Tuesday, July 24, 2012

trying to get back in the saddle

we rolled back in to town saturday
& i feel like i've been in a weird fog ever since.
maybe it's post vacation/entering back into reality
but i think it's the fact that while we don't travel to any exotic destination,
i am completely smitten with our chosen vacation spot...
& it's just always hard for me to leave.

dan & i first visited seaside
for our honeymoon , spring of 1999.
we've gone back every summer since then.
i've had a few girls trips there
& we've driven down for me to run the half marathon.
i think we totaled up that i've been there  for 25 visits.
& honestly each time i leave 
i can feel a lump in my throat as i wonder when the next visit will be.

i love everything about the sugary white soft sand
& the often times crystal clear water.
i love how the style has evolved over the years.
i love the food & option of eating fresh shrimp daily.
i love the frozen hazelnut latte 
& the huge icee's.
i love the gourmet markets & the open beachside shopping area.
i love the concerts & movies on the lawn
& the feeling each year as i walk up & see the coast again for the first time.
i love hearing the waves crash
& watching the sunset.

maybe i appreciate it more because i'm not there everyday
dan & i often talk about moving there....maybe one day.

i intentionally took significantly less photos.
trying to be all "in the moment" & give my girls a break.
it sorta back fired as we had several days of cloudy weather
& lost two full days to rain.

i've hardly looked through the ones i have but
it's like opening christmas gifts each year as i do.

i unplugged from all social media except for instagram
for about the last 10 days.
which is so weird.
i usually blog up to five times a week
so i've missed everyone!

we've been home & i jumped right back in to work
with a photo shoot & a noonday party.
dan headed back to work yesterday
& we'll move savannah into her sorority house on sunday.
the other girls have less than 2 weeks until the first day of school.


so i'm moving slowly around here
still in my weird little fog
grateful for a week at my favorite little spot
& yet so glad to be back with brinkley & in my own home too.

i look forward to trying to catch up with everyone!



Anonymous said...

Yaaa! So glad you are back and had a good vacation! I feel the same way when we leave the beach - and this year- my husband and I were like "what are we doing????...why are we not living down here"! Life is TOO SHORT.... SO!! we are moving! we have started the process ....our goal is by the end of the year but fingers crossed it will be sooner! Myrtle Beach here we come! No more mountain winters makes me happy!!

May be your day of moving to the beach is right around the corner or at least many more visit more often! :)

Have a great day! - Liz McNeil

Between You and Me said...

I'm so glad that you had such a great vacation....you guys are such a beautiful family....the girls are so beautiful, each in her own way.

I absolutely love the shot of you with all of them...thinking that one is a framer. I love that you are nearly laughing in it...proof that you had a blast together.

We still need to talk details about my noonday party....August is coming fast!!!

giosmama26@yahoo.com said...

Welcome back home! The way your described your vacation, I wouldn't have wanted to leave either. I can't wait to see the photos! I visted your blog every single day in hopes there would be a post. I was very excited to see one today. =)

Kelli @ Life at 818 said...

I feel ya.. I'm headed down this Friday, but only for a few days, not a whole week.. can't wait to get there :o)

Sheri said...

I love madisons dress. Where is it from? You all look so happy and beautiful. And are you as sad as I am about packing our college babies up again? Waaaahhhhhh.

Canela said...

Your description of leaving Seaside was exactly how I felt leaving our slice of heaven in RI every year. Weeks 1 & 2 were great, but before the middle of the last week I would begin to mourn. For years we talked of buying a place there, but we kept thinking we couldn't afford it; really I think that deep down we didn't think we deserved it. Well, we took the plunge and last week we closed on a beautiful seaside cottage a block from our favorite beach. To make our dream come true and affordable, we'll use it 3-4 weeks every summer and rent it out the rest of the time. Until then our goal is to grow our internet business so my husband can take early retirement from his day job and move there permanently in 3 years. Do it!

Anonymous said...

I have the same feeling when I leave York, Maine!
I know my husband and I are meant to be there! Its magical and we love it! Hoping to one day have a cottage there. We live in New Brunswick Canada, loved reading the others comment on how they made there favourite place their home!

Joanne said...

Love these smiling pictures of your family so relaxed, happy content!


traci said...

i am having a hard time returning to reality too. so glad you had a wonderful trip. i loved following all your photos on instagram. i have never been to that part of florida. i better put it on my list.

Kerri said...

I am so happy you enjoyed your vacation! We were in North Conway, Neew Hampshire and we feel the same way when we leave!
I am thinking of maybe doing the half marathon in Seaside if it isn't already sold out for next year! XOXO

Katiebee said...

hi paige~
we were in seaside two weeks ago! we must have walked the same beach as i have a picture of the gazebo with the pelican! glad you had a good trip~ it's a nice area~ we love all the airstream food booths, especially the snowcones~

welcome back!



Jboo said...

Happy to hear that you all had such a wonderful and special time. Am putting it on my list of vacation spots! :)

Happy re-entry!


Courtney DeFeo said...

gorgeous! i love that you were in your happiest place with your precious fam.

Hillcrest Acres said...

I share your love for Seaside!!!! It is absolutely perfect.

Have a great week.

Anonymous said...

Paige, I too checked your blog every night hoping to see new pictures but was also really hoping you truly "unplugged" from here. We are going to Florida in 2 wks (the Destin area- not by my choice but family booked a condo there) and I can't wait to go to Seaside! I haven't been to florida in 25 yrs and my love of your blog and your love for Seaside have me sooo excited to spend some time there. In a nutshell can you tell me what to do, where to eat and must see places? Also - please share where you stayed this year? I just am so excited to see Seaside- goodbye destin, and hello seaside (I am hoping they aren't too far apart so we can go back and forth a few days of the week we will b there!!)

brockey said...

We love Seaside also but we have a second home in HHI and enjoy that also !

Lindsey said...

I sure did miss your posts last week...did my best not to pout! Every time I'd think about how much I missed your words and pictures though, I was reminded that you were getting some much needed, interrupted time with your sweet family...totally worth the sacrifice on my part. Looks like y'all had a wonderful trip! Sounds like things will be crazy this week...can't believe it's time for Savannah to go back to UGA!

Art and Sand said...

We took the plunge and downsized 15 years ago so we could have our little beach cottage. I still work, but every day when I drive off the freeway to the beach, I feel like I am on vacation. When we were considering moving to the beach, a friend said that it was a good move because kids and grandchildren would always want to visit family who live at the beach. Of course, with your girls, you couldn't have a small cottage. And, believe me, we walk the beach daily and never grow tired of our view. Rather, we daily thank God for allowing us to live such blessed lives.

Anonymous said...

curious ART and SAND - where is your beach? we live in the midwest and have considered near savannah georgia tybeeisland, south texas, and new hampshire wouldlove to know if there are any tiny cottages on the ocean left for sale in the US :)

Jodi said...

So glad to have you back! I just love all the pictures, makes me want to visit Seaside someday for sure! Plus...I just LOVE the beach, so I know I would love it. :)

Looks like you had a wonderful time.