Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Wedding Bliss

This weekend,we had the privilege of being a small part of, what had to be , the most elegant glorious wedding I have ever witnessed. Not a single detail was missed.
Courtney & her family are precious friends of ours. Court was the national champion gymnast while she attended Auburn. She is full of personality. She is kind. She is gorgeous. She loves Jesus. She loves her family.
I would love my girls to grow up to be just like her!

She asked Caroline to be her flower girl last fall. Caroline has counted the days ever since. We picked out & eagerly awaited for her gown to arrive!

The bridal luncheon was at The Swan House~ the most wonderful place to have a luncheon here in Atlanta.

The wedding was at a beautiful traditional baptist church---something we see very little of these days.

The day of the wedding everyone was just so joyful. Courtney seemed completely at ease & enjoyed every little moment. Her bridesmaids wore gorgeous brown gowns. The mother of the bride was breath taking! She wore a beautiful silver gown. Oh my, everyone was radiant.
The flowers were amazing. Pink huge roses!

Courtney & Ryan , we wish you all the best. What a joy to witness such a beautiful wedding.
We love you!


teresa said...

Such gorgeous photos. Your baby girl was just beautiful!!! What a neat memory.

Rebecca said...

Oh what stunning photos of a magical wedding. Just letting you know that I 'tagged' you on my blog. You can thank me later--heehee. Blessings!

paige said...

rebecca...i need the link to your blog to play....get back to me!

paige said...

oops...never mind rebecca, i got ya!!
this will be fun!

Rita Weiss said...

What gorgeous photos...
sure looks like a lovely wedding! were you the photographer? if so, lucky girl!

Sadie Olive said...

Your daughter looks stunning! And it looked like a fabulous wedding! Beautiful photos.

Kristin said...

Just fun. So glad your girlies have Courtney to look up to. Even in quick small talk you can see Courtney's radiant heart and loves Jesus big! I pray they can all grow up to be like her too. Now that would make a Mamma's heart smile. Pretty pics as always.