absolutely love them, they're beautiful. I'm partial to harwood floors and rugs than wall to wall anyway.

Kristin said...

GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!! YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!

I know you have been so patient girly and now I am so happy for you. I know you are tickled pink!!!!!! :)

Deborah said...

Your floors are beautiful. You did do them justice with your camera.

Ellie said...

I LOVE them - and your beautiful house :) We move in 2 weeks! and we will have lots of hardwood - for the first time in my life! so I can imagine how excited you are!

Mrs.B said...

VERY beautiful. I had similar floors in my 2nd home. LOVED them, but they get dusty FAST. Be prepared. Great job, ENJOY!

Kristin said...' goodness!! *love* them! so happy for you!!

Lissa said...

it's just incredible and i'm sure feels so new and clean. enjoy it and I can't wait to see your home all fussied up for christmas.

Kitty @ Embraceable Life said...

The new floors are gorgeous! I love, love, love them. Congratulations!!

Jill said...

Read your post on my iPhone this morning but had to come back and see those gorgeous floors in FULL SIZE! Beautiful Paige!

ejs said...

Those are my dream floors too but I also need the "dream" price! ;) Please tell me the brand and finish/color. We have such similar tastes in other things I would just love to have that info for when we eventually put them in! They are absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!

Courtney Walsh said...

Oh, paige, they are just beautiful! What a nice change for you, I'm sure! :) I would love to see the outside of your house too!! I love it!

Henley on the Horn said...

Wow. What a GORGEOUS home you have. I am impressed!Our house would not stay that neat and perfect. You are fortunate!

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful floors and such an amazing house. I can't imagine what your "forever house" will look like!

Debra said...

Paige, they are just gorgeous! I LOVE the dark wood against the white walls and furniture. You must be so thrilled.

And I think you are a mighty fine indoor photographer. :)

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Wow Paige, they look fantastic!
It's like having a whole new house, eh? :-)

And we have one of those pine, Broyhill style armoires just like yours, I'm looking to get rid of ours, too. Can't wait to see what you replace it with.


Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

GORGEOUS!!!!!! I wanna come over and have a sock-floor-polishing party with ya! :)

Privet and Holly said...

Awesome, Paige.
I like your your
short time from
idea to execution,
too! Wish I was more
like that : )
xx Suzanne

Susanne said...

Isn't it wonderful when your vision collides with reality ! Love the floors and everthing just looks beautiful .

Heather said...

Absolutely beautiful! I am in love with your floors! The color, the texture- gorgeous. I love how they look with the white furniture and brick on the fireplace. So cozy.


Heather said...

We were lucky enough to be able to redo our floors too, this past summer. I am thrilled also. I'm sure you can agree, it makes the house more like home. My husband doesn't talk about moving any more!!
Your pictures are great!

Amy in CA said...

Gorgeous, Paige! I think we have very similar floors, and I love your paneling!!!!

I haven't commented before, but I love your blog. Your sweet spirit just shines through (:


Deb said...

Looks beautiful Paige...I love hardwood floors! Ours just went in a week ago so I am doing a happy dance with you too! All your white looks so great with the dark floors...great choice! ~Deb~

LuLu said...

clapping, clapping, clapping!!! they are gorgeous!!! just gorgeous!
thats the color of wood i want in our next home.... dreamy!
so happy you got your floors,

Mrs. Dunbar said...

I love the wide planks and dark color. It just makes everything else in your house pop. Good for you!! And how lucky you are to have it done right before the holidays. Cheers.

Jo said...

I'm in love ~ you've done an amazing job and your home is just lovely!


Wendy @ The Shabby Nest said...

What? You didn't like the parquet flooring? No seriously, your new floors are GORGEOUS!!!!! Love. Love. Love. LOVE Them!!! Exactly what I would put in my house, if I could change the flooring in a rental. ;-)

Polly said...


Kat said...

Paige, they look amazing! We used to have that same floor in our foyer 2 years ago, but a flood in the house took care of it. I was so excited to see them go too. Love the dark wood against the light decor. Simply gorgeous! You must be giddy with delight with each step you take.

tara said...

Wow paige they look fantastic, love them and the color is perfect!!! What did you get in place of the old armoir? Curious minds want to know!

3 Peanuts said...

Your new hardwoods are BEAUTIFUL Paige:0)

Joan said...

Love your style, can you come decorate my house?? Beautiful floor and photos!