Saturday, July 07, 2012

westside urban market & flip burger boutique

westside urban market is my latest crush here in atlanta.
for some reason i thought it was significantly further away
which explains why my love is in it's new stage.
just around the corner from IKEA and atlantic station
sits this fabulous dining & shopping destination.
i've encouraged a few of my friends that were cruising through atlanta this summer
to check it out.

don't let the fact that these are all iphone photos take away from the cool factor.
anthropologie, jonathan adler, peridot west
& for dining, osteria del figo, taqueria del sol and many others.

we've been a couple times so these images are from two seperate nights.
while on that side of town we've also stopped in Flip Burger Boutique
which, let me assure you,  is not a burger joint
"A modern burger boutique featuring a menu that redefines what we’ve come to think a hamburger should be. In a modern space FLIP incorporates elements of fine dining with a creative, raw energy."
FLIP’s chef, Richard Blais, is one of the country’s most innovative chefs and is the winner of BRAVO’S season 8 ‘Top Chef All-Stars.’

the other evening we had just the older two
so dan & i introduced them to the seriously yummy chic restaurant.

ok. just realized i uploaded these out of sequence
so bear with me...
Star Provisions
another must see destination.
"a culinary wonderland"

where else can you purchase your fine imported cheese
& a Forage bowtie at the same time?
need i say more?

ok. back to flip. two seperate visits.

allow me to introduce the blackened shrimp burger.
heaven on a bun i tell ya, heaven on a bun.

(& that would be a fried lemon on top. oh yes.)

& these my friends, are the liquid N2 milkshakes.
yes, you heard me right.

here's our waitress adding a little more liquid nitrogen ....

always a great destination for shopping
& fun interesting dining experience too.

not because i'm a weirdo but because ya'll often times ask,
the jewelry in this post includes
universal monogram john wind necklace
beaded charm bracelet by leigh ann martin design
(will share where other two beaded medallion bracelets can be found soon)
& funky ring anthropologie


Alisa said...

My sis in law took me to Star Provisions and that fun! I also LOVE the Whipstich store a little further down the road. Fun to see those familiar spots from here in South Carolina:) Happy Day!

Bethanie said...

I didnt know all of that was so close to me...I need to get off my little exit and head south!!! fun!

Simone said...

Loving all of it, what a fun day....those are really some fabulous stores!!! I want to be a Knudsen girl :)

Happy Week-end my friend XX

Ruth said...

I'm dying to go to flip burger. I loved Richard Blaize on top chef...definitely my favorite. Headed to Atlanta on Friday...maybe I'll rent a car for just a day to head to all these cute places you post about. Oh wait, I'm supposed to be there on business, ugh!

Also feeling a little guilty that I should have been running 10 miles this morning, but instead I'm sipping coffee, reading your blog and drooling over burgers. Oh well...I'll run tomorrow.

Love Madison's necklace ;) and all your pics!

Kristen Farrah said...

I love the bubble chandelier!!

3 Peanuts said...
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3 Peanuts said... my typos are due to my shaking muscles as I just got home from my weight lifting class so let me try this again....

WOW!! Atlanta has the coolest places. Gorgeous and YUM. Now I am craving a blackened shrimp po boy after hearing about that "burger". What does a fried lemon taste like????? I think I would be BROKE and FAT if I lived near there as I have very little self control.

Jodi said...

What i wouldn't give to have cool shopping and fabulous eats around here. Unfortunately, I am stuck in the middle of "nowhere", with a McDonalds for a "burger joint" and a Pizza Hut for a "pizza place". Ha! Thank goodness I can live through you. :)

Have a fab weekend. ps....I always adore your jewelry and fashion, can't wait for the reveal of something new! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh you are a total doll! Love that you love food, that you love cool jewelry and that you love fun house stuff too. Haha a girl after my own heart :)) Thanks for such a fun post and the wonderful pics of your beautiful family.

Anonymous said...

Always want to ask Where did savannah get the white fringe purse? Brand? Store? U r the best paige and love ur blog

Shannon said...

Star Provisions looks amazing and of course Anthro is a favorite! The milkshakes from flip burger look delicious.

Wendy @ The Shabby Nest said...

You told me about this...and you're right! It does look fabulous...wish I'd had a chance to go while I was in Atlanta. (And I'm always curious about your fabulous jewelry - so thanks for the info.) ;-)

Anonymous said...

My husband and I just took some friends to this area yesterday. Having only lived in Atlanta one year, we hadn't discovered this little gem yet. Loved it so much! Can't wait to head back there. And I'll definitely put Flip Burger on my list of placed to try. We went to YEAH! Burger yesterday (YUM!).

Tracey Bower- Bower Studio said...

I love that area! My best girlfriend and I had a fun weekend there back in the fall, and now I want to go back!

feedingmypickyeaters said...

I just need you and your girls to give me a makeover. I love your style!

mblanchet said...

Hi Paige,
You look like you might be losing some weight???
Great job.

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

I love places like this but my little town doesn't have a ton in the way of this, so I have to drive closer to Seattle to get unique little fun places like this. And did you know... I've still never been to an Anthro? I've drooled and drooled over their site and even bought a present for a girlfriend's bday but I've never been mySELF. Don't you think that's wrong? I do. LOL You look so cute in your white pants by the way.

Anonymous said...

This is one of my favorite areas of Atlanta, and with good eats, my husband is willing to accompany me on any given Saturday afternoon. Destiny

Anonymous said...

Loving the fringy purse and noonday coral and turquoise jewelry. I too want to know about the purse. THANK you Paige!

Between You and Me said...

please know that my next date night will be in that lovely area of ATL.

thanks for giving me all your favorite spots!!

mollie's mom said...

I love that area and we pop in when we can - whether we've been to IKEA or Ballard - and not to be missed... on the same side as J Adler ... Taquera del Sol! Cheese Enchilada with Lemon Cream Sauce
(I know, yum!) and best guac downtown!! Check it out if you haven't because I'm taking your rec on the shrimp burger topped with a fried lemon... cannot wait!! Marcie