Thursday, April 19, 2007

For you Savannah Miller

I would never wish to put my girls in a typecast box. Nor do i want them to believe that who they are is simply made up in what they do & the things they accomplish. That being said....I was motivated by the fact that Savannah will graduate from middle school in a couple of weeks. Both at school & at church we will come together to honor these children and award them for accomplishments. I will spend my next few blog entries with journals about my girls & how I see them now~things they love, things I love about them, things that make them unique, things that make me so proud to be their mom. I will begin with Savannah.

Your due date was to be February 28th, but honestly I knew you'd come on Valentines Day. As I told friends & family no one believed me. Firstborns rarely come early. But, you did!
My sweetheart warmed my heart Valentines Day 1993. I had talked about my baby-girl-to-be "Savannah" before I was ever even married. Your daddy Gregg would be so proud of you cutie, so proud. My heart hurts for you that at such a young age you had to witness loosing him to cancer. You were so special to him. Don't ever forget that....hide that in your heart in a special place & always go back to it!

You were such a bright young little girl. I know you have heard us talk about how you memorized the "birthday girl" book on your 3rd birthday. You loved books. You loved your preschool. You were my best little buddy those few years without a daddy~always my helper, always my sweet little friend. When I look back I realize you were always so much more mature than your actual little age. I guess being forced to grow up quickly will do that to you.
However, I hope when you look back on those days you remember being days full of joy, games, books & fun.
I will never forget telling you I was to marry Dan. You so sweetly looked up at me & said
" I will always love my first daddy and miss him. But I'm really glad we are getting a new daddy". You are an amazing big sister. They all look up to you.
You have always had leadership qualities , an outgoing friendly personality, and such a cheerful happy disposition. Honestly I was quite concerned when I knew we would move you from the little private school you had grown up in to a huge public middle school.
But -wow- you never missed a beat. You have been so inspired by the academic and social opportunities only a large school can truly offer. I am so proud of you!! Except for two pesky B's, you have made all A's your entire K-8th grade, and all A's in middle school. Many of those grades were made in advanced placement classes. You were chosen a leader in FCA & a leader in your church youth group. My heart just leaped when Randy ( our beloved youth leader) introduced you as one of his favorite people....what a compliment! Your hearts desire since you were about 3 years old has been to be a cheerleader. What a proud moment for me a few weeks ago to witness you making the JV Football & competition squad at Parkview!

When I think of you I remember ~ pink & green, chocolate chips & peanut butter waffles, Harry Potter, IM, winning an iPod, tumbling class, poms, a new chi, your bff Annie, wonderful days at Seaside, silver hoops, all A's, confidence, loyalty, wisdom, laughter, secrets, a girl with more friends than she can count, and an amazingly beautiful young lady who loves the Lord.
I know the Lord has so many wonderful things ahead for you. I can't wait to witness!

You can do anything!
I will always be here for you!
I am so proud to be Savannah's mom!
I love you sweetheart!


Kristin said...

Your words are just tender and thought through my friend. Savannah will cherish those words and I know, loves you as her Mamma, her cheerleader and her friend.

Christine said...

so very beautiful....
beautiful girls
beautiful hearts
beautiful words.

bless you all.