Saturday, April 28, 2007

Madison Grace

Madison Grace....
.I love your name. I thought of naming you Mary Grace, but daddy Gregg would have nothing to do with a name that sounded so southern! So his fave name at the time was Madison. I think its so fun that since you started your new school they call you "madison grace"....such a beautiful name for a beautiful girl.

It drives your sisters crazy , but you were the easiest pregnancy, delivery, & baby! You were the tiniest one at 6 lbs 6 oz! You never cried! Since I owned the gift shop when you were born, I would bring you with me & you would sleep in the moses precious!
You have the most gorgeous striking blue eyes. Your great grandmother's eyes were that same gorgeous blue. People stop us all the time to comment how pretty your eyes are~ & that dimple is a knock out too!

You are my easy tempered child who is always a help. You are kind & gentle. When you were little mimi & poppy called you fearless because you will try anything!
You began dancing ballet when you were 3 years old~ now 9 years later it has been a joy to watch you perform. What a thrill to see you dance on stage at the Fox Theatre with the Atlanta Ballet in the Nutcracker!! I pray you always sense the joy of the Lord as you dance!
You love the to help in the kitchen. And your family loves your signature home made croutons! Most days I can find you watching our fave girls on Food Network~ Giada, Rachael, Ina & Paula too! You love looking at our growing collection of cookbooks & helping me think up new recipes to try.

You have a wonderful fashion sense & look great in your new 3 inch wedges!
You are always wanting to make sure I'm ok~ that warms my heart. I think you & I will be great friends as you grow up

You love to shop with me & don't mind a public hug!
You love to read , but that wasn't always the case. You discovered Harry Potter books & never looked back. You most recently finished Pride & Prejudice.

You are historical fiction, painted toes, pointe shoes, lime green iPod shuffle,
& a great walk on the beach.
You are Junior Beta Club, all A's, art class & coffe drinks.
You are salads, the color purple & very easy to please.
You have a strong faith & love to ask others if they believe in Jesus.
You are a tender hearted young lady & whose blue eyes can spill tears quick as a wink.
You are a leader, a loyal friend, & a warm morning snuggle.

I'm so proud to call you my daughter & my friend
I love you little bird.

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Jen - Earth Angels said...

so wonderful to connect in blog land and your dedication to your Madison Grace is as gorgeous as she is! have a wonderful weekend
xxoo Jen

purple cucumbers folk art said...

Hi darling,hollor at me at and we can talk prices ,The girls are bueatful!

Kristin said...

So tender!

Anonymous said...

Paige the girls look so happy amaze their outfits too!! the letters I'm going to pop over to Etsy and take a look thanks for sharing the good finds...always, Jennifer