Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My Home

Some random shots from around the house this week.
My uncle collects antique clocks-repairs & restores them. I think he currently has 50 or so that he has displayed or is in the process of fixing them. They are all gorgeous! I have been blessed to have received a few from him. They each need to be wound each day-drives my girls crazy because they vary sometimes between a few minutes. I love the sound of a ticking clock. This one is in my kitchen.
The kitchen used to be painted a fun raspberry benjamin moore color but since the rest of the downstairs, porch included , is all neutral I felt it needed a change. Personally I love the buttery cream walls---allows me to change out my fun table clothes & accessories-paintings too. In my dining room I have a large bowl of shells. I place them out usually at the beginning of May--a sign that the beach trip isn't too far away! We bought slip covers for our chairs from Pottery Barn--I love them. At the time we ordered them Pottery Barn was running a special on monograms....another thing I love. They each have an ecru "K" on the back,
Several years ago we were asked to be on the Christmas Tour of Homes. I had wanted my theme to be a fruit theme. I had a dear friend paint a verse from Galatians about the fruits of the spirit. I have it right as you walk in the front door. The oil is another NA Noel wannabe that I painted in my class.
Our front yard gets the full afternoon sun. Very hard to have anything other than verbena or lantana in the front during the hot July &August months. I do love having black urns filled with ferns until it reaches those 100 degree days!
I filled a glass hurricane with sea glass from Pottery Barn & placed it on the table on the back porch for our outdoor dinner times.
Oh joy---I think I will purchase a 6 foot table...add it to the playroom/computer room so I can keep my scrapbook, paintings & other crafts out while they are in progress. Currently everything is neatly all packed away in shelving units....I think I need a "where women create" workroom to inspire me!!

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Diane Duda said...

Thanks for the little tour. :) Everything looks perfect.