Friday, July 13, 2012

love from lisa leonard & new home products

so tickled to have a shout out from one of my most favorite bloggers this morning.
thank you lisa leonard!! 

lisa is wearing one of our most popular pieces,

 come take a peek today
as we release some pieces from our ever growing home line.
kitchen towels, journals, stationary,
plush childrens toys
and my favorite,
the wola noni bowls.
These bowls come in a set of three and are perfect for your desk, window sill, side table, and more. 
Each bowl takes up to 4 hours to make by hand. 
They are created out of recycled magazines by a craft project in South Africa that focuses on the needs of HIV+ women and their children. 
Their services aim to ease the burden of HIV by enabling people living with the virus to respond positively and attain the skills to develop their own coping strategies

we had an extra special couple of visitors last night
as we celebrated Hutton's one year since her heart transplant.
i'll share more photos of this precious child
& our fun time together soon!


Debby said...

What a beautiful little miracle.
Love the new line.

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Gorgeous necklaces as always and wish I had one of every kind. So pretty... oh and sweet little Hutton. I remember her! :)

Between You and Me said...

how have i missed that there was a home collection from noonday?

I saw lisa's post today....she looks fab with that necklace!!!

burlap+blue said...

Your new pieces are gorgeous!
And congrats to little Hutton-what a miracle! xo