Monday, November 22, 2010

a little hallway before & after

this weekend i completed a little project
in our entryway.
the photo above is the before.
mostly old photos
in gold frames
all good but i wanted a change.

i found some slightly distressed creamy white frames
from none other than walmart
& ordered several enlargements of some recent shots of the girls.

despite my love of photographing them
all the time
i have very few images around the house.
i have several in the family room
& a huge linen covered cork board in the kitchen
so i really wanted to do a gallery style
in this somewhat small space.

what is shocking about this project
was that i made a plan.
i drew out all the frame sizes on craft paper 
& spent a while placing them in different positions before i put the nails in the wall.
 totally out of character for me.
i'm more of a hang it, move it, hang it again kinda girl.
but the new floors & new sisal up the stairs inspired me to be a tad more precise.

i often tell dantheman
who incidentally does not have a facebook account
how fantastic that social network is.
i found him a chiropractor that way for crying out loud.
our printer no longer scans & we needed a little update.
i posted asking for tips on brands
& within 5 minutes
had a friend offer us a brand new wireless printer
for a super price.

i think he's decided i will be the social networker
& i can just pass along the deals, news & scoop to him.

before we scored said wireless printer scanner
i took some photos of photos
taken pre-digi days
of some oldies but goodies of the girls
around thanksgiving time over the years.

my little blonde indian girl

emi in kindergarten days
playing pilgrim woman dressed in black on the front row.


emi age 2...cracks me up!

when they were little i tried to photograph them
with all their artwork incase i
didn't save them all.
this awesoem painted turkey however
still remains!

savannah & madison sportin some strasburg.
they actually wore these dresses when dan & i married


my dad's favorite thanksgiving memory
is madison singing 5 fat turkeys are we.

looks like emi gets the award for most turkey art

for years all my girls had bobs.
darn they were cute

obviously by the witch hat in the background
this was not taken at thanksgiving
however i love this image of emily
playing the violin...
sniff sniff
she nixed that plan a few years ago.
also wanted to share our former red raspberry kitchen.
the girls fave color.
they frequently request i paint it that color again.

one of my most favorite images of my girls.
who are all teenagers now....

i probably won't be back around this week.
i want to wish each of you a wonderful Thanksgiving!

a little shout out to savannah's 2nd fave holiday
black friday
go forth & spend


traci said...

those frames are so pretty. walmart - really. good to know. all the old photos of your girls are darling. where does the time go?

Katiebee said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you & your family~

LouBoo said...

Paige - these picture look great - I want to do a photo wall and you might just have inspired me (that would not be the first time!). Lou xx

Razmataz said...

You did a great job. It is not easy to get a wall of photos to look right. Very nice!

3 Peanuts said...

The frames look awesome. I too have wanted to change mine out for a while now but was wondering how to justify the expense. Maybe I will search out the Walmart in the burbs....our in town one is BAD and SCARY!

GREAT deal on the wireless printer...I am going to go read that thread because we need one too. I have a MAC laptop and it is not synched with our old printer scanner so I never print from my computer.

Have a great Thanksgiving!!!!! I love all the old photos of your beautiful girls. My kids think I take too many photos but I tell them someday they will be glad:)

And finally those Target commercials have been cracking me up. I loathe Black Friday and never shop (hate crowds) but somehow the idea of "training" for a sale resonates with me.


Privet and Holly said...

Love those
pre-digi shots.
Beautiful little
grow up too darn
Happy Thanksgiving,
xx Suzanne

Jill said...

Love it Paige! My gallery wall is mostly black frames and boy would I like to change it to white. Might have to take the plunge and head into Walmart to check out their frames! Thanks for the nudge, girl!

vintage girl at heart said...

Love seeing all of the photos of the girls when they were little..ahh they were and are sooo sweet!!!
Did you paint the one of Caroline??
The new hallway gallery looks great! Love your skilla at catching their individual personalities!
I may be inspired by you to do the same!
Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!
(Oh yes that raspberry colored kitchen looked cozy)

vintage girl at heart said...

Oh yes that Target commercial had us in stitches!!!

Lissa said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too Paige! Your entry looks marvelous!

Without facebook I would not know which movies to see and I would've missed Oprah's favorite things...

Jboo said...

Love your wall up the stairs -- I so need to copy that as mine is blank!!!

Love the photos of your girls as little ones -- so adorable! Have a wonderful holiday!


Mary said...

The photo collage looks great - I did a similar one up my stairs a couple years ago, and it makes me smile every time I walk by. Hope yours does the same for you.

Oh, and my husband feels the same way about facebook and the online world. Funny that the women seem to embrace it more fully and see it for its virtues.

Kristy said...

i love the frames and they way you decorated the wall. they look wonderful!!!!
and the photos, isn't it fun to look back on our children. love it!!!!

Kristy said...

oops, forgot to wish you a happy thanksgiving.
happy thanksgiving to you and your beautiful family.

amazeingteacher said...

i have the same frames in my hall, love them! all of your girls are gorgeous!! but, the one with the shockingly gorgeous blue eyes and dark hair??? hello, does she know how lucky she is?? the photo of two of them in the black shirts really make them pop right out. she's adorable, people would seriously pay to have her combination of blue eyes and hair color! happy thanksgiving!

Shannon said...

Cute family pictures, love the new look on the stairwall
Wishing you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving as well!!!

Courtney Walsh said...

Love it, Paige! Love all the cool things you do in your house. I'll be stalking your blog when we move to our new place, for sure! :)

Alaina said...

Hi I came to visit after reading that you did a change in your entry from My Sweet Savannah. The pictures look great and I love the white moulding. I took another look at some of your older posts, beautiful girls you have and the story about trying to find the old man to feed made me cry. I read more and I love your new wood floors and those great dinning room chairs where did you find those dinningroom slipcovers? I also watched your video and cried again, wow you are a strong woman and I am glad to see that you are happy in life.

Ellie said...

I love your new gallery! I'm planning to do the same when we move (in 1 week!!!!) I hope mine looks as good as yours!!

Cute Turkey girls :)

kasey said...

walmart...who knew.
Looks it.

LuLu said...

I'm applauding your wall! it looks soooooo fantastic! oh i have to make a gallery wall in 2011 of my chickadees... time is going by so fast and furious i'll be devastated if i wait any longer!
have a wonderful week,

MavrikLane said...

I stumbled upon your blog today and found so much inspiration. I love the white frames going up your stairway and the new table too. Just gorgeous! Come by for a visit sometime soon. I'm new at this blog station.

Susan said...

Are you kiddin' me? Stay away from that mall'll need all the money you can get for college. Just kidding...I'm taking Paigey to the movies to see Tangled after Thanksgiving. Darn it! I wish you lived close by, I'd stop by and pick up Lil' Bit too.
Happy Thanksgiving friend.
You are a talented gal with the decorating, unfortunately, a talent I not only lack in, but have zero ability in. Is it possible to have a negative decorating ability? If so, I have it. I don't fret over it though.

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

I LOVE the after photo, and all the darling memory photos too. I so don't want my babies to grow up anymore!! I hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful though!

Hannah Avery said...

Beautiful pictures of your young ones!


Tammy said...

Paige- love what you did with the pics up your stairway! So Pretty!
Ain't walmart the bomb?
I love looking back at pics of my sweet daughter...she so looks like my grand-daughter age 2!!
A blessed, fun and restful Thanksgiving wished for you !!!
I'm so grateful that I found your blog...such a blessing on so many days!!
Tammy :-)

julie said...

hi paige! i am the same about planning and hanging! i just eyeball it and hang it knowing i might be changing my mind! but i did find the best gadget for this little condition! they are called
3m comand strips! no holes, no guilt! what sweet pictures! my little girl has always sported a bob too! i love it! i hope you and your sweet family have the best thanksgiving! xoxo

Wendy @ The Shabby Nest said...

Looks fantastic!! Of course your photos always look AMAZING!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, dear Paige!

Jen Kershner said...

I love your gallery. One day I will be brave and do that. Your method makes it easier for me to be brave! Love that walk down memory lane with you. What a blessing your girls are.

Martha said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you! Your hallway looks fantastic! I love the photos of your girls that you took and how you hung them:)

Cindy said...

Your new floors are SO beautiful. Your hallway looks gorgeous with the new floors, table and the beautiful frames with your darling children featured in them. Your children are gorgeous!
Hugs, Cindy

Anonymous said...

My 3-year-old wore that same white/cream strasburg dress for her 18-mth pics. Classics never change! Beautiful pictures & beautiful stairway re-do!

Kat said...

Paige, your new gallery wall looks amazing!!! I love it! That Target video had me in giggles. Hilarious!!! Speaking of Target, I ran over yesterday after the gym to buy the girls' Christmas gifts, I spent $133.00 and saved $135.00. (and I just found two 5.00 off coupons so I'll get those redeemed the next time I am in.) Gotta love Target! Will you be sporting a red warmup suit at Target at 4am on Friday?

Christina said...

happy thanksgiving to you and your beautiful family!!

Between You and Me said...

your wall looks so awesome, paige!
love all those shots of your girls...especially love the one of all of them jumping in the air...

special can now look at them every single day!

i had one of those red kitchens...
loved it back then...couldn't do it again, though!

Happy glad we've met out in blogville. :))))

Jeanneoli said...

The hallway looks wonderful! These kids grow up fast. Sweet photos and those Target commercials have me crying laughing.

Mrs.B said...

LOVE this post~the hallway,kids pics,video...all of it! :)