Friday, November 19, 2010

6 impossible things before breakfast?

 so the queen tells alice
that she has believed as many as six impossible things
before breakfast

days like today
i'm doing good just to get breakfast!

yes, brinkley & i are rolling a little slow this morning

i bought some roses last night & am enjoying them
& my hazelnut latte
on this gorgeous day
before we drudge out for the 5 miler i shoulda run yesterday

my bed remains unmade
very out of character for my ocd self
however i did whip up some eggs
for myself & little bit

older two spent the night out after the midnight premier of
harry potter

i did score some cool mom points for allowing that on a school night.
don't judge me

scrambled with feta, sausage, mushrooms & spinach
side of salsa
seriously yummy

speaking of food
madison has asked if she could cook for the fam
once a week.
i call her giada.
she rocks in the kitchen

last night she prepared sesame chicken
fried rice
& roasted brussel sprouts

she looked up all the recipes on line & just gave me the grocery list

let me tell ya
roasted brussel sprouts are the bomb.
the entire family

let me throw out this disclaimer
mgk wanted to put everything in lovely serving dishes
but we were flying to sissy's basketball game.
so i had to roll with the keeping it real shots.
but mgk,
YOU are awesome
thank you sweetie!!

love taking photos of still objects!
they obey
& are always pleased with their results

these are straight out of the camera...
scrumptious colors!

have a good weekend everybody
i'm off to make the bed
& run



having bagels with the cup stacking champion said...

maybe my card will come in the mail today.
just talking out loud.

Jill said...

Knowing that our friend commented above me, its like we are spending our morning together! And I didn't even need to get our of my pj's or put make-up on!

PS - I am hoping one of my daughters wants to cook dinner someday..right now they are in training!

Kelli said...

Those flowers are just refreshing! Way to go Madison for cooking...I love that. Enjoy your day today (and your run!).

Susan said...

Now I'm particularly interested in those brussels sprouts. How were they cooked? They are one of my favorite vegetables and I'm always interested in new ways to cook them.
The flowers are beautiful. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Who said that?

Wendy @ The Shabby Nest said...

Lovely! You are a lucky lady to have someone who both wants to cook and is good at it!! Hopin' one of my kids will want to do that when they're a little older! Lovin' that photo of the laptop on the ottoman....the lighting is gorgeous! (I know of all the wierd photos for my to choose in a post full of pretty just makes me want to curl up in that chair!)

Christina said...

i would love to cook in that kitchen, with your daughter. do i see a future chef?? everything looks perfect. oohhhh i am oozing with pride. ; )
i might have to share some of my favorite recipes, with your sweet girl.

Alecia said...

My great grandma raised me and when I was a teenager or home for summer break in college...she would let me look through the Southern Living magazines and pick out recipes that I would like to try once a week to was so fun and great memories to cook for Aunt & Uncle would join us that day as well.

Curtis said...

When our oldest son, Noah, was in high school, he cooked dinner for us 3 nights a week, part of his chores for allowance. I would always clean up but he came up with some great recipes and has become quite a good cook. His wife is very happy that we taught him this skill. But and there is always a but..... one night we came home to our dinner, and Noah had steamed some zuchini... or what he thought was zuchini.... lets just say that steamed cucumber is really gross!!!!! We laughed then and are still laughing now, but isn't that what it is all about? Making family stories to tell and laugh about??

Blessings to you and yours
Curtis & Sherrie

Jboo said...

Ooooh -- lovely images! Especially love the ones of your sweet girl cooking in the kitchen! Sweet!! Hope you have a great weekend!


Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Those roses are entirely lovely, as are the sprouts. Toss in a pickled beet and I'd be in heaven.

But five miles??? {shudder}

3 Peanuts said...

Madison looks like quite the lil chef there. I am so impressed. LOVe your roses and the photos are beautiful. Happy weekend:)

3 Peanuts said...

Madison looks like quite the lil chef there. I am so impressed. LOVe your roses and the photos are beautiful. Happy weekend:)

Lissa said...

that's so cool about madison cooking! I'm impressed! Enjoy your lazy day! I'm finally motivated today and I've cleaned all 3 baths, kitchen, laundry, closet... Now I need to go run errands because apparently Oprah's favorite things is on today!

Kat said...

Madison is so adorable. I love that she wants to cook for her family. What a precious child! Those roses are gorgeous! My MIL and I hit up Alexander Park this morning with Fergus after dropping the girls off at Preschool. It was GORGEOUS out. I bet you really enjoyed your run and your time with Brinkley, the weather was perfect!

Between You and Me said...

love the pics...those floors just look'll never regret them!

love to see that girl of yours cooking....

love that first shot of your coffee, your computer and the chair....

spoke PEACE to me!

happy weekend, friend!

hometown girl said...

i can't wait til my kids cook for me! how sweet of her! i am going to try the brussel sprouts, bobby flay made them on throwdown the other night and they looked great! enjoy the weeked! susan

slip4 said...

Just starting following your blog recently (love it!). Hope I am not repeating something, but where did you get the Bus/Subway roll black and white list on the side of your cabinet??

Tiffany said...

Hi Paige,

Hope you are feeling ok and that you have a nice relaxing weekend! Your breakfast looks fabulous!

Let the beds go unmade and take time to do something special for yourself!


Courtney Walsh said...

oh, how wonderful...especially having a daughter who loves to cook!! I am just now starting to let my daughter do things in the kitchen. I'm hoping she turns into a barefoot contessa. :)

Anne Marie said...

Hi Paige! this is great...we are just harvesting brussel sprouts, and you totally made me hungry...I always love seeing bits of your family life :)
Anne Marie

Just Ask Beth said...

I love your girls!!! I have a mini chef also, Mallory my middle daughter!! I also let my oldest see harry potter at 12, so out of character for me, she kept saying really? Are you serious? and I let her spend the night and go into school an hour late!!

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Believing six impossible things before breakfast? Ha, maybe
breakfast starts around supper time!!

Martha said...

what a wonderful daughter of yours...her dinner looks amazing that she cooked:)
pretty pretty photos of your home you showed too

Esme said...

Your roses are lovely.

All That Jazz said...

Great post...those eggs look yummy! I love eggs, crave them sometimes, but never do them fancy like that. I need to! ;-)

DanaSmith said...

where did you get the sign that hangs in your kitchen??? I must have it for my daughter who is graduating from college in May and heading out into the world!!!
Dana in VA

DaShannon said...

I saw your discover mug in the pics. Did you also see the 'write your own story' ones with the pic of the typewriter?